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History 111 - U.S. History to 1877 - John Varga

Course:U.S. History to 1877
Professor:John Varga
  • Online
Course Length:
  • 16 Week


This is John Varga and I look forward to being your instructor for one or more of the online History courses I will be teaching this Fall 2022 semester. The courses I am teaching fulfill several different requirements and are transferable to the CSU and UC systems.


The online courses I teach differ from traditional on campus courses in several ways. First, there are no face-to-face meetings. Second, there are no formal instructor delivered lectures. Third, classroom discussions among and between students are conducted in a largely asynchronous environment.  Fourth, exams and/or quizzes are conducted solely online. Fifth, any non-discussion essay type writing based assignments/exams are done outside the “classroom” and submitted through the an anti-plagiarism tool.


While these are salient differences, the academic rigor expected is no more and no less than a traditionally formatted course.  The expectations that students will keep pace with the readings, provide thoughtful analysis about the readings and their related discussion topics, and devote significant time each week to their academic endeavors is no different than what is expected of students who take History courses in the traditional classroom setting at the Valencia or Canyon Country campuses.


The online courses I teach require students to meet all established deadlines.  This is imperative.  While online classes do offer more flexibility with respect to the hours that students devote to their studies, there is one aspect of online learning where flexibility is virtually non-existent:   meeting deadlines. My online classes will have established and consistent deadlines so that students may develop a structured pattern and predictable schedule from which to organize their efforts and manage their time.  Accordingly, students must answer the following question: “Am I willing to make the effort to manage my time effectively so that I may succeed in this course and the other courses I am taking?”


Online learning requires self-discipline, self-reliance, self-sufficiency, consistency in effort, and a strong sense of commitment to the self-edification process.  Online classes offer tremendous freedom but necessitate significant personal responsibility. If you are not a self-starter, have trouble developing your own structured learning environment beyond the virtual classroom, and prefer the habit and custom of going to class then online education may not be suited to your learning style.


Online education is clearly an important academic avenue.  Online education is not an entertaining alternative to the traditional “boring” on campus class.  Online education is not “edutainment” and does not and should not connote more relaxed or casual intellectual demands and standards.  Accordingly, students should not view online courses as being “easy,” a short-cut to a degree, a license to cheat, or lacking intellectual merit.  Ostensibly, online classes seem more convenient. Please do not allow this perception to distract you from the truth about what online education entails:  effort and commitment.  Hence, it is important that students not allow themselves to turn online education’s advantage into a disadvantage by failing to be mindful as to the effort and commitment required to achieve success in the online education environment. 


I anticipate an excellent class and I hope you decide to join our learning community.  If you have any questions email me at

Course Description

History 111 is a general survey course that covers American history from the pre-Columbian era to Reconstruction.


What to Expect in this Course

Weekly Discussions and there will be unit essays. One chapter per week. Units are typically three to four chapters in length. There are assigned to videos to watch and incorporate into the weekly discussions. 

Types of Assessments

Weekly Discussions and unit essays. There are also writing assessments connecting course material to the present day.

Textbook Information

History 111
Of the People

Volume I, Fifth Edition

Published September 2021

Paperback version-ISBN: 9780197585955

Loose leaf version-ISBN:  9780197585962

eBook available via Vital Source, search using either ISBN

Other Relevant Course Information

The comments below are from students who have taken online history courses with me. The comments are from traditionally formatted semesters as well as shorter intersessions. The comments are uncensored and un-edited. To protect privacy, the students’ names have not been included. Some of what the students refer to may not seem familiar to you. Some class components to which the students refer may not be components in the class you are presently taking. Nonetheless, the comments are insightful because they emphasize advice requisite to success. These comments begin with the Spring 2016 semester.

Comment # 1:

I would give prospective students the usual advice when taking an online course like this one: don’t let the work pile up, don’t assume this is an “easy” class where a fantastic grade is a foregone conclusion, and establish a homework schedule. Basically, don’t trust any of the myths about online classes, particularly that they have softer material and are easier to understand than their traditional equivalents. In addition, try to engage in the material; many studies in the past have shown that if one is interested and actively involved in discussion about their learning topics, one does significantly better in school.

Comment # 2:

Like most, my advice for students taking this class is to read everything. The syllabus was extremely handy and spelled out the expectation on every assignment. Everything is spelled out for you from deadlines to format of assignments. Also reading the book is critical. And not just skimming through it, really taking the time to read it carefully. Taking your time while reading saves tons of time later on during the discussions and on the test. With it being a timed test, you shouldn't waste time flipping through the book looking for the answers. With online classes, sometimes it is easy to forget about things and fall behind. With this class, the schedule is the same each week for when assignments are due so it is easy to stay organized as long as you put in the effort. This is a great class, the videos don't bore you to death like some other online classes and the assignments are not hard as long as you read the chapter and follow the syllabus.

Comment # 3:

My definite advice to anyone taking this class is take time looking at chapters, and focus on details, even if they seem small. Also I would recommend people look very carefully in blackboard to make sure they don't mess up their posts in even a slight way. This class is very detail oriented, so I think details in everything is key, in responses, readings, quizzes, and in watching the weekly videos. Small events, dates, and names are important to remember and examine more carefully. Other then that, I'd definitely say just keep up with everything and don't get behind.

Comment # 4

My advice would be to spend as much time on the assignments as you can, and do more than the minimum requirements for the discussion boards and blogs. I feel like I missed some easy points on some of the discussion boards from not going in to more detail on certain subjects. Other than that just read the entire syllabus, writing guide, and chapters. Taking notes also helped me a lot when reading or watching the videos.  

In order to do well in this class I would suggest to make sure you read the syllabus in its entirety. I only read a small portion of it and missed the first couple of blogs which set my grade back quite a bit. I would also suggest finishing the discussions as they are assigned instead to waiting until the due date. My biggest problem is procrastination and it resulted in many half cocked, lated assignments. In the future if I were to retake this class I would have kept myself more focused. In all the class is very straight forward and easy if adequate time is put in to the assignments.

Comment # 5

In order to pass this class it is vital that one reads each chapter thoroughly. In order to learn from this class, doing the discussion boards and the blogs will help one comprehend the material. Take time initially to set a schedule as to how and when you will do each assignment and the routine will become normal. Procrastinate and it turns into a slippery slope of grade declination. Take each writing assignment and review the syllabus to make sure it complies with the requirements as this will help keep points that are otherwise lost. Over a period of time these small points in following writing assignment guidelines add up and can be the difference between an A or B grade.  I recommend taking the first quiz with anticipation of the questions, once taken, take notes on the type of questions as these will most likely be the same style questions for each test with small variations.  Following these steps will result in a passing grade and the effort put in will determine the letter grade. History is a valuable subject, so retaining it is important towards our future because "Those who do not remember the past are bound to repeat it" (George Satayana).

Comment # 6

My advice would be to set a schedule for yourself. Not only to avoid procrastination but to avoid accidentally missing deadlines. Without physically going to class and being reminded of exams or assignments, something that I struggle with in regards to online classes is just remembering what is due every week. I usually print out the syllabus' and assignment schedules and set reminders on my phone to help me out as well, but I'd also just recommend checking blackboard everyday. Just look over your classes and make sure you don't accidentally miss anything, because everything counts!

Comment # 7

My advice for students taking this course could be summed up as 'just do it'! That sentiments pertains to the bulk load of assignments, simply put, the earlier you get something completed, the better. Nearly all the points that I missed out on this semester could've been avoided if I had begun the assignment earlier and not procrastinated. Especially because of the lack of physical presence required for this class it becomes easy to distance yourself from the class mentally as well. Do not fall prey to this mentality, treat this course with the same regard as your non-on line classes and think everyday about what you could do to excel in this class. Reading the chapters to full comprehension takes at least an hour and half, and I am a strong reader. It is necessary to read every chapter to do well in this class so if reading is not your strong suit, read a little bit every day. However with the similar mantra of 'just do it', I would advise everyone to take this class because every American would benefit from it. It has helped me to gain a more complete understanding of our political systems and society's issues today. Put in the effort and you will gain invaluable knowledge. 

Comment # 8

The advice I would give to students that choose to take this class online is to make sure they read the book. I find that I usually have to read it twice before taking the test in order to do well. I would also suggest they pay attention to their word count when writing the discussion board assignment. Make sure to use the “Quote” button when replying to another person’s discussion board post. Do not procrastinate, do your work on time. You do not want to be in a rush, it may cause you to forget some of the little, but important, things you have to do for each assignment. Do not put off starting the report assignment. This class has a lot of work, however, it is not too much. You can do it if you plan your time schedule and stick to it.

