Zero Textbook Costs

Zero Textbook Cost textbooks, known as ZTC textbooks for short, are digital textbooks available for free to students.

Many instructors at College of the Canyons have chosen to use these textbooks in their classrooms to cut educational costs for students. As textbook prices rise, more and more courses are utilizing ZTC textbooks to provide a free alternative to traditional textbooks.

You can take classes with free textbooks! Classes that use ZTC textbooks are listed in the class schedule. To enroll in a class without any textbook fees, open the class schedule and check the box, “Search for ZTC sections.” There is a textbook icon with a slashed money sign beneath the box. Once you’ve checked this box, click “Submit” at the bottom of the page to generate the class sections with no textbooks costs. You can click on a class section to verify that it is a ZTC textbook course. There will be a note explaining that the class uses a no-cost digital textbook.

If you want to look at the textbooks College of the Canyons has helped create, click on the textbooks banner above.

How to Find ZTC courses

Visit the online class schedule

In the class search, select the Term, and then check the "SEarch for OER sections" box.

ZTC classes typically offer instructional material for free in a digital form. Printed versions of the material may be offered at the Bookstore for a fee.