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Course Descriptions

KPET 120
Emergency Procedures | 2.0 units

Introduces procedures to maintain health in emergency first aid situations. Successful course completion qualifies a student for the American Red Cross Community First Aid and Safety, CPR for the Professional Rescuer and Automated External Defibrillation cards.

KPET 200
Introduction to Kinesiology | 3.0 units

Examines the field of kinesiology as a profession and an academic discipline including: exercise physiology, sports nutrition, biomechanics, motor behavior, sports medicine, coaching, and sport psychology. UC credit limitation: KPET-200 and KPET-201 combined maximum credit one course.

KPET 210
Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries | 3.0 units

Introduces the field of athletic training, including the role of the athletic trainer in relation to the physician, coach and athlete, emphasizing the prevention, recognition, and treatment of common sports injuries.

Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries Lab | 1.0 unit

Covers the principles and techniques for application of protective taping, padding, wrapping and bracing, emphasizing the prevention of sport and exercise injuries.

KPET 212
Sports Medicine Clinical Experience | 3.0 units

Provides instruction and clinical experience for students interested in sports-related injury care and rehabilitation. Includes injury assessment and diagnosis, therapeutic modality usage and selection, and rehabilitation of sports injuries.

Sports Medicine student getting heat blanket physical therapy.

Sports Medicine student getting hand wrap therapy.