Comment # 9

The advice I would give future students taking this class is READ! This class takes a lot of time and reading, hard work. If you are not willing to read and do the work you will not go very far. Make sure you understand the material you are reading because you need it for all the work in the class. TIme management , do not put off work because it is very easy to fall behind in this class. Read the syllabus and check it regularly so you wont miss anything important! Last thing is start your paper on time or basically every assignment. 

Comment # 10

My advice for students who take this class in the future is to read everything. Read everything that you get in this class, the syllabus, the articles, and especially the textbook. I hate reading, but that is all I have done in this course, it hasn't been bad but my lack of discipline put me at a disadvantage at the beginning of the semester because of my lack of motivation to read the syllabus and book. Soon I caught on and began to read more and more, so read everything that you get in this class.

Comment # 11

My advice for futures students who take this course is simply to put in a good amount of effort. If you put in full effort, you are likely to be getting full credit on the assignments. Also, take time to read the course syllabus and schedule thoroughly, don't be lazy. There are little parts of the assignment that will make or break your grade, and they are small mistakes that can be fixed. Take notes when reading the book and watching the video clips - those notes will make writing your discussion boards a lot easier. And finally, write down when assignments are due somewhere you will see it and don't procrastinate on finishing up work. If you do it early, you won't have the time to forget to get it done. This class also requires a good amount of time in order to complete the assignments. Just because it's online does not mean you get to do less work.

Comment # 12

For those taking this class in the future, I would highly recommend downloading the syllabus and keeping a quick guide on how to notate quotations because it is something I forgot how to do nearly every single week. I'd also suggest taking notes and making note cards to help with the tests. There are so many names and it can be really hard to remember. Also, plan ahead and don't wait till the last minute. I ended up running myself out of time several weeks underestimating the amount of work a discussion board or test would take and I payed for it. Overall, just enjoy the experience because it truly is a fun subject with a lot of value that can be gained from it. 

Comment # 13

For the future students taking this class, I would recommend downloading and reading the syllabus. You want to download it because you can quickly go back to it to make sure you are doing the assignments right. I would recommend not getting behind in the reading. Trying to read the entire chapter in one day is a bit much so I try to read a little each day. Don’t procrastinate in this class, I always try to do one thing each day for this class to keep up. One day I will write my post in the discussion, the next day I will do the blog, and the day after that I will write the response, then do the quiz on Friday. Saturday I would then start the next chapter and repeat the process. The main thing is to follow the instructions in the syllabus and not get behind.

Comment # 14

For upcoming students, there are a few things i would suggest. Don't procrastinate, I know everyone says it in every class, but waiting until the last minute to do discussion board replies and a quiz will take lots of time. Read the chapters, it helps. In fact, don't just read, take notes. Writing helps memory, and you need to remember everything you can for the quizzes. Another really important thing is have fun and be interested in this. It's the history of your home, and it's great to learn about it. Also, do all the homework as soon as you can. You can never get it done too early, and it will be a reward at the end of the week to be able to relax and not worry about assignments.

Comment # 15

To students who may take this course in the future, I would advise not to procrastinate. It is easy to fall behind in an on line course so it is really important to stay self motivated throughout the semester. Do not wait until the very last minute to submit discussion board posts, chapter quizzes, blog posts and the paper. I would advise future students to write the research paper in advance so they can get it revised by other students or tutors from the tlc lab. Also, do not rush when reading chapters to take the quiz because there is a lot of information to memorize and it is not easy to retain information when cramming in the readings. Overall, it is possible to do well in this course as long as you stay focused and on top of the material.

Comment # 16

Some advice I would give to students that take this class, is to make sure that don't procrastinate. It is very important to make sure that they read the whole chapter each week and all watch the videos that you provide for us. Also once they are done taking the quizzes they should start the reading for the next week. In doing so they will be prepared for the discussion board that follows the quizzes. It is also helpful to read other people's discussion boards and get another perspective on the statement that you will negate or defend on the discussion boards. If they follow these tips then I think that they will breeze through this class.

Comment # 17

Some advice I would like to share with students who may take this course in the future is to make sure that you manage your time wisely to do the assigned readings and assignments. Also, while reading the assigned chapters, I found it useful to highlight phrases or sentences in the chapter that can help develop your argumentative paragraphs that are the discussion boards. Lastly, I would tell future students to make flashcards for every chapter that include the main points and ideas that are discussed in the chapter to help with blogs, discussion boards, and the quizzes.

Comment # 18

Some advice I would give to future students of this course to never fall behind on reading or doing the research paper. The due date may seem far but days go by very quickly. Another thing is reading the requirements for discussion boards, replies, and the research paper. One thing I learned is that being vague with your responses or entries will not get you full credit. 

Comment # 19

The most important thing would probably be to stay on top of the readings. Even though some chapters may not seem as interesting as the others, to just power through and make sure you know the material. And to leave time to read the chapter throughout a couple of days instead of leaving it until the day you take the quiz. I would also recommend getting the discussion posts completed as soon as possible so that if something big pops up for another class, you won't be overwhelmed with your work load. Another super important one: make sure you read up on the professor's rules for the discussion posts, replies, etc. and do whatever you can to make sure you follow them every time!

Comment # 20

For future students I would tell them to highlight your book, take notes, and use flash cards to help you memorize events, also don't leave anything to the last minute. 

Comment # 21

For future students I would recommend to set a schedule so you never miss an assignment. Also read the professors instructions carefully so you may receive the most maximum points. Working on your paper as soon as possible would be a great idea . Also set a schedule for reading every day as reading all in one day is stressful. Lastly I would say don't be afraid to ask the professor or your classmates for help if necessary. And mainly, focus. 

Comment # 22

The book is very information dense, so I would recommend that students try to study in a quiet environment where they are not easily distracted. They should take a step back at some points during the chapter and consider if they can remember what they just read. If not, they should go back through and study it a little more carefully. If there is a concept or word that they don't understand and the book doesn't explain it, Googling it is a good idea and doesn't take much time. It's worth a couple extra minutes to grasp the material.

Rather than copying notes down as word-for-word transposition from the book, it is helpful to rephrase sentences. It will make those notes easier to remember in the future, because you had to actually digest the content and understand it in order to rephrase it.

I would also recommend that they read the syllabus thoroughly before making threads and replies for the discussion board, and double check their post against the guidelines in the syllabus until they are used to the format.

Comment # 23

The advice i would give students who take this class is to read every chapter, and pay very very close attention to your directions if he or she intends on getting a good grade. Id say it would help the student alot if he or she had a printout with the rules of the discussion board every time he or she does it.

Comment # 24

I would recommend for students taking this course to make sure to read the chapter at least twice to really understand the material; it is a lot of information take in. Also to make sure that you are prepared for the quiz before beginning, if you try to reference the book for every question you will most definitely run out of time. 

Comment # 25

The advice I would give students before taking this class is to make sure to read the book and have it by the first week. Since it is the only material needed it is very important because thats what the quizzes and discussion boards are based on. I would have advise them to do the review terms at the end of the chapters since they seemed to help me out. It also is smart to have a schedule of what you need to finish first, as for me it went... discussion board Monday night, reply Tuesday, study Wednesday and Thursday and take quiz on Friday. Then squeeze in the blog when ever best fits for you.

Comment # 26

For future students, I would recommend staying on top of the readings by reading a few pages of each chapter the previous week its due. To read an entire chapter in one day is a little much and I would not suggest it because the information does not stick. I would also suggest starting on the term paper early as it could be overwhelming to some individuals to do it all a couple days before it is due. I would also suggest getting on a schedule of when you will do the discussion board, blog, quiz, and response.


The comments below are from students who have taken a five week intersession History 111 course in the online setting with me as their instructor. The comments are uncensored and un-edited. To protect privacy, the students’ names have not been included. Some of what the students refer to may not seem familiar to you. Some class components to which the students refer may not be components in the class you are presently taking. Nonetheless, the comments are insightful because they emphasize advice requisite to success.

Comment # 27

The best advice that I can give to future students for an online history course such as this one would be to stay engaged with the reading and the topics and to not only think about their significance within their historical context but also within our own modern society. The foundational values of this country are evident in history and when one considers how these values have been broken and healed and changed, one understands the values that we easily take for granted every single day.

Regarding the online format of the class, I recommend that future students read more discussion posts than just the one assigned to respond to. There are many views and arguments that one can understand simply by reading other students' opinions.

Comment # 28

There is a great deal of advice I have to give for a future student of an online history class. First of all, if for some reason you do not have steady access to the internet and a computer that runs canvas, a class like this is not a good choice for you. Most people do have this, and you can even do the work from a library computer if you do not have your own. Also as for the content of the class, be prepared to read the textbook that the professor has assigned weekly. Knowing the information the best to your ability will allow you to excel in later assigned content. Also be prepared to learn canvas or whatever program the class runs through. Doing the work the first day it is assigned can help you get a head start, but the course does allow for flexibility to your summer schedule. If you turn in all of your work on time with thorough and clear effort, your grade will be above passing. The best nudge I can give is to work ahead if you can, and read the content of the class to the point where you clearly understand its purpose then and today. Looking at other student's opinions and choosing to argue your side can aid your understanding of the history content. That is my advice for a future history student taking an online class similar to this.

