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 "The Student Employment Office (SEO) at College of the Canyons (COC) is directed by Mr. Yasser Issa, who is friendly and always ready to make the process for students and faculty seamless and easy, so all of us benefit. I have personally experienced that students who are employed at the college are often more committed and driven to succeed in their classes, raising retention rates. The process for hiring is simple and quick and the SEO staff is always available to help, including matching students with an employer for the best fit for their job skills. I highly recommend the COC SEO for all your student employment hiring needs."

Dr. Vincent Devlahovich, Professor
Earth, Space, and Environmental Sciences


"We have been fortunate in The Learning Center forthe many years of support we have received from the Office of Student Employment. The College Assistants employed in TLC work directly to help fellow students; whether by tutoring, book checking, or signing students in at the front reception, and this has had a positive impact on our students, and has also helped to ensure their own successful futures. Student Employment at College of the Canyons, has directly contributed to our students success through increased self-confidence, applied knowledge, and developing real life skills."

Mojdeh Mahn
Associate Dean of Learning Resources, and
Director of the The Learning Center


"I have worked with the Student Employment office since 2009 and have found their service to be excellent in identifying the right students to fill positions on campus. Yasser Issa, who runs the program, is very responsive and quick to identify the right skills needed for the job and prepare students for the interview."

Cathy Ritz, MA
Chief Operating Officer, Foundation and
Director of the University Center


"I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to hire a student worker to assist the Professional Development office. My office offers over 600 workshops annually for COC employees, assists in coordinating many campus events, and tracks completed Professional Development workshop hours for all employees. Having a student worker come and help us with our high volume workload and helping coordinate campus events was an immense contribution and allowed us to successfully provide the highest quality service possible."

Leslie Carr Director
Professional Development


"My first job was at College of the Canyons as a student employee. I was given the hours I needed, a flexible schedule, and a comfortable work environment where my coworkers and supervisor were friendly and supportive. Student employment changed me for the better as it gave me the opportunities to grow as a person and develop responsibilities that go beyond academics. I encourage everyone to try to seek employment on campus because it is a wonderful opportunity for you and for the college."

Holly Kim
Former Student Employee


"My employment experience at College of the Canyons has enriched me educationally and professionally. Its where I developed my customer service skills and learned the real world office procedures. All of my endeavors would not have been possible without the constant help and support of the College of the Canyons Student Employment Department. Thank you for all of your help. Elianne Boutros Former Student Employee I will always remember my student employment at COC as the key to my current business world success. Student Employment at COC provided me self-confidence, hands-on experience, and a nurturing environment to apply my classroom theories and knowledge. Thanks to COC and their Student Employment Office, I am thriving as an entrepreneur and applying the skills and values I learned at COC on daily basis."

Elia Baida
Former Student Employee