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Student Success Completion Grant (SSCG)

The Student Success Completion Grant (SSCG) is a new financial aid program beginning with the 2018-19 academic year, for Cal Grant recipients attending a California community college full time. The purpose of the Student Success Completion Grant is to provide students with additional financial aid to help offset the total cost of community college attendance, and to encourage full time attendance and successful on-time completion.

How Much Can A Student Receive?

The Student Success Completion Grant pays Cal Grant recipients enrolled in at least 12 but fewer than 15 semester units $1298 per semester ($2596 annually). Cal Grant recipients enrolled in 15 or more semester units receive $4,000 per semester ($8,000 annually)

Beginning 2023-2024 award year, the Student Success Completion Grant pays Current or Former Foster Youth Cal Grant recipients enrolled full time $5250 per semester ($10500 annually).  Current or Former Foster Youth status will be automatically determined based on information on file with Inspire Scholars/Next Up.

Due to limited funding, Student Success Completion Grants (SSCG) are awarded on a first come, first serve basis.

What are the Eligibility Requirements?

To be eligible for the Student Success Completion Grant (SSCG), a student must:

Please note: You may be required to repay all the money you receive back IF you withdraw or are dropped from a class prior to attending.

How do I apply?

Cal Grants and the Student Success Completion Grant are just some of the financial aid programs that can help cover your college expenses. You must be a Cal Grant B or C recipient to qualify for the Student Success Completion Grant. You apply for a Cal Grant by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or California Dream Act Application and have your current school submit your GPA to the California Student Aid Commission. Your completion of the FAFSA also enables consideration for federal grants and loans.

Community college students who are California residents and who miss the March 2 deadline can apply by September 2 to receive consideration for competitive Cal Grant awards. Students completing the Dream Act Application must apply by March 2 in order to receive Cal Grant consideration. But it is important to point out that students can apply year-round for the California College Promise Grant (i.e. Board of Governors Fee Waiver).

Full-time attendance is at least 12 units per term. However, to earn a college degree in four years, you will need to take more than 12 units per term. Students should talk to their college counselor to set up an education plan. Your education plan is your path to completing your degree program and outlines the classes you need to take to meet your educational goal.