Overview: Photo Equipment and Computers


Photography Equipment and Checkout  

All currently enrolled photography students enjoy free access to an extensive variety of current industry standard photography equipment including cameras, lenses, studio and on-location lighting, laptops, and accessories.


Cameras include DSLR full frame and APSC cameras, mirrorless cameras, medium format digital, and 35mm, medium format, and large format film cameras.


Lenses are available in wide angle, standard zoom, and telephoto focal lengths. Specialty lenses, such fish eye and macro lenses, are also available.

Lighting Equipment

Lighting equipment includes three-light studio and 2-light on-location strobe kits. Continuous lighting options include 2 and 3-light tungsten, halogen, and LED light kits.

Laptops & Accessories

Laptops and accessories are also available, including ETTL on-camera flash units, manual flash kits, tripods, monopods, cable releases, light meters, and light modifiers.


Equipment availability is dependent upon course(s) of enrollment, previously completed coursework, and subject to terms and conditions.
Student equipment checkout is voluntary and is not required for any course. For a full list of equipment and detailed item information please visit the Equipment Checkout page on our website.

Photography equipment can be checked out for a period of a week.
Angel hovering over highway and old cars.  Photo by:Thanawat Tantipiyaphot
Photo by: Thanawat Tantipiyaphot

Eat sign on old cafe. Photo by: Bruce McFarlandPhoto by: Bruce McFarland

Desert landscape. Photo by: Bruce McFarland
Photo by: Bruce Mc Farland

Train with Van Gogh's Starry Night.  Photo by: Rich Oster
Photo by: Rich Oster