Welcome Adult Reentry Students

"There is no such thing as "too late" in life."  - Mitch Albom

The Adult Reentry Center, under the auspices of the Counseling Department at College of the Canyons, provides a variety of resources for the returning adult student who is seeking information about educational goals and career options.

Adult reentry students returning to school typically do so afater a gap in their education. As an adult returning to school after an absence may have concerns and challenges that are different from traditional age college students. Some examples could be feeling lost and not sure where to begin, scheduling issues with work and home life, childcare issues, more financial responsibility, and possibly even self-doubt about your own abilities returning to college or coming for the very first time.

Here are a wide range of reasons why Adult Reentry Students make the decision to return to college:

  • Ready for the challenge of a college education.
  • Did not finish high school and now desire an education.
  • Divorced or widowed; veteran; displaced worker
  • College career was interrupted because of work, family and/or economic situation.
  • Want to make a career or lifestyle change.
  • Want to improve specific skills or fulfill goals.
  • Learn new skills for a job promotion.
  • Embark upon new challenges for self-fulfillment.

The Counselors at College of the Canyons are here to ensure a smooth transition to college.  We provide academic planning, career exploration and assessment, referrals to outside services and community resources. 

All of us at College of the Canyons are here to help you succeed. The Counseling office welcome you and are dedicated to making your new beginnings an exciting, productive, life-enhancing experience!