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Facility Use Application


Required Documentation

All Users requesting use of the facilities must complete an Application Permit for Use of District Facility Agreement form and will be subject to the Rules and Regulations included in this document. In addition, Users will be required to complete the District's Save Harmless Agreement and Covenent Not to Sue form and provide insurance as required herein.


The application must contain the following:

  1. The name of the organization and/or individual representative.
  2. Name, address, title and telephone numbers including cellnumbers and email addressof the authorized representative.
  3. Name of facility requested.
  4. Date and time for event including start time and set-up time, if required.
  5. Type of purpose of the organization.
  6. Expected attendance.*
  7. Use for which any admission charges shall be collected.

* The number of people present shall not exceed the posted seating capacity for the building. This is a fire regulation. The application must be signed by an authorized agent of the organization. The name of the organization must match the name listed on the insurance certificates.

Applications can be emailed to a Civic Center representative or faxed to 661-362-5240. The application is a request and is not considered a user permit until the District has signed and returned to the user.

Once the Application/Permit for Use of District Facilities has been signed by all parties, this document constitutes a legal and binding agreement. The User will be governed by District policies and procedures, to safeguard and care for all property, and to assume responsibility for payment of any damages. Users will be notified of any damages resulting from their use within a reasonable length of time after discovery.

Revocation of Application/Permit Any application may be revoked without previous notice under the following circumstances:

  1. Emergencies.
  2. Conflicts with dates needed for District property or purposes.
  3. False statements on the application.
  4. Willful violations of the Rules & Regulations.
  5. At any time upon reasonable notice.