Comment # 29

Some advice I give to future students taking this online history class would probably be to stay focused and don't slack off. There is a lot of information that needs to be processed and understood in such a short amount of time. So being focused would probably be the best piece of advice I could give.

But if you are focused, reading all the chapters and doing the quizzes and discussions on time, you should be able to pass no problem. This class is the type where if you take the time to do the work and understand it all then you should be able to pass.

I enjoyed this class a lot though, things were due at a specific time which was really convenient to work your schedule around so that you have time for this class. This class is all up to the person taking it and there was plenty of time to do the assigned tasks which made things easier in my opinion.

So focus, and do the work and take the time to understand the material would be the best advice I could give.

Comment # 30

To the future students who will be taking this class, read the syllabus! That is one of the most important resources that you have available to you in order to be successful in this class. Secondly, read the chapters, not only will you gain a refresher if you have already been taught some of this material, but you will as well learn something new every time. Also, watch the videos it may help clarify anything you may have not completely understood in the reading.

Post your initial responses with enough time to fix any mistakes that you may have made, you don't want to be scrambling before 11:59pm. This class is actually really enjoyable, so don't stress. Respond to others posts, and remember you don't always have to agree with what they put if you feel differently. And don't forget to spell the author's name correctly when citing the textbook. 

If you have questions or concerns, email the professor! He is very good about responding quickly and will answer any questions you may have. This class is one I really enjoyed, and I know you will too. Just stay up to date on your assignments, study and try your best on the quizzes, and read the material. If you do all of those things you will find yourself wanting to learn more about history.  

Comment # 31

The best advice I can give to any prospective online student that is thinking about taking this class is to learn to manage your time and learn to check the website or your email everyday. The reason why I say manage your time is because if you don't learn when to check online what is to come on homework or assignments, then you will get swamped with homework. When you are swamped with homework you tend to skim the book and miss key information on certain events which can impact your grade. You can easily think the class would be easy but it wont be, because online class are not the same as on campus class because you have to have the responsibility to know that you need to check everyday to see if you have any work to do and learn to manage it with any other classes you are taking.

Comment # 32

To future students,

Online classes are typically hard if you are not motivated or have trouble teaching yourself material. It is also very important to stay organized so that you do not miss deadlines. Because you are not actually meeting in person it might become hard to remember that there are assignments to do. For this class, I would recommend staying ahead with the reading assignments. Because the course is short it really squeezes in a lot of information each week causing it to be really easy to fall behind. Also, not waiting until the last minute to do the assignments is crucial if you want to do well. You should give yourself plenty of time to take the quizzes and to do the discussion posts so that you don’t have to rush through them at the last minute. Procrastination will be the hardest part in being successful.

Comment # 33

Advice to future students:

Read the syllabus. I cannot emphasize how important it is to closely analyze the syllabus when it is sent to you. It gives you ALL of the information you will need for the class and is a great reference tool whenever you get lost. I would recommend downloading it to your computer so it's easy and quick to pull up. Follow the syllabus to the T.

Taking an online course is, as you would expect, much different than taking a lecture-based class. It is heavily based on pacing and responsibility. For this history class in specific, it is important that you keep up with the work that is assigned. If you don't start the day it's assigned, be sure to start ASAP the next day. It is crucial that you keep a nice, smooth pace.

Make sure you not only read, but also annotate your book. If not inside the book, make sure you take notes on a separate paper because it will help you on the quizzes. Be sure that you don't skim through the reading, it'll hurt you come quiz time. As I mentioned above, pace the reading out. You never want to wait until the last day to squeeze in a chapter or two of reading.

P.S.- If you can, be sure to download the Canvas application. It will come in handy for quick updates.

Comment # 34

In these past 5 weeks, I have learned so much from this class. I have honestly not enjoyed a history class in a very long time due to not being interested in the topic. Professor Varga provides amazing outlines and the videos are very informative and go along with the readings. Please keep up with your work and read the book! Make yourself a schedule and stick to it. Do not fall behind it will be very hard to catch up especially in a five week course. Do not expect this class to be easy because it is a lot of reading but the book teaches you a lot. The Primary Source Assignment is very interesting but please start it early! The quizzes are all based on the readings so please take your time reading and take notes so that during those twenty minutes you do not have to keep flipping through the book looking for answers. The discussion board posts offer you a chance to voice your opinion on the issue being discussed. Please read the syllabus and the instruction for the points. You do not want to lose points because you didn’t follow instructions! But most of all, do take your time, focus, and have fun learning! I have enjoyed this class so much during these five weeks! I definitely recommend it!

Comment # 35

Undertaking an online course is an exercise in self-discipline. Approach the course with the understanding that you have full control over the level of success you will achieve. As with any online course, you will only get out of it what you put in to it. I would recommend planning out your schedule each week, taking some time early in the week to assess the upcoming workload, and evenly spreading it out before the due date. Waiting until the last minute to work on your assignments without a plan will often leave you overwhelmed and you will quickly fall behind. Specifically for a History course, each chapter builds off the last, so it is important to learn the information in each section or the next will be much more difficult to understand. Online courses give great flexibility, but at the same time require much more independent effort.

Comment # 36

The best advice that I would give to succeed in this online course is to remain focused, disciplined and expect to read and write for several hours. Canvas is a new program that makes this course so much better as it is very well organized and clear in context. This has been one of the toughest online courses I have token but also one of the most informative. What I would truly recommend is to take notes while reading and also to highlight important details to study before taking quizzes as there not a walk in the park. Missing one assignment or date on this course can truly throw you off track so it is important to create a checklist that helps assure you are completing all the assignments on time. Stay up to date and don’t miss any assignments. The syllabus and guidelines professor Varga sets are very straight forward if you follow instructions I am sure you can succeed in this course.

Comment # 37

The best advice I could give to future students in this online History class is to read the syllabus, word for word. Every possible question I seemed to have throughout this summer session, was answered as soon as I reread the syllabus. Professor Varga tells you exactly what to study for the quizzes (the Chapters) and has specific guidelines for Discussion Board submissions. If you follow all of the guidelines, then you should be able to get solid grades on all of your assignments. In addition, it helps to stay on track and to not fall behind on your readings. Find a good time for you, and just knockout one chapter at a time. I found it best to just read a chapter a day, Monday through Thursday. Lastly, just remember that even though it's a short online class, you should treat it the same as any semester long class. Good Luck!

Comment # 38

The best advice I can give any student who plans to succeed in this online History 111 class would be fairly simple: do your readings and stay on top of your assignments. First and foremost, I would say that this class requires you to do A LOT OF READING, and you most likely you will not find yourself passing if you do not take the time to actually read every assigned chapter. Honestly I would say for me, this was the hardest part of the class. Between work and other classes it became kind of a battle to find time to keep up with the readings. I would recommend that if you're extremely busy that you always keep the book with you. It wont be impossible to do your reading if you always have it on hand. Also, one thing that helped me a lot in succeeding in this class was having an arranged schedule. The class itself runs on a very tight schedule, however, I made sure that when I planned to sit down and do a discussion or take a quiz that I did. 

In the end, I would say that this is a course where you get out what you put in so if you are persistent and you stay on top of your readings you will succeed.

Comment # 39

For future students who wish to take online classes in order to get ahead or catch up during the summer, do not consider these classes to be any less difficult than regular spring or fall semester classes. When choosing to take an online course, keep in mind that the work will either be just as much if not more than a regular course because their is less time in order to complete the same amount of work. Just because the class Is online does  not mean that you will be exempt from reading, taking notes, studying and taking tests and quizzes. Some online classes even require for students to do group projects with other students in the class. While the benefit of taking online classes is being in the comfort of your own home or office, hard work is still essential in order to receive a passing grade. My advice is to take online classes seriously and do not wait for the last minute to complete assignments.

Comment # 40

My best advice would be to stay engaged with the readings, the videos and especially the Discussion Boards. The quizzes are tough on the details, so pay attention and stay alert while reading! But the most interesting and thought provoking aspects of the class are the Discussion Boards. The questions provided by Mr. Varga are a strong springboard into a thought process of your own; they require you to take your own stances and analysis of the history you're learning about. This brings it all to life and causes you to apply the principles of our National heritage to your own views of everyday life. You have to understand where we've come from to get an idea of where we should be going. If you take the readings seriously and put an effort into your Discussion Boards you'll enjoy Mr. Varga's class. And if you enjoy it, you'll be engaged to do well!

