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Appropriate Use of the Website

College of the Canyons recognizes the World Wide Web as an important electronic publication medium that will enhance student learning and the teaching, research, marketing, student life, and administrative functions of the college.

  1. The College of the Canyons Web site may not be used to create web pages for personal business, personal gain or, any purpose other than college or district business.
  2. To facilitate the sharing of information in the support of college departments, programs, and functions:
    • faculty may create and maintain class web pages containing their curriculum vitae, office hours, course syllabi, and other information in support of that faculty member's role in the college.
    • faculty and staff may create and maintain web pages for the support and dissemination of information related to the purpose and goals of an educational or administrative department or other college entity.
  3. To promote college programs and activities to the general public, faculty and staff may create and maintain web pages for the purpose of promoting a college program, event or service, or community program or event. All such sites may be subject to coordination with the Public Information Office and existing publicity for the event or program.