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Grades for any given term are posted by the date listed on the student calendar and may be viewed by logging into My Canyons.

Continuing Education ESL courses assign P/NP grades for non-credit ESL courses, Levels 1-4. All other Continuing Education (non-credit) courses do not assign grades at this time.

Grade Options

Some classes at College of the Canyons are offered using two different grading options: letter grade (A, B, C, D, F, or FW) or Pass/No Pass. Courses offering two different grading options are automatically enrolled on a letter grade basis.

Credit toward graduation by using pass/no pass courses is limited to a maximum of 18 units. Pass/No Pass grades received as a result of awarding Advanced Placement units are exempt from the 18 unit limit. Generally, no course taken using the pass/no pass grading option may be used towards completion of a major for an associate degree. Exceptions are made for Transfer Studies and General Arts & Sciences majors who are limited to 9 units of pass/no pass grades towards the major. Students should be aware that courses graded pass/no pass may not be accepted in a transfer major and are advised to consult with their intended transfer institution. Courses taken for pass/no pass are not counted in the calculation of grade point average; however, they are considered in the calculation of academic standings for probation and dismissal.

If you would like to change a class to a Pass/No Pass grading option, you must file a Pass/No Pass Grading Option Petition form that has been approved by a counselor to the Admissions & Records office no later than 30% of the course. You may check the student calendar for term specific deadline dates.

Once a class has been changed to a pass/no pass grading option, the grading option CANNOT be reversed at a later date.

Petitions to file a pass/no pass grading option are available on the forms page.

Grading Policy

Awarding grades to students is the responsibility of the course instructor. The grading system and grade point equivalents are as follows:



4 grade points/unit
3 grade points/unit
2 grade points/unit
1 grade point/unit
0 grade points/unit
0 grade points/unit


The FW grade indicates a failing grade because the student has ceased to participate in the class sometime after the withdrawal deadline. The FW grade is treated in the same manner as an F grade for the purposes of calculating grade point average, course repetition, and academic standings for probation/dismissal.

The following grades are not used in computing grade point average:

Excused Withdrawal
Military Withdrawal
Credit (equivalent to a C or Better)
Pass (equivalent to a C or Better)
No Credit
No Pass
In Progress
Report Delayed

Incomplete Grade

A student may request an Incomplete (I) grade after the last day to withdraw only in verifiable cases of emergency when the student is unable to complete the course due to extenuating circumstances that occur during the final weeks of the course. Approval to receive an I grade and assignment of a replacement grade are at the discretion of the instructor. The student must sign a contract with the instructor before the end of the current semester/term. Students cannot re-enroll in a course for which an I grade is pending completion; if they do, they will be administratively dropped from the course. A final grade must be received by the instructor within one semester from the date the student is assigned an I grade. For example, if the student earns an I grade in Fall or Winter, the grade must be changed by the end of the Spring semester. If the final grade is not received by the end of the following term, the grade will be changed to the grade submitted on the Incomplete Contract.


A withdrawal on your record will count in the number of times you are allowed to repeat a course. It will be combined with substandard grades to limit the number of enrollments you can have for one course. Effective summer 2012, students are now limited on the amount of times he or she can enroll in one type of course. For example, if you are taking Math 070, and you receive a substandard grade (D, F, FW, or NP) or a Withdrawal (W) the first time you take it, you will be allowed to enroll in the course again. If you receive a substandard grade (D, F, FW, or NP) or a Withdrawal (W) the second time you take it, you will be allowed to enroll in the course only one more time. The third time you enroll in the course will be the last time you will be able to enroll in the course. The withdrawal will count towards your progress for academic standing and for financial aid.

For more information regarding grades, see Board Policy 5900.