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Waitlisted Sections

If you have elected to place yourself on a waitlist for a COC course, this means that the class is currently full. As students drop themselves out of the specific class, or are dropped for non-payment, seats will become available. If a seat becomes available in the class, our automated waitlist function will attempt to register students from the waitlist into the course. Students are added in the order that they appear on the waitlist except when skipped due to holds or eligibility errors. As students are enrolled, students remaining on the waitlist will move up toward the top of the list. The waitlist process is run daily until the Friday before a class is scheduled to begin.

After you place yourself on the waitlist for a course, you do not need to do anything. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that the following criteria have been met so that the waitlist feature will not prevent you from enrolling you into a class should a seat become available:

  • You do not have any holds that may prevent you from registering, including past due fees or academic standing holds.  You may check for such holds by clicking on Registration Holds from the Student Menu in My Canyons.
  • The class is not one you have previously taken.
  • You have met any course prerequisites by submitting transcripts prior to the start of the registration period.  Please see Evaluations for more information.
  • The class does not conflict with any other class already on your schedule.
  • You will not be enrolled in more than 18.0 units if you are moved into the class.


  1. If you are moved into the class from the waitlist, we will notify you via email and/or phone.  If you miss the phone call or email, you will still be enrolled in the class. It is your responsibility to check My Canyons to see if you have been moved into the class.
  2. Payment is due at the time of registration.  You must pay your fees as soon as you are notified that you have been enrolled in the class.  IF YOU DO NOT PAY YOUR FEES, YOU WILL BE DROPPED FROM THE CLASS.  If you are dropped for non-payment, you may attempt to place yourself back on the waitlist, but there is no guarantee you will be able to get on the waitlist again or get another seat in the class.  If you do not want the class, log into My Canyons and drop the class from your schedule.  Keep in mind, if you drop the class and change your mind, you will not be placed back in your previous position on the waitlist or in the class.
  3. Once a class begins, you no longer have an option to put yourself on the waitlist.
  4. You can only be on the waitlist for one section of the same course at the same time.  You cannot be registered in one section and waitlisted in another section of the same course at the same time.
  5. You can check your waitlist status by visiting My Canyons.  Log into your student account and click "Manage My Waitlists."

If you do not receive notification before class begins and/or if you are still shown to be on the waitlist through My Canyons, this means that you are NOT enrolled in the class.  Add authorization may be assigned by the instructor if there are seats available in the class.  Please attend the first class meeting or contact the instructor via email (view an instructors Orientation Letter for contact information of the online course) for an add authorization. 

If you have any questions, you may contact Admissions & Records at (661) 362-3280 or visit us during regular business hours.