Comment # 41

The best advice that I can give a future student taking an online history course such as this one is that you need to be on top the dates that assignments are due. You need to be organized because every week you have two discussion boards and about 2-4 quizzes due. Before completing each discussion board I would strongly recommend that you read each chapter, watch all of the videos and take at least one of the two quizzes assigned for each chapter. 

The class is very interesting if you read each chapter and complete all of the assignments. The last piece of advice I would give to a future student is to not procrastinate and to always try to finish each assignment as soon as you can because it can get overwhelming if you leave everything until the night it is due. 

Comment # 42

I can honestly say that this online history course was a challenge, but I enjoyed the course so much and learned A LOT! The first tip I recommend is READ THE TEXTBOOK! I can not stress that enough. The discussion boards require you to know what you are talking about and do not get me started on the quizzes. You have roughly a minute and a half for each question max, so you can NOT try and scan through the book for the answers. Next tip, actually watch the videos Professor Varga provides, they have helped me understand so much content I did not quite understand from the book and they are pretty interesting when you pay attention. I know the discussion boards can get quite frustrating, especially if you are having difficulties understanding certain aspects in the chapter. The best solution, is start them ahead of time (like the day before at least), I usually do a draft in Google docs and then copy and paste it over. I take my time, and if I get impatient, I will stop and walk away for a few hours and Google docs automatically save it. Other than that, as long as you read the chapters, watch the videos and do not push everything off to the last minute, you will succeed in an online history course and actually enjoy it. Over the past month I have initiated what I have learned from this course in conversations with my friends and they were very impressed.

Comment # 43

The advice I have for future students who will be taking this online course is to read the syllabus in advance so you will be prepared. Always stay ahead, because it is an online class it is very easy to forget about certain deadlines. Another piece of advice would be to make sure you are reading the book in depth so you fully understand the material. 

Comment # 44

Read the syllabus.

Most of what students need to know is in the reading.  Quizzes are specifically based on just the the reading, so do it, take notes, and then go back over the reading before taking the quizzes.  The questions on the quizzes are detailed.  Read the questions carefully.  Sometimes there's some misdirection, and sometimes the questions guide you to the right answer.  Don't stress out over the quizzes.  Pace yourself.  There's more than 2 minutes per question, and you use much less than that for most questions.  Even though 20 minutes is a short amount of time, you're probably better off taking the full two minutes to get a correct answer than rushing and finishing in 8 minutes and getting a bunch of things wrong.

Most of the videos are about half-hour long, but they are really helpful to answering the short-answer questions -- and you have to cite them. Don't wait until the last minute to watch the videos because they are essential in responding to the short answer questions.  Take notes on the videos.  The videos add context to the written materials. I like to do the reading (carefully), then watch the videos, then go back over the reading before taking a quiz.

Most importantly, don't fall behind and prioritize your effort.  The class is heavily weighted on a single primary source assignment, so don't wait until the last minute to get it done.  If you don't do well on that assignment, it will hurt your grade proportionally more than any other assignment.

When you do the primary source assignment, pay attention to the sample the professor gives you.  

The written short-answer posts are weighted more heavily than the quizzes.  And, you don't get to do them twice if you get a bad grade.  So give them a relatively heavier priority.  Check your spelling, check your grammar, and actually answer the question.  Check the discussion boards after you submit your first post because the professor will sometimes offer alternative questions that are more interesting and easier than trying to write an argument against what you think is the right argument.

Finally, quizzes are weighted the least, and you have two chances.  Take a quiz, and if you don't do well, pay attention to the questions. The same topics are likely to be on the next quiz.  As I said before, the quizzes are based on the reading, so if you do poorly, maybe skim back through the sections for the questions you missed.

Comment # 45

Within taking an online class you need to know how to prioritize your time wisely and not procrastinate. There is always that little voice in the back of your head saying that you can do it later, but you probably have other priorities in addition to taking an online class. In order to succeed in this class, I suggest you read every chapter and not just skim through the book so during the quizzes you don’t have to flip through the book because you are given a limited amount of time. With the discussion boards choose a topic where you feel more confident writing about and can write a very well thought out discussion instead of choosing the topic that is easiest. Also to make things easier complete the discussion boards on the day they are due instead of waiting until the last minute. What helped me personally was creating a reading schedule so I was never behind on reading and could take the quizzes two or three days before it was due. In order to succeed in this class, you have to be willing to put in the work, you can’t slack of and due the bare minimum.

Comment # 46

 I enjoyed this online class and it is very convenient for me as I am a full time RN working nights. The advice I have is to plan ahead with the syllabus and stay organized. Especially for a short term class like this one that has a lot of reading and multiple assignments due each week. Keeping up with the reading would ensure success on the discussions and quizzes. The videos are helpful and tie the readings together in short, concise clips, so be sure to watch them and incorporate the information into the assignments. The amount of preparation and work is reasonable and there is a lot to be learned as long as the student makes it a priority to engage and stay organized.

Comment # 47

The advice I would give to a future student taking an online history class would be to really stay on top of due dates and upcoming assignments. Discussions take some time to read the chapter and really develop an opinion so it is time consuming if you are putting forth full effort. It is best to really read the chapter and process all the information and get a better understanding before taking a quiz and or writing a discussion. After turning in your assignment read other peoples point of view and see if you notice anything else and build more of an opinion. Do not wait to the last minute to do all the quizzes and discussions. They can become very overwhelming and you will not reach your full potential. Read the chapters thoroughly before taking the quizzes, do not skim. The questions are not easy and require you to actually read. This class is super interesting and flexible with a busy schedule.

Comment # 48

This advice is especially for students who enroll in History in summer for online instructions. I work full time and have many family commitments, so this advice is for students in my situation. There is lots of material to cover within six weeks so start reading the book and take notes from day one. Please do not procrastinate. Don’t think that since it is summer and online you can take it at leisure. You will be sadly mistaken. Make notes on important events that changed the course of history or made material difference. Unless one takes good notes, the quizzes can be challenging. Try and post discussions and take quizzes one day ahead of the due date. If you wait till the last minute things can go wrong and 25 points is a lot to lose and difficult to make up. Since there is lots of information in the chapters take the quiz soon after you read the chapter and when the information is fresh in your memory. Take an interest in the subject because besides helping get good grades, it tells us a lot of how this country has struggled to get rid of age old practices of slavery, monarchy and keep the concept of freedom and liberty alive. It will also help in gathering good material for the discussion posts. If one stays focused getting a good grade is very much possible.

Thank You and Good Luck.

Comment # 49

For students taking an online history class such as this one, I would advise them to stay on top of their assignments and readings. Since it is an online class, it can give you a more flexible schedule, but you need to use your time wisely. I believe it is a good idea to maintain a personal schedule in order to avoid leaving the given assignments until the last minute and potentially missing a deadline.

Try to finish the discussion boards on the first day they are assigned instead of the night they are due. I recommend reading and fully engaging in the assigned chapters and viewing the videos more than once so that you are more prepared before the quizzes. Consider taking a quiz right after completing the chapter’s discussion board so the information in fresh in your head.

Try not to procrastinate and stay focused. This class has interesting topics and is definitely achievable as long as you work hard and stick to your schedule.

Comment # 50

all Future students,

You will definitely need the book. Read every single word in those chapters because it will be needed when taking the quizzes and during the discussion posts. This is not an easy class. Watching the videos are important as well because sometimes the video helps you understand what the book is trying to say. Keep track of due dates because this class is online and it is easy to forget due dates. Invest in a planner to help you stay on track and organized. Good luck!

Comment # 51

I think the most important advice to someone who is taking an online History class is to be engaged in the topic.  Even though not everyone is interested in the topic of history, having the knowledge of basic American History will make you a more well-rounded individual.  If you see the importance of the class you will be inclined to have more interest.  

I think that it is very important to read the chapter and  make sure you know what you are reading before you move on.  Complete the discussion board right after you read and watch the videos,  then finish the quizzes right away while the information is fresh.  Log on often to make sure that you have completed all the assignments by the deadline and spread the work out over a few days.  Don't wait until the day that it is due.  

The class is very doable is you are willing to put in the time.  It is organized in a way that is easy keep up with and a lot can be learned if you complete all the assignments.

Comment # 52

 I enjoyed this class a lot. For future students I suggest that you read everything although it is a fair amount of reading the assignments are not to difficult. As long as you space out your days and stay on top of the reading you will do great! The quizzes are not bad you get to use your book and that has all the answers so you shouldn't do bad on the quizzes unless you didn't read than you won't know where anything is and they are timed quizzes. If you have a planner I suggest using it and writing down when you are going to read and do the work. If you space it out the work load is not a lot at all. I enjoyed this class it was very interesting and I loved the topics. As long as you stay on top of everything you will of great in the class. 

