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Online LIVE Training

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) and Online Education, in consultation with Academic Senate, are happy to announce these offerings of Online LIVE training.   We have now collectively trained more than 230 of our COC faculty!  

“I spent approximately 1-5 hours on this course per week. It was just the right amount of time for this training. The resources definitely helped and will improve my teaching practices. I especially appreciate the small group zoom recording assignment.”  - 2021 completer

*Spring 2024

Were you hoping to get certified to teach on Zoom - “OnlineLIVE” for Spring 2024?  Did you miss CETL’s latest Winter offering and don’t know what to do?  Never fear - Online Ed has found two equivalents at @One!  These courses count toward certification to teach OnlineLIVE at COC.

  1. Engagement Strategies for Live Online Teaching & Learning, offered February 3 -17, 2024
  2. Engagement Strategies for Live Online Teaching & Learning, offered April 6 – 20, 2024

Not sure what we are talking about?  Check out this FAQ video from CETL!  

Still want to learn more information about certificate and learning with CETL?  Consider coming to our Flex session next week - 

#149S By Faculty for Faculty - Learning with CETL Thu, Feb 1, 2024, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM PST


*Winter 2024 

Introduction to OnlineLIVE Instruction and Learning

*January 8, 2024 - January 19, 2024 with the two synchronous sessions on Jan 9 and Jan 18 from 3:00pm - 4:00p.m.  Instructor: Carol Johnston

Workshop Information: This offerring will certify you to teach OnlineLIVE or HyFlex. OnlineLIVE training is 9 hours total with ONLY 2 hours of synchronous sessions. You are required to attend both synchronous sessions to get credit for the class! For the asynchronous component, particants can work at their own pace to complete the work during 1/8/24 - 1/19/24.

Please pre-register for all OnlineLIVE workshops:

  • Log in at
  • Once you log in, click on the round, blue button that says Calendar;
  • When you find a session in which you would like to attend, click on the title of the session;
  • Next, click on the blue Request bar. 

If you have any questions about Vision Resource Center Cornerstone or need assistance registering, please contact Sarah Dettman at Ext 5104 or at or Leslie Carr at Ext 3100 or via email at

Flex and Salary Advancement Options

Adjunct Faculty

Please consult current contract language approved by the District and AFT:

Full-Time Faculty

Full-Time Faculty are eligible to receive salary advancement or can accrue FLEX credit up to the number of hours the class meets (2 units = 36 hours, e.g.) OR apply 2 units toward salary advancement.

For more information, please review your respective contracts. 

Congrats to the more than 230 faculty who have completed this training since August 2021!

Here is SOME of the text from the Academic Senate's standing policy dated April 2021:

  1. All provisional online certifications originally set to expire on June 6, 2021, as outlined in the adopted standards per Academic Senate action on October 1, 2020, will be honored and extended to December 31, 2021 after which time they will permanently expire.
  2. Instructors possessing only provisional online instructor certification should not be assigned nor allowed to teach 100%, asynchronous ONLINE classes during the 2021 summer and fall terms.
  3. The Academic Senate, in collaboration with the Office of Instruction, intends to establish a new OnlineLIVE instructor certification standard. All current provisionally certified online instructors must complete this new OnlineLIVE certification training to be assigned and teach synchronous OnlineLIVE classes for all 2022 terms and thereafter.
  4. Provisionally certified instructors also have the option to complete the traditional IOI online instructor certification course thereby permitting them to teach OnlineLIVE classes for the Winter, Spring and Summer 2022 terms only (see #5 below for context), and 100% ONLINE classes in 2022 and thereafter.
  5. Beginning in Fall 2022 and thereafter, all instructors intending to be assigned and permitted to teach OnlineLIVE synchronous classes must have completed the new OnlineLIVE instructor certification training. Completion of the traditional IOI Online Instructor Certification course will no longer be recognized as permitting instructors to teach OnlineLIVE synchronous classes for the Fall 2022 terms and thereafter.

The full text of the policy can be found here.