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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I applied for student employment, but I wasn't selected. Why? 
A: Hiring managers routinely access the Student Employment Eligibility Database to select candidates based on schedule availability, experience, major, academic achievement, funding source, and respective departmental needs. It is up to the hiring managers to determine if they would like to interview applicants, based on their hiring needs.

Q: When is the deadline to apply? 
A: Applications are accepted year round.

Q: I already applied. Is my application still valid?
A: All applications are deactivated on the last day of December and May.

Q: When do you start accepting applications for Summer and Fall? 
A: The first day of June

Q: When do you start accepting applications for Winter and Spring?
A: The first day of January.

Q: Why are applications deactivated?
A: They are deactivated to ensure valid enrollment and schedule availability. Schedules and enrollment are always changing. It is a proven method to ensure valid, up to date, and accurate applications.

Q: Can I apply more than once every hiring session? 
A: No.

Q: I have applied before; since I am applying again, does that improve my chances? 
A: No. It is a competitive process where candidates are selected based on departmental hiring needs, whenever there is a hiring need.

Q: if hired as a student employee, how many hours can I work? 
A: You may work up to 20 hours a week during the Fall and Spring semester, 37.5 hours a week during the Winter and Summer sessions, based on need, funding, and the hiring supervisors discretion. Please refer to our Board Policy 541 governing the hiring of student employees (College Assistants).

Q: What if I were hired, and I drop below 6 units and a GPA of 2.0, do I lose my student employment eligibility?
A: Your student employment is terminated immediately if you are no longer academically eligible.

Q: How often should I apply? 
A: Applications for the Summer/Fall hiring season are accepted online on the first day of June. Applications for the Winter/Spring hiring season are accepted on the first day of January.

Q: My availability has changed within the hiring season. How can I update the information on my existing application? 
A: Please email your full name, student ID, and your new availability. Your information will be updated.

Q: I applied online and would like to submit my resume. How can I submit it?
A: Please email your full name, student ID, and your resume. Your information will be updated, by attaching your resume to your profile.