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Payroll Services


Payroll Services is a dedicated team of professionals committed to processing payroll for all College employees in a timely and accurate manner, and ensuring the compliance with all rules and regulations pertaining to and/or resulting from varied and complex payroll operations, including the following:

  • Preparation, processing, and distribution of all employee payrolls.
  • Administering employee payroll deductions, including complex CalSTRS Cash Balance and PERS 457 reporting.
  • Timely depositing and reporting of all employment taxes & related information.
  • Maintaining all employee personnel data on the County payroll system (HRS).
  • Intricate determinations and application of multifaceted STRS/PERS retirement systems requirements.
  • Tracking, auditing, and reporting all data pertaining to employee leave plans.
  • Providing employment reports to other departments & agencies.
  • Production of annual Employee Benefits Statements.