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Working with Tables

 Pasting tables directly from Microsoft Word or Excel will cause accessibility/W3C errors. They can, however, be cleaned up and brought into Omniupdate.

Step 1: Copy Table into Microsoft Word

Copy the table from Excel into Word. You can skip this step if it is already in Word. ONLY copy the table and header row. If you have a secondary header, DO NOT copy it. You can instead type this header directly above your table inside the Omniupdate editor.

Copy Exel table and header row

Step 2: Clear Formatting

After the table has been pasted into Word, highlight the table and click the Clear All Formatting button.

Select the table and click the clear formatting button

Step 3: Unset Widths and Heights

Right-click on the table, and choose Table Properties.

Right-click on table and choose table properties

Within the table properties window, uncheck the Preferred width option in the Table tab, the Specify height option in the Row tab, and the Preferred width option in the Column tab.

Uncheck the table preferred width
Uncheck row height
Uncheck column width

Step 4: Copy Table into OU

Copy the table from Word into an Omniupdate content region.

Copy the table from Word and paste into OU

Step 5: Set a Header Row

Highlight the header row, right-click on it, and choose Row and Row Properties.

Highlight table header row and set type to header under row properties

From the Row Properties window, set the Row type to Header.

Set row type to header

Step 6: Set a Table Style

To add borders, alternating row shading, etc., styles have been created that can be applied to website tables. First, right-click on the table and choose Table Properties.

Right-click and choose table properties in OU

DO NOT use any of the options (e.g., Cell spacing, Width, etc.) provided directly inside the Table Properties window. These options apply deprecated code that will keep pages from validating correctly. Instead, choose one of the predefined table classes under the class dropdown. They all start with the word "Table."

Choose table class