Comment # 53

I would advise future students to stay on top of the work load and to start reading the chapters early. The reading can be time consuming, and students will learn and retain a lot more information if they aren't rushing. I found the week to be much easier if I began reading on the weekends during any free time instead of trying to fit it all into a busy week. It's helpful to take quizzes soon after reading a chapter, or if it's been awhile, to flip through the chapter again prior to the quiz. Also, start the primary source assignment early to give yourself time to figure out what you want to do. Don't assume the class will have less work because it is online, and be aware of when things are due. Overall, it's easy to be successful in this class as long as you put in the effort.

Comment # 54

The best advice that I can give future students taking an online history course is print out the class syllabus the first day you have get it. Do not procrastinate because you will fall behind fast. When I first started I printed out the class syllabus and I look at it every day. I highlight what I have done so I can move forward with the class. I also took the liberty to look at the orientation letter for this class so I have a general idea of what the class is about and get to know the instructor better to see what expectation you need to meet for successfully passing the class. Be diligent with your work. Make your online class a priority over what you have going on at home unless it is an emergency. It can be overwhelming so making a list a night before on what you need to get done will help you get the work done. Have fun and don’t be shame to ask questions. I made my own schedule based on any down time I had. This was a fun class for me and the videos really help with retaining the information I read. Thank you.

Comment # 55

My advice to future students that are taking this class is to be thorough in you assessments of what you are reading. If you need to, read things over twice in order to really grasp certain ideas and events. Make sure that if you are doing any further research on what you are reading due to needing more than what the book tells you, use scholarly references. You need to make sure that in the act of defending or negating a statement; your credibility in knowledge is backed up by legit sources with proven facts and not just opinions. Wiki is not a credible source.

The most important thing that you should do is read the Syllabus! It is there for your benefit. By reading the syllabus several times, you will find that it helps keep you on track throughout the course. It gives helpful information for better success.

Make sure you read all the material required. Not only does it help you with your tests, but it gives you the ability to be able to actually carry on conversations and debates with credible arguments politically and economically. It's important to know your history in order to understand the way things are at work today; what things mean and to understand where people stood in our history. 

The videos wrap up the reading and help bind things together in an overall charismatic and visual way.  The power points are helpful when having to look back to refresh you memory on what you read.

The professor is really good about feedback and an on time grading schedule. Also, if you have any questions, emailing the professor will give you the fastest response.

Overall, this class is enjoyable. It was a refresher to things that I've learned many years ago, but strengthened my debates in certain areas when dealing with politics today.

Comment # 56

This was by far one of the hardest online 5 week classes I have taken. My best advice for prospective and/or future students taking this class is: Don't fall behind. It takes a lot of time and preparation for a 5 week that force feeds an absurd amount of information. Plan your days out accordingly and do not wait till the last second to complete assignments. Be open and mindful to others opinions, don't be afraid to contact the instructor, and make sure you have the right book before the class even gets started. This class is set up like an AP US History class, so treat it like it is. 

Comment # 57

To future students,

Do not take this class lightly. Make sure you purchase all necessary items (i.e. the textbook) before hand and if you have an issue, address it with the instructor immediately. If you have a busy lifestyle and cramped schedule please make a schedule and do your best to stay on top of assignments and due dates as best as possible as time will seem to fly by very quickly. Keep in mind of the courses you are taking it can be very difficult to juggle classes. Read and watch the videos thoroughly. Highlights, notes and tabs can be helpful. Read syllabus and instructions carefully and thoroughly, ensure you completely understand what is expected from you as a student. Be respectful to colleagues and instructor, try to visualize, empathize and remember that history is something that really occurred and real lives and real people went through these situations.  Try to take something out of the class, and truly learn something not just make a check-mark. All in all stay on schedule do all assignments, do your best, always check every day to see all tabs and links and requirements, study, study, study, and learn. It was a good class, more demanding for my life situation than I expected, but very interesting and I loved the videos, I loved reading the United States Constitution. All was very interesting, I wish I would have had more time to absorb and retain more of the information and reading.

Comment # 58

To future students taking an online course such as this one, I would urge time management. It is an online course so it is more flexible than an in-class course, but do not let the work pile up. By planning ahead when to read, take quizzes, and complete assignments, you will find yourself less overwhelmed by a large workload. Because a course such as this one covers a lot of curriculum in a short period of time, the class will be very overwhelming when left to the last minute. Another very important thing to remember in a course like this is that, just because it is online, you are not guaranteed to pass with flying colors, as many assume. When reading, pay attention to details and read thoroughly. You will be glad when the quizzes roll around. Lastly, use the resources provided to you. Professor Varga provides video links. Although discussion boards do require a quote from one each time, be sure to watch them for your own learning as well. Some people have difficulty reading pages and pages and comprehending what they have just read. This is when the videos can be extremely beneficial. 

Comment # 59

Taking an online class is always a big commitment. You have to be extremely disciplined and be able to remember various deadlines. When beginning the class, I highly recommend reading the syllabus, and taking note of all the deadlines. If you plan out which assignments, you are going to complete through out the week it can be very helpful. Next, there are a lot of quizzes in this course, therefore there is a lot of reading. Reading the textbook and the chapters is very important. You will not pass the quizzes if you do not read. I also recommend watching the videos because they coincide with the text nicely and help you better understand the material. If you find that you are a major procrastinator I would not take this course, for the assignments pile up quick, and it is too much work to wait until the last minute. Plan everything out, and read the material. If you do that you will be successful in the course.

Comment # 60

The best advice that I can give to student's taking this online history, is to study study study. The quizzes are pretty difficult but definitely achievable. The discussion boards are also very important when in the class, the completion of the discussion board is very important not only in your thread, but also your response to someone else’s as well. As this class in particular was on American history, there are a lot of childhood movies and videos that can easily be related to the topics we are discussing that might be even more enjoyable then watching the required movies, so additional "research" outside of the online class is very handy as well. When I first came into this class I thought it was going to be a breeze, all I'd have to do is do the homework and watch the videos provided, when in actuality there’s much more to it than that. You have to read the book, watch EVERY movie with notes, annotate when you’re reading, and even do outside research in order to complete your assignments successfully. With it being an online class it also gives you a lot of free time for work or whatever situation may be, so what I do recommend is to get a hold of your time management make some room so that you don't have to rush all of your work or get it done at the last minute. When doing that it's basically asking for error, so basically what I'm saying is the three key points is to study, create enough time, and pay attention to every detail given.

Comment # 61

The advice I would give to future students is discipline yourselves. You are going to have to make time to read the book, watch the videos, complete the quizzes, complete your discussion board, and complete your reply. Believe it or not one chapter one chapter can take a significant amount of time. If you have a busy schedule and are limited on time reconsider this class. It moves at a real fast pace and you are going to have to be able to keep up. I am burning up with a fever right now as I write this but that is the type of discipline you need for this class. Good Luck.

Comment # 62

The Best advice I could give anyone who is thinking about possibly taking an online history class is to keep up with all the reading and to make great use of your time. You will struggle if you choose not to read and to just cruise your way through. Besides, this is a class about our history as a nation, some respect and effort should be put in. Making good use of your time will make it very easy for you to get your assignments done and turned in, in a timely order. But overall, the effort you put in will determine your grade, so to be successful try your hardest and it's not too difficult of a course.

Comment # 63

Future Students, 

So first off, disregard any ideas people have shared with you about online classes. They are not as easy as you may think. It is only difficult in the sense that it takes as much effort as an in-class history class would take, without the lectures and support of classmates. This class will definitely challenge one's focus and discipline and you should only take it if you have both. I would recommend setting a few hours a day aside to complete the discussion boards as well as to read the chapters of the textbook thoroughly. The class may seem a bit intimidating, but the professor is always willing to help and work to help you succeed. Just work hard and don't slack off and you'll get through it without a problem.

Comment # 64

This was a great fast-paced class. I truly enjoyed it. I feel that the following steps will ensure the success of other students in this class:

- read the syllabus very carefully. Points might be lost for not following technical requirements rather than research work itself.

- be mindful of assignments due dates. No make ups in this class.

- allocate adequate amount of time to study. It is a very fast-paced class. Aside from the textbook, there are additional resources you need to use (e.g. videos)

This class is not an easy "A", however, adhering to the syllabus makes it very doable. Hope that helps. Good luck!

Comment # 65

 In the past few weeks, I have learned a lot from this class. I have taken history courses previously, but I enjoyed how this course focused on different aspects of United States history that I have not studied in detail. I would highly recommend that you read the book in detail. The quizzes were tough for me in the beginning because I did not realize how detailed the questions on the quizzes would be. I falsely assumed that the questions would relate to only the big events that occurred.  I would recommend highlighting in the book as you read, or to take notes. Overall, with proper time management, this class was great. The discussion questions really open your mind about the significance of each event that has taken place in history.

