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COC Faculty Resource Courses

The below Canvas courses are developed by College fo the Canyons Online Education to provide training and resources for Distance Education Instructors. If you have any quesitons, please contact us!

Faculty Canvas Template - Online

Faculty Canvas Template - Face-to-face

College of the Canyons Canvas Templates

You will find these templates on your Canvas Dashboard, in your 'Unpublished Courses' section. If you don't see them, please complete the Template Request Form below. 

Template Request Form 

These Canvas templates incorporate best practices in online course design and accessibility formatting to provide you with a starting point for creating a comprehensive and consistent course structure. The template includes:

  • An Orientation module with everything College of the Canyons would like students to have available to them when starting a course. It will require very little editing—just things like adding your contact details or textbook title. 
  • A Syllabus page pre-formatted to make it useable for students. 
  • A Content Module that you can customize with your own content. 
  • A resource module (not intended for students) with examples, tips and "plug'n'play" ideas for your own course design. 

Faculty Resource Course - Canvas Studio


This resource course covers what you need to know to ensure your online course materials are accessible in Canvas. Includes instructions and short, easy to follow example videos on how to correctly format the following features in the Canvas Rich Content Editor: 

  • Heading Styles
  • Lists
  • Descriptiove Links
  • Tables
  • Color Contrast
  • Images
  • Video/Audio

coc faculty resource course: building community online

Building Community Online

This resource course contains ready-made activities and course content ideas to help support social connection and meaningful interaction in your online classes. This course includes:

  • specific examples of assignments designed to support student-to-student communication
  • ideas for supporting and connecting with students as an instructor. 
  • All of the pages and activities in this course are available for you to use and modify for your course and course subject. 

Faculty resource course - Zoom

Teaching with Zoom

This resource course includes resources and guides to support teaching and student engagement with Zoom, including: 

  • Getting started with Zoom
  • Navigating Zoom in Canvas
  • Preparing for your Zoom meeting
  • Managing your meeting
  • Recording your meeting
  • Teaching with Zoom toolkit

Faculty Resource Course - Canvas Studio

Canvas Studio

This resource course will show how to use Studio to create, caption, and use Studio videos that encourage student engagement and participation. Explore this course, to learn how to use Studio to:

  1. Upload, create, edit, manage, share and discuss audio and video files
  2. Review analytics on which students are viewing your content and for how long
  3. Embed quizzes and media elements to your videos to encourage active student engagement with your videos 

Faculty Resource Course - Canvas Studio

Exploring OER & Open Pedagogy

This resource course contains resources and guides on finding and using Open Educational Resources to support student learning and engagement! Explore this course, to learn how to use, find, and embed OER:

  1. What is OER? 
  2. How does using OER lead to student success?
  3. How does OER support anti-racist and equity-based pedagogy? 
  4. How do I find OER?
  5. What is legal to use? 

Faculty Resource Course - Canvas Studio

Authentic Assessment in Online Learning

This resource course covers:

  • What comprises an "authentic" assessment
  • Benefits and myths of authentic assessment
  • Guidelines for creating authentic assessments
  • Specific examples of authentic assessment in different disciplines
  • Considerations to increase academic integrity in your classes.

Faculty Resource Course - Canvas Studio

Spicing Up Canvas

This resource course contains resources and guides on using HTML to spice up your Canvas pages, including step-by-step instructions and HTML code for creating:

  1. Shadow Boxes
  2. Horizontal Lines
  3. Padded Images
  4. Tabbed pages 
  5. Striped tables/Hover tables
  6. Creating icons in Canvas 
  7. Creating icons in Canva
  8. Knowledge Checks


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