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California Community College Accessibility Guidelines

Access Guidelines for Students with Disabilities

This information is provided as a service to all web page content owners and editors who need information regarding accessibility standards. These accessibility standards were developed by the California Community College Chancellor's Office. These accessibility standards apply to all California Community Colleges. College of the Canyons has adopted these standards as part of the district web standards.

More accessibility information is available at the High Tech Center Training Unit of the California Community Colleges. The High Tech Center provides links to many online resources and information. The High Tech Center also provides many accessibility trainings and training resources, conferences, tutorials, and interactive discussion groups (both listservs and bulletin boards).

College of the Canyons Web Page Standards & Guidelines require that all web pages comply with these guidelines. The Access Guidelines provide more detailed information about what types of content apply to these guidelines and how to create alternative content to comply with the guidelines. However, this guideline does not provide an HTML tutorial in creating alternative content. For information about how to create alternative content, read this web page or contact the Web Support Team for assistance.

The Distance Education Accessibility Guidelines for Students with Disabilities discusses a wide range of media content and how that media can be provided to disabled students. These guidelines apply to all classroom use of media, not necessarily or exclusively the world wide web.

Accessibility Links