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Upgrade to Good Academic Standing


NC.COUNS-015:  Upgrade to Good Academic Standing is designed for COC students whose academic or progress standing is probation level 1 (A1/P1).  Students will utilize cognitive learning strategies, campus resources, and academic interventions needed to upgrade to good academic standing.

  • Before you sign up for the course, check your academic standing notification letter and confirm that the heading says that you are on academic and/or progress probation.
  • Once your probation status is confirmed, register for the course via MyCanyons.
  • You can find NC.COUNS-015 in the Class Schedule under the subject "Noncredit Counseling".
  • A link is provided to the right that will take you to the Class Schedule

While the NC.COUNS-015 course is an 8-hour, week-long course, students have the opportunity to complete the course sooner and get their hold released before the course ends.  Details are available in the course.

We know from experience that our academic standing interventions benefit our students. This new noncredit course will provide you with tools and resources to help you successfully navigate your college experience.  You will learn how to analyze your academic patterns of performance, explore viable solutions, and learn how the way we think affects the choices we make and the actions we take.

After completing this noncredit course, your registration hold will be released by the end of the next business day and you will be able to register for classes on your assigned registration date and time.


    NC.COUN-015-76734 11/6/2023-  11/11/2023 Shaker, L
    NC.COUN-015-76735 11/272023-  12/2/2023 Ortega, A
    NC.COUN-015-76794 01/02/24 - 01/06/24 Hooper, G
    NC.COUN-015-76816 01/04/24 - 01/09/24 Martinez, G
    NC.COUN-015-76817 01/04/24 - 01/09/24 Brown, K
    NC.COUN-015-76818 01/08/24 - 01/13/24 Ortega, A
    NC.COUN-015-76819 01/08/24 - 01/13/24 Loaiza, A
    NC.COUN-015-76820 01/15/24 - 01/20/24 Yeh, L
    NC.COUN-015-76821 01/15/24 - 01/20/24 Harris, A
    NC.COUN-015-76822 01/22/24 - 01/27/24 Garcia, P
    NC.COUN-015-76823 01/22/24 - 01/27/24 Vera, J
    NC.COUN-015-76824 01/29/24 - 02/03/24 Nguyen, A
    NC.COUN-015-76825 01/29/24 - 02/03/24 Solomon, D