If you have been financially impacted by COVID-19, you are not alone

2020 Summer Classes and 2020 Fall Classes will not be dropped for non-payment.

There are several resources available to help with payments:

  • Please contact us if you would like to make payment arrangements. Smaller partial payments may be made to assist with paying down your balances.
  • Financial Aid – Please visit our Financial Aid Department Website for the most up to date information on financial aid applications and available awards.
  • CARES Act Emergency Grant  - See if you are eligible for a CARES Act Emergency Grant.
  • Withdraw Options – Did you have to withdraw from a class or classes due to COVID-19? There are options, including having the W changed to an EW (excused withdraw) or being removed from your transcripts. With both of these options you will be refunded or have fees removed for your withdrawn course. Please note, that changing your status may impact special programs. Please check with your counselor to understand how this grade may affect you.

Withdrawal Options Form

  • Late Refund Option – Did you have to drop your class or classes due to COVID-19? Was the class dropped after the refund deadline date, but prior to the withdraw date? You can request a refund for your class (or removal of fees) by completing a Late Refund Petition. For documentation, please include a statement that the reason that you dropped was due to COVID-19.

Late Refund Petition


Non-Payment Drop Schedule 2020 - 2021


Fall 2020

Students registering in the 2020 Fall Semester will not be dropped for non-payment.
All accounts not paid in full will receive a HOLD on or after Thurs., September 24, 2020. This hold may prevent access to registration and college services.

International students sponsored by the College with an F visa may still be dropped for non-payment.