Comment # 66

To future students:
Do not take online classes for granted, especially history courses! My first point of advice is having good time management. Any history class you take will require a substantial amount of reading, however with an online class that typically lacks formal lectures, I feel reading is much more important for your success in the class, and there is usually a lot more of it. Set deadlines for yourself and always stay on top of the reading. Falling behind can be a huge hit to your grade when you’re unable to catch up with the multiple chapters that all piled up. Furthermore, when reading, try to avoid distractions at all cost and take notes if possible! Taking notes on the reading assignments will keep you engaged in the long chapters and will help you retain the information about the content; this will obviously prepare you for the exams. Furthermore, read the syllabus and all assignment instructions at least TWO times so you are very clear with what is being asked to do. And finally, just because it is an online class does not mean you cannot ask the teacher for help; email them! If something is unclear, don’t just guess, ask the professor.

Comment # 67

My advice for prospective and/or future student taking an online history course such as this one is to make sure you read the chapters assigned! Your answers on quizzes and discussions are based off of what you have read from the textbook and really helps you along the way. I would also suggest you use time management wisely as you cannot procrastinate in a class such as this. Even though you are given adequate time for deadlines, you do not want to put in half of the effort because it will show and the professor will catch it.

Comment # 68

To Future Students, take lots of notes. The book might not be the most interesting thing you have read, but note taking will really help keep facts from the book in your mind. Also for the quizzes I recommend you take them immediately after having read the chapter and not doing all of them in one day. Although they are only 15 questions you do take every quiz twice. The best part of the class is that the work is due Wednesday and Friday, so if you space your homework out right and stay on track you can complete a chapter a day and a quiz and then later work on the post. DO NOT TRY to read a chapter, watch a video and work on the post the Day it is due. If you do it right your weekends will be free. Make sure to clearly read the syllabus and to always ask questions when you have any.

Comment # 69

The very best advice I could give to future students for an online history class like this one is to keep your focus and to not underestimate it just because it is an online class. It still requires the vigorous reading of a lecture-style class, and while it is convenient to be able to do it whenever you'd like throughout the day, it is then very easy to lose track of time (and motivation). I would recommend setting reminders on your phone/calendar to help with time management (and remembering when things are due). Another piece of advice I have is to read the syllabus carefully, as every teacher has a different way of wanting things to get done. Overall, these classes are nice if you stay on top of your workload!

Comment # 70

The best advice I can give students who are thinking about taking this or any online class is too not fall behind, even a little. Falling behind even a little bit can be detrimental to a student’s grade and their time. When you fall behind no matter how far, that material being learned will be neglected, or over looked. It may be a chapter is skipped or an assignment not turned in, but none the less something is missed. The worst part is trying to catch up at the end and cramming not only the material needed for the final, but also the material that was neglected or missed. I can understand having to put off assignments till they are due because of other aspects of life, but make sure that even if you have to miss a couple hours of sleep to stay with the class and not fall behind it will be very beneficial. Some online classes don’t allow you to go back and finish work that is passed due as well. In this case some material that was neglected can be lost now for good and that material could be on the final or next test.

Comment # 71

My advice for future students who are choosing to take an online history class is to read! Read everything you get in this course from the syllabus to the text book. Make sure you understand the syllabus fully and are ready to take on the amount of work that is required for this class. You need to make sure that all discussion boards meet the proper requirements in terms of length and citations. The book needs to be in your hands by the first day of class. Make sure you read every chapter fully and it wouldn't hurt to do a little bit more reading on the internet about the subject to complete the discussion boards. The book isn't very straight forward or helpful with terms so you need to be thorough when reading and highlight the important aspects of the chapter. Watch all the videos that are provided and don't procrastinate any of the assignments. It's not an easy class but if you put in the right amount of time and effort you will do fine.

Comment # 72

The best advice that I can offer to new students is to study the syllabus, and know what is expected of the class from the beginning. Plan ahead for major assignments don't let them sneak up on you. Stay up to date with all reading material and studying, and mark dates on a calendar for quizzes, and due dates so you won't miss anything. Prepare to dedicate as much time as possible, and check in daily for announcements or any changes.

Comment # 73

My advice for future students taking an online history class like this one is to avoid procrastination. Try not to turn in your assignments the day it’s due or a few hours before because if something still needs to be fixed on an assignment it’ll be too late. I admit that I have done this a few times with some assignments. It's good to constantly keep up with any recent updates and to keep track of deadlines so you can plan ahead with your readings and assignments. Always take notes because you cannot retain that much information from the chapters by just reading the book. You never know, whatever you write in your notes might show up again on the quiz. Always refer back to the syllabus because it includes all the information you need for this class. Overall, the class had very interesting topics which kept me going and the assignments were fairly graded which I cannot complain about. Stay focused and be diligent and you’ll do well in this class.

Comment # 74

To all future students taking online courses:

Give yourself at least two hours a day to devote to assignments. If you are taking a Summer course, more time is needed since the learning experience is crammed into a shorter period of time. Look at it as though you are in class, but with the luxury of getting to be in your pajamas. Always utilize the syllabus to make sure that you know what and when an assignment is due. 

Comment # 75

The best advice for this online class is to not procrastinate. In the beginning of this class session I would stay on top of the assignments and get them done when they were available, but towards the end I fell behind and it caused me to put it off until the last minute which is stressful. I also advise that students do quizzes in chunks because if you try to do them all at once it will be difficult. Take this class seriously and truly read the material and watch the videos this way the discussion boards and quizzes will be much easier.

Comment # 76

In an online course, you don’t only learn about the course and the material instructed, but you will also learn how to time manage, follow instruction on your own and be an independent learner. If you are a procrastinator, online classes may not be the best option for you. Online courses are designed to make it so if you procrastinate, that few hours before 11:59pm are dreadful. My advice is to work on everything ahead of time and relax later, rather than relax at the beginning and fret at the end. The syllabus is there all semester for a reason. If you are ever confused about an assignment, pull up that syllabus and reread it. If it still doesn’t answer your questions (9 out of 10 times it does) then ask the professor. If you can manage to discipline yourself, online classes are not as scary as most say they are.

The comments below are from students who have taken a sixteen week semester History 111 or 112 course in the online setting with me as their instructor. The comments are uncensored and un-edited. To protect privacy, the students’ names have not been included. Some of what the students refer to may not seem familiar to you. Some class components to which the students refer may not be components in the class you are presently taking. Nonetheless, the comments are insightful because they emphasize advice requisite to success. These comments are from the Fall 2016 semester.

Comment # 77

I want you thank you professor for a great semester. It has been a very tough one for me since History is my worst subject but you have helped ease the tasks I took on possible. I feel if I can do it anyone can! I wish everyone the best of luck on their accomplishments and would definitely recommend this class to others

Comment # 78

Professor Varga,

Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into this class. It started out much harder than I was expecting, but in the end I am glad I took it and I really enjoyed it. :)

My advice for new students would be to thoroughly read the textbook. As simple as that sounds, its so important and really made a difference in my understanding of the material, taking the quizzes, and writing the discussion boards.

Comment # 79

Thank you Professor. I believe that History has never been my strong suit, but this class helped me in some ways. Some advice for future students is to just do the task that is asked and you should do just fine, but you must read the chapters because you will not go anywhere with this class if you don't. Besides, the reading was not too bad and it was interesting information to read about.

Thank you for the great semester. Happy Holidays.

Comment # 80

Like most students at the university level, prior to taking classes with a particular teacher, you ask other students and explore online information.  The following is a truthful and complete overview of Professor Varga’s History 111 online course.  I do not recommend that students take History 111 during your first semester of college or when you expect to carry a heavy load of classes.  Professor Varga’s  course is intensive, clear and thorough. Life always ‘pops’ up …. you will however adjust (keep him in the loop).  Trust that you have a solid instructor with you as you navigate through this course. History is not easy, its comprehensive with a myriad of details. Follow Professor’s syllabus down to the letter and you will do fine.  Download the COC Canvas App on your phone… take your book with you wherever you go.  Should you get five minutes to read or write… do it.  This way … you are less likely to fall behind.  Do Not fall behind.  I am a visual and global learner.  In terms of the tests I read the chapters to understand how the material interrelates in a general sense. It is not enough!  You will need to read the materials until you know all of the definitions and questions provided at the end of each chapter. Anything less is insufficient.  You will not be successful on professor Varga quizzes based on general knowledge.  You must know the materials enough to write about it with ease and test like you are a master.  Don't let me scare you… if you like details, history and a great professor that is responsive to your needs; and cares about you as a whole this is the class for you.  You are in good hands with this instructor, however it's a contract between you and him.  In order to fulfill your part of the contract, you have to do your part in order to be successful.  Good luck and have fun!

