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Sustainable Design and Development Certificate of Specialization

Provides the green collar workforce with a practical training approach to sit for the LEED GA Accreditation exam.

Courses consist of focused study in each LEED category. The certificate is most applicable to architectural practices, interior design, construction technology, building management, construction management, building inspection, landscape architecture and planning, as well as related fields with an economic life-cycle approach to the built environment.

Architectural Sustainable Design and Development - Certificate of Specialization

Certificate Student Learning Outcome:

Students will be able to possess technical knowledge of green building design and construction in order to meet the requirements for accreditation testing.

Program Requirements:

Units Required: 4.5

Introduction to the LEED Rating System | 0.5 unit
Project Site Factors | 0.5 unit
Sustainable Materials and Indoor Environmental Quality | 0.5 unit
Innovation in Design and Regional Priorities | 0.5 unit
Green Building Economics | 0.5 unit
LEED Online Documentation and Processing | 0.5 unit
Green Building Control Systems and Resource Efficiency | 1 unit
LEED Green Associate (GA) Test Preparation | 0.5 unit
Beautifully designed architecture.