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Who is an adult reentry student?

A re-entry student is an adult learner, 25 years or older, who is new to college or returning to college after a prolonged absence. Typical characteristics of an adult reentry student can be one or all of the following: they are a parent, a veteran, have delayed going to college or took a break after their first attempt, and are working full or part time. 

We recognize that our re-entry students enter college with a unique set of strengths and challenges.  Many reentry students feel overwhelming and concerned how they are going to juggle this additional responsibility.  Adult learners feel isolation and concern about their academic performance, but rest assured that COC has multiple support and resources available to you. Returning to college is a very important decision and need the support of their family and friends as well.

The Adult Re-Entry Alliance, which is managed by 4 leaders of the COC Counseling Department are committed to fostering an environment of success for adult learners through providing constant support and assisting students with comprehensive academic planning, as well as career exploration and personal counseling.  

The leaders are:

Connie Perez, Counseling Faculty

Liz Shaker, Counseling Faculty

Graciela Martinez, Counseling Faculty

Patricia Garcia, Counseling Faculty