Comment # 81

Professor Varga,

I enjoyed your online class thoroughly, the book was clear to read with great useful information. Not only that but I enjoyed the entertaining videos you linked us to. Prof. Varga's criteria is crystal clear and easy to follow. As long as you read, and follow his instruction you will pass his class with flying colors. My biggest struggle was falling behind on the reading. Huge mistake! Take time each day to read 3-5 pages and take helpful notes. Do not try reading it all at once. Make sure your discussions follow the guidelines. Also take time to read your peers Discussions! I learned a lot from them, some even changed my perspective and stance on the discussed topic. Oh and Prof. Varga will help you with anything so don't be afraid to email him for questions. But before you do email him, read the syllabus. I guarantee you all your questions will be answered there. Lastly I want to thank you, Prof. Varga, for your dedications and time spent on reading each one of our threads and taking the time to respond, and give constructive criticism. 

Remember that history can actually be fun! Just keep up and you'll do great. 

Comment # 82

Professor Varga,

I would like to thank you for this class! This history class was harder than I anticipated. I believe that this class has taught me to be more thorough with my responses and always reaching the minimum word count. I advise other students to truly read the book and always keep up on discussion boards. I also advise future students to never fall behind on your class. Thank you for this semester and happy holidays! 

Comment # 83

Professor Varga,

My advice to future students is, be prepared to actually work. This class will prepare you for university level assignments. I would suggest reading the chapters thoroughly until you understand the material. This will prepare you for weekly quizzes. There are no short cuts in this class and your weekly assignments will show your understanding of the material. The videos assigned weekly are great for visual leaners, but I would also recommend researching on your own to grasp the material. Also, everything you need to know to help you succeed is in the Syllabus. If you follow it and not wait until the day the assignment is due to start figuring things out, you will be better prepared. Good Luck!

Thank you Professor Varga for being a thorough instructor. Happy Holidays!

Comment # 84

Thank you professor Varga for a great semester, This is the second class I took with you and I really enjoyed it. I would recommend future classmates to read the chapters with enough time, take notes, and pay attention to the syllabus as everything what is expected to do is detailed on it. Don’t feel discourage if you have any problems or questions, professor Varga is always willing to help. Happy Holidays.

Comment # 85

Thank you Professor for an enjoyable class. I truly learned more about an interesting subject that I’ve always had an interest in, and hope other classes read the material with the forethought that “history repeats itself”, as well as keeping in mind that if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.

Some advice I would give to future students is to read the chapters twice, once as a preliminary, and again to take notes that answers the “Who, What”, “Review Questions”, and “Critical-Thinking Questions” that are at the end of each chapter. Also, I found that the second reading was more productive after the disclosure of the weekly Discussion Topic in order to obtain the required quotes for the topic. Some further advice, when writing for the weekly Discussion Topic, take the opposite point of view from your initial inclination of an answer; then go with your initial inclination in your replies. The added effort in defending a point of view you truly don’t have will embed information about the topic in you that is helpful during the quizzes.

Comment # 86

To the students looking to succeed in History 111 with Professor Varga, here is my advice. 

Your success in this course begins on day one by Reading the course syllabus. The expectation of you as a student and your expectation of grading criteria is stated plainly within the syllabus. Read it. 

Expect that you will have to actually read the material within the course textbook. Many questions within the chapter quizzes are detailed pieces of information that you must have read and remembered. Read the assigned chapters. 

Lastly, don't fall behind. Easier said than done, I know. But do whatever you can do to complete the assigned readings and discussion posts. Realize that your discussion posts reveal to Professor Varga, and your classmates, that you have actually comprehended the information within the assigned chapter. Do your best to state your position and respond to classmates with legitimate reasons why you may, or may not, agree with theirs. 

 Comment # 87

For future students,

I highly encourage reading the textbook. Reading the chapter before the quizzes is the key to doing well on them, skimming through the chapter as you take the quiz is not as effective. There is a lot of information that goes into the discussion boards and replies, so doing your research outside of the book and the provided videos doesn't hurt. This class taught me a lot and I'm glad it challenged me. Good luck and enjoy!

Comment # 88

Professor Varga, 

Thank you for all the help into the preparation for this class and also the helpful advice that was given at the end of each discussion board and also the work that was put into all the quizzes. I also loved the videos and thought that they help immensely.

My advice for future students is really when you are reading to think of the non obvious questions. What I mean by this is when you are finished throughly reading a chapter, when you ask the questions in order to understand the chapter, don't ask the most obvious questions like what was this war or who started this war but really why was this war started or why did a certain group think a certain way. Also watching the videos help if at the end of the chapter, you still have trouble understanding the concept of the chapter, the videos go more deeply into each discussion. I think that it was a essential part of both the discussion boards and the quizzes as well. Other than that just reading the chapter and understanding it to its fullest like if you were explaining it to a child. 

Again thank you for everything and happy holidays!

Comment # 89

My first piece of advice would be to simply read the book and actively take notes. Just skimming through the chapters alone is not enough. To fully grasp the information and concepts, students must be reading thoroughly while also taking notes of key points in the chapters. Additionally, do not be afraid to disagree with a fellow student in the discussion boards. If everybody agreed with each other, no new information would be introduced. Healthy disagreement is beneficial, as it introduces new perspectives and points-of-view on the assigned topics. Lastly, be mindful of deadlines and which day of the week it is. This class is very passable if you submit most of the discussion board posts and quizzes on time.

And thank you Professor Varga for being the most active and responsive online professor I have had during my time at COC. Keep it up. Happy holidays!

Comment # 90

To Future Students,

This class is a challenging and eye-opening course. It helps in preparation for the reality of a college class and its schedule. I would say the best way to ensure a good grade in this class is to read and HIGHLIGHT important pieces of information in each chapter (if and only if you choose to purchase the book, not rent it). This really came in handy when it came time to take the quizzes from each chapter. It allowed me to review the main points from each section before taking the quiz. Also, it makes writing the discussion boards and including evidence much easier. Have a great semester!

Comment # 91

To Future Students,

I took History 111 and now 112 with Professor Varga and have learned so much in this class! It is challenging but is very knowledgeable. Now to make sure you get a good grade in this class, always read the chapter so that you better understand what your reading and be able to answer the threads and take the quizzes. What really helped me was using post its and writing key information for the quizzes. But do not miss any chapters or it will affect you! But awesome teacher and helps anytime when asked! Have an awesome semester!!!

Comment # 92

A Note to Future Students,

I thoroughly enjoyed this class and felt that I learned a lot about the history of the United States. Professor John Varga has met all my expectations in a good teacher. His detailed syllabus helped me understand the work that was required throughout the semester and if I ever had any questions he responded via email very quickly. The most important piece of advice I would pass on to anyone taking one of Prof. Vargas classes is to read the weekly readings. This was necessary when forming strong opinions in the discussion boards and also in the weekly quizzes. I found it helpful to highlight throughout my reading to understand the information better. Also, I would suggest taking at least a week to work on the California Government Project and gathering multiple sources for research (library, databases, etc.). I would recommend this class to anyone who is willing to do the work!

Comment # 93

To Future Students,

This class is challenging yet rewarding as you immerse yourself into the history of the United States. Being able to look back on past events that occurred during the history of the U.S. and compare them to today's events gives people the opportunity to learn from past mistakes and go further into making new and bright opportunities for the U.S. My advice for this class is to make sure you read the text. Not only is reading the text going to help you understand what you're learning and provide quotes for discussions, but it is also very important for quizzes. I also advise you to look through the syllabus thoroughly, specifically how Professor Varga wants you to quote your citations. Good luck throughout the semester!

Comment # 94

To Future Students,

This class can be very enjoyable and informing as long as you keep up with your posts. Professor Varga makes it very easy to follow along with the announcements so there really is no excuse to not get things done. The text is extremely helpful in the quizzes so studying that is really important to pass! Good luck!

Comment # 95

Dear future students, 

My advice for you all is to read EVERYTHING, and look at the videos given. 

I myself had to read and re-read again and again because every chapter contains a lot of information and it was hard for me to keep everything in. For those who are READERS the reading will be a peace a cake especially because all the reading is very interesting. For those who are NOT READERS, like myself, reading will be a bit difficult, again I had to  read and re-read! 

As for the quizzes, all questions come from the reading that we do, keep the book handy because you can refer back to it when you are taking the quiz. 

DO NOT, do a quiz without the reading thinking you will be able to rely only on the book, going back and forward, it will not work. Do the reading and the quizzes will be a piece of cake.   


