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Information for COC Faculty

Learn how TLC Testing can support you and your students. 

  • Q: How do I arrange for my student(s) to test at a TLC Testing Center? 

    A: Step 1 is to complete the digital Faculty Proctor Request Form. Step 2 is to inform your student of all information needed to schedule their appointment and complete their exam, including but not limited to: exam availability, test format (paper or computer), time allowed, materials, and AAC accommodations.

    Q: Can I drop off physical copies of my exam at a TLC Testing Center?

    A: Yes. Exams are stored in locked filing cabinets that are only accessible by TLC Testing Specialists. Please note we still require the digital Faculty Proctor Request Form to be submitted for exams that are dropped off in-person. Just enter "dropped off exam(s)" in the 'Additional Notes' box on the form. 

    Q: Can I submit the same proctoring form for multiple students? 

    A: Yes, provided the details (availability window, time allowed, etc.) are the same for each student on the form you submit. If you are submitting a request for paper exam proctoring for more than 5 students, please send your exam to reprographics for printing instead of uploading it to the form. 

    Q: Can I specify which hours the student will be allowed to test? 

    A: Yes. The 'Available Beginning' and 'Available Until' boxes are date-specific, but you can add any desired time frame in the 'Additional Notes' box, provided that time frame falls within the current term's TLC Testing Center Hours. Please note our Valencia and Canyon Country locations have different hours of operation.

    Q: How do I get my exams back from a TLC Testing Center?

    A: We currently have two options to return exams back to faculty: TLC Pickup or Mailroom. You will select your requested return method when you fill out the digital Faculty Proctor Request Form. Please note the return method for Canvas is only for computer exams. If you choose for the exam to be put in your mailbox, we will deliver it there by noon of the following business day. 

    Q: Can you scan a paper exam and send it to me via email?

    A: TLC Testing Specialists are prohibited from scanning and emailing exams under any circumstances. TLC Testing Specialists are allowed to send physical exams via mail if a stamped, self-addressed envelope is provided. Another option is to have your department chair, dean, or a designated faculty member pick up the exam(s) for you. If you choose this option, you'll need to send us an email at and identify who will be retrieving your exam.

    Q: Can I change/update the form once it has been submitted?

    A: Yes. For any changes or updates to the digital Faculty Proctor Request Form, please contact us via email at and inform us of any changes that are required. Email confirmation will be sent once the changes have been applied. 

    Q: Do students have their belongings during the exam?

    A:  We now have lockers available at both our Valencia and Canyon Country locations for students to use while taking their exam. We give faculty the option to decide if they want their students to have access to their personal belonging for the duration of their exam. To require students to lock up their belongings, simply note this in the digital Faculty Proctor Request Form by checking 'yes' on the Lockers Required question.

    Q: Are appointments required for all students? 

    A: Yes, appointments are required for all students at both our Valencia and Canyon Country locations. Students will schedule a date and time on the Testing Center Appointment Page specific to the exam format (paper or computer). As space is limited, please remind students to schedule appointments as soon as possible to ensure they are able to test before your exam deadline.

    Q: Can students use alternate forms of identification? 

    A: Yes. As long as the student knows their COC Student ID number, any form of photo identification will be accepted. 

    For any additional questions, please contact us at:

    Valencia Campus: 661-362-3194
    Canyon Country Campus: 661-362-3859

  • Students who are a part of the Academic Accommodations Center program can take their exams in TLC Testing Center for a reduced noise and reduced distraction testing environment and/or extended test taking time. If a student requests their exam to be proctored in TLC, fill out our Faculty Proctor Request Form including any accommodations the student may need. For more information about specific accommodations, please reach out to the Academic Accommodations Office. If a student requires specialized software, such as a Voice-to-Text device, please contact our AAC office at (661) 362-3194.
  • Need an alternative to Honorlock Online Exam Proctoring?

    TLC Testing Centers provide exam proctoring with a live in-room proctor and eliminate concerns
    regarding student privacy!

    What You’ll Need To Do As An Instructor

    1. Complete TLC Faculty Proctor Request Form (please review FAQs prior to first submission)
    2. Instruct your student(s) to make an appointment on the TLC Testing Center webpage

    What Students Will Experience At Our Testing Centers

    1. Student presents photo identification to the testing staff at appointment time
    2. Testing staff will go over the exam instructions from TLC Proctor Request Form
    3. Student will enter the testing room and sit at a computer
    4. If exam is online & initiates Honorlock, testing staff will use the Honorlock Bypass Pin
    5. In-Room proctors will monitors student’s computer screen in real time via screen monitoring software & reports exam violations to Testing Staff
    6. Testing staff will notify the Instructor of observed exam violations via email