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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of things might I be doing as a volunteer?

  • Assisting instructors in the Tutoring, Learning and Computing Lab.
  • Conducting tours of the campus for prospective students.
  • Participating as mentors with college clubs and organizations.
  • Assisting staff in administrative offices.
  • Assisting the College of the Canyons Foundation in conducting events.
  • Helping out in serving students and community members in the Career Center.
  • Helping out in the College of the Canyons Library.
  • Providing assistance to intercollegiate coaches and sports teams.
  • Assisting students and staff in our computer labs.
  • Assisting staff at numerous college events.
  • Act as ambassadors and advocates for College of the Canyons.
  • And much, much more, based on YOUR talents and interests.

How do I become a volunteer at College of the Canyons?

  • Submit an online interest form and when a volunteer opportunity is available that matches the skill set, expertise or interest you have indicated you will be contacted about the opportunity and what next steps to take at that time.
  • Attend an information session to learn about the opportunities at College of the Canyons
  • Work with the Volunteer Bureau Coordinator to match your skills, abilities, knowledge, passion and interests with the needs of the college and its many programs.
  • If, for some reason, you'd prefer to fill out a paper interest form, you can obtain one from the Bureau office located on the College of the Canyons Valencia campus in Student Center, Room 111 or by calling (661) 362-3438.

Types of volunteer opportunities:

  • Events
  • Using your Expertise
  • Graduate Interns

What can't a volunteer do:

  • Classified work - These are jobs performed by classified staff members who are members of the CSEA union. They include clerical, grounds, maintenance, and a variety of other support positions.
  • Certificated work - These are jobs performed by the faculty. They include teaching, leading labs, grading papers, and developing curriculum.
  • Guest lecture, or guest speaker - The college often invites guest lecturers, however, these individuals are not managed through the volunteer program. For information visit the Human Resources website.

Q. Are there any restrictions to becoming a volunteer at College of the Canyons?
A. The college encourages community members, College of the Canyons students and high school students to apply for volunteer positions. Positions are available at both the Valencia and Canyon Country campuses.We will finger print, we will not accept folks with a criminal record, we will not accept anyone who has violated campus rules and policies, we will not accept anyone who has been previously rejected, or prohibited from entering the campus.

Q. Will any background checks be required to become a volunteer?
A. Yes.

Q. How large a volunteer corps is the college trying to attract?
A. The number of volunteers that will be needed over time will be based on the needs that are identified by the various programs. Suffice it to say that anyone interested in participating as a volunteer should fill out an interest form so the Bureau can match needs to volunteers over time.

Q. How many hours will I have to commit to?
A. This really depends on the needs of the department. Some volunteers may only be needed an hour or two per week, others may be needed for additional hours. You should provide an estimate of the hours/days you are likely to be available when you submit your interest form to the Bureau.

Q. Will I have to pay for parking on either of the College of the Canyons campuses if I am accepted as a volunteer?
A. Community volunteers will be provided parking passes appropriate for their volunteer assignments. This does not apply to currently enrolled students.

Q. When are the most likely periods during the year that volunteers would be needed?
A. College of the Canyons is very busy with instruction, special events, training programs, tutoring, tours, etc. throughout the year, so it is likely that volunteers could be needed at any time throughout the year.