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College of the Canyons bases residency determinations upon various regulations and instructions from California Education Code, Federal legislation, and guidelines from the California Community College Chancellors office. We first must determine whether an individual's visa status allows a student to establish domicile in the United States for fee purposes. If the individual's visa allows establishment of domicile, then we must determine physical presence and intent to make California the student's home of record.

In both cases, students must provide original documents showing evidence of valid status, and proof of at least one year and one day's physical presence in California and intent to maintain California as home. 

We also make residency determinations for students who come from other states and other countries, whether they are US citizens, permanent residents, or any other visa holders, by first determining INS status, if applicable, and then determining if they meet physical presence and the intent to make California their home state. Attending College of the Canyons for educational purposes alone does not grant the student residency.

Please submit your documentation as follows: