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Do I get Assigned a locker when I enroll in a KPE Activity class?

No. You are responsible for furnishing your own lock. You need to find an un-used locker to use as over-night storage. The use of a locker is for 1- year. At the end of the summer session, all locks will be cut and all items will be cleaned out.

I noticed that you have a large weight room, fitness center, and basketball gyms. Can any COC students use these facilities?

No, Facilities such as the Weight Room and Fitness Center are open only during class times and to those registered in that class during that time. There are NO "OPEN GYM" TIMES. This includes Both the EPEK and WPEK basketball gyms

Do you provide towels for working out and showering after class?

NO, College of the Canyons does not provide a towel service to students. Those wishing to shower must bring their own supplies.