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Enrollment Verification FAQs

When may I request an Enrollment Verification?

Enrollment Verifications may be requested for a prior term or the current semester once a student has enrolled in classes. A letter will accompany any Enrollment Verification processed by Admissions & Records prior to the Add Deadline for the current term indicating that the verification is accurate only as of that day, because of the ability of the student to drop classes.

What is the processing time?

Enrollment verifications requested through My Canyons using Student Self-Service are available immediately. Students requesting a form be completed by Admissions & Records, such as insurance forms, good student discounts, and common applications can expect 3-5 business days for processing during peak times (usually the first weeks of the semester). Students requesting a general Enrollment Verification in person may be provided one at the counter while they wait.

What type of information is provided?

An Enrollment Verification includes the following information: Student name, address, and COC ID number; semester dates; number of units enrolled, and part or full-time status. The Enrollment Verification does not contain Grade Point Average (GPA) information, unless specifically requested.

My insurance company has provided me with a form. Can this be filled out?

Insurance company forms may be filled out by Admissions & Records provided that all the information on the forms can be verified. If we are unable to complete the insurance company form, we will supply our own Enrollment Verification as an alternative.

What other policies should I know about?

In accordance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), records may not be released to a third party without the prior written authorization of the student. Enrollment Verifications will not be processed until all holds or financial obligations to College of the Canyons are paid, including fines or fees. Enrollment Verification requests may also include GPA information when requested from Admissions & Records. Please specify at the time of request. Cal Grant GPA verification is supplied electronically and automatically. Admissions & Records does not complete Cal Grant GPA verifications manually. Students requiring this form be filled out will be referred to the Financial Aid Office. Photo ID will be required for picking up completed Enrollment Verifications from Admissions & Records.