You will all learn a lot from this online class, I have no complaints, thank you Mr. John V, this class was great!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Comment # 96

Future Students, my advice is making sure you read THE ENTIRE material and watch the entire videos. Also don't procrastinate, make sure to meet the deadlines. Once its 11:59pm you are out of luck. The class is really interesting and not your typical boring history class (even though its online). However, you must read everything in order to succeed in the quizzes. You cannot take the quizzes without reading and think you will pass. I had to take notes on all the chapters to comprehend them. Good luck to you all and wish you the best. Mr. Varga is a great Professor.

Comment # 97

To future students: I learned a lot in this class. I don't know that my comments will be helpful, as I am probably a lot older than the students that will read this. I did not accomplish the grade I wanted. I had a hard time retaining the information due to the length of the chapters. I read most chapters twice. Again, maybe not something the typical young college student would have a problem with, but I felt anxious during the quizzes because of them being timed. I know the purpose of this was to retain information and not have to look up information, but at my age, a little more time would have helped in order to get better scores. I also had a hard time understanding the questions. It seemed as though there were more than one appropriate answer but not an "all" choice in many cases. In other cases I felt like the wording was purposefully manipulated to "trick" the reader. I missed many of these because I read it wrong (because I was in a hurry racing the clock). Taking notes did not help, nor bookmarking. I also felt like I only had two days out of the week to get my work done. Discussions didn't open until midnight Sundays. I work all day Monday and couldn't start until Tuesday afternoon, when it was due. The same for the quizzes. I take a lot of classes online because of my job and my family. I felt handcuffed during the times I could have been devoting to studying and completing work but couldn't because of the assignments being locked.  I guess I would say go and finish school before you start relationships, families and get older.  Way easier when you are fresh and free.

Thank you Professor, for you time and talent.

Comment # 98

Thank you for the opportunity to share my feedback. 

Dear future students: Welcome to on-line History!  In this course you'll learn a broad range of open perspectives on how the United States was founded and built.  I definitely learned more than I anticipated! 

This course moves extremely quickly; please don't procrastinate.  My best advice to you is, don't give up!  Although it's a lot of work, please remain persistent. You'll be so proud of yourself and grateful for it. 

Professor Varga has an "open door" policy. Should you have questions or concerns please take him up on his offer to assist you.  He's always responsive and truly wants to see you succeed in this course. 

Best wishes to you. Cheers!  

Comment # 99

Advise to Future Students,

This course was a real learning experience. I found the timed quizzes to be a challenge. Really make sure you read the chapters, more than once, as you only have 20 minutes to answer 15 questions. The discussion questions are very fair and as long as you know how to correctly cite evidence to back up your opinion, you will do great.  I really appreciate Professor Varga for treating this like a real class and not one of the online classes where everyone gets an "A", if that is what you are looking for don't take this one. You will work hard but you will also get a great deal out of it. I truly appreciated the learning experience of this course Professor Varga is very approachable and will answer your emails right away. He wants all of his students to be successful. 

From Summer 2017: Five Week Intersession Course

Comment # 100

My advice for any students who takes this course is to not take shortcuts when producing written responses to posted questions.  The more details and support that you can provide for your answers, the better your grade will be and the more you will benefit from this course.    Also, the more I researched each question, the more enjoyable the class became because the questions were thought provoking and helped to extend my interest in the topic.  

The questions that are presented primarily take the form of a debate.  This makes the questions less "cookie-cutter" and more interesting.  Knowing that I would ultimately have to ague for one side and then possible argue for the opposing side in my response allowed to take perspective of multiple positions without feeling inhibited that one position was morally wrong.  

I thoroughly recommend this course for anyone who enjoys history and who is willing to put in a little extra effort along the way in order to produce work that is of high quality.  

Professor Varga has high expectations, but every professor should, because with time and effort, we are all capable.

Comment: # 101

Reflecting on the fully online 5-week summer intersession, it was a lot more intense than I could have imagined. The discussion boards and quizzes are NOT set up for students who have skimmed chapters. The discussion board topics will very much make you think critically. My best advice for the discussion boards is to look past specific sections of the chapter and look at information outside of that section per chapter accordingly. For example, just because Professor Varga asks about the significance of the political outcome of the Declaration of Independence, don't just seek out the section regarding that topic in the chapter. You need to understand why the political landscape was in its position prior to the Declaration of Independence, the events leading up to it and the results. The more evidence, facts, people, and information that is relevant to the discussion board topic, the better. You will not have the ability to circumvent the textbook or the videos, as they are 100% crucial to your success to the discussion boards. I would not suggest trying to skim chapters or waiting until the last minute to post. You need AT THE LEAST a day before its due to understand the discussion board topic, read the chapter, jot notes on defending or negating the statement, and writing your post. 

As far as the quizzes are concerned, attempting to use Google will be futile in nature. My suggestion would be to read the chapters, take notes, read the chapter again with your notes. It is important to analyze and summarize each section of each chapter. The questions on the quiz can be very broad or very specific. The content of the quiz will vary, and the only common theme is "you better have read the chapter". 20 minutes is insufficient time if you think you can pull up the quiz, not having read the chapter, and hope to find the answers. The quizzes take the information from each chapter and rephrase the information. For your success, I urge you to read, take notes, summarize each section, then re-read again prior to taking the quiz, in which you will need a lot of time.

You will have to put forth effort in order to succeed in this class, just like putting in the effort for anything else in life. Good luck! 

To summarize:

1. Read, analyze, re-read, take notes

2. Cover as much information as possible on the discussion board relevant to the topic. 

3. Give yourself ample time to prep for each assignment. 

4. Google will NOT be your friend for this course.

5. You will learn a lot about American History! 

Comment # 102

Thank you very much Professor Varga! Here's my advice to future students:

To those of you starting this course, good luck and have fun. Keep up on the reading, don't leave it all to one day. Procrastination is not compatible with this online class. I often made the mistake of waiting until the last minute, and therefore my work was sometimes sub-par. It's an interesting class, and I hope you enjoy it, but do not fall behind on the work.

Comment # 103

To those starting this course, make sure you get the book before hand as soon as you can.  Falling behind in the reading right out of the gate has a snowball effect, as the first five or so chapters cover an immense amount of time in very compact chapters.  The book is a very interesting read, which fills in a lot of the gaps that previous history classes did not get into in general summaries.  This class will give you a newly informed historical perspective on what is currently going on in America.    Also, in the discussion boards, make sure to mention things that may be secondarily relevant, even if they are not the main point of your negate/confirm argument, as this will give show A. a better grasp on the issue as a whole and B. result in better discussion board grades.  

Comment # 104

Thank you Mr. Varga!

My advice to future students is to stay on top of their work and to try and avoid doing work last minute. It is much less stressful to do work a few hours before it is due, and you will not have to rush in order to meet the deadline for the assignment. Another piece of advice is to read each section thoroughly, because it will help you write threads and find quotes more easily.

Comment # 105

Dear prospective students, 

As you make your brief journey through this course, make an effort to relish learning the history of this great nation in which you live. When you first introduce yourself to Canvas (or perhaps another program utilized in the future), familiarize yourself with the course syllabus, class expectations, and do your best to set up a reasonable schedule. Mr. Varga's discussion board prompts are manageable and reasonable to approach, but do not overlook this. When addressing the topic, make sure to pick your side and find an abundance of evidence. Often, you will find that you won't use most of it, but it is a writer's responsibility to assess and foresee several potential paths of writing. I would always recommend being detailed and going beyond the core requirements (though, do not be too excessive). What I've noticed from Mr. Varga's online course relative to others is that his set-up is very well-organized, so there is no excuse to fall too far behind. Certainly, however, there will be a few bumps along the way, but Mr. Varga's policies on the final grade for the class will give you a little leeway now and then (though do not rely on this). One final thing I'd like to talk about is that when I first began this course, I briefly skimmed through a few of the former students' advice entries (perhaps like you are doing so now), and I noticed one person's in particular. Of course, this person was anonymous, as I am now, but this person made a point to say that he (or she) was probably older than the typical college student taking this course. Now, on the contrary, I'd like to make a point to say that I am probably younger than the typical college student taking this course, as I was enrolled through the "College Now!" program. This was, in fact, my first online class that I had ever taken, and although my final grade has not yet been calculated at this moment, I still believe (and hope) I will have secured a good grade in the class. As long as you keep up with the reading and the assignments and put forth your best effort, you can be successful in this class. Anyone can. Take it from a high school student. 

Comment # 106

Thank you Mr. Varga!

For any future student, take your time while reading the book and get it as soon as you can. The book is a very easy read but it provides a lot of information and it is kind of overwhelming the first time that you pick it up. But take your time and take in everything it has to offer. Just read it like any ordinary book and take it everywhere you go, just like I did, and it will make it so much easier when you come to the assignments. You won't have to cram your reading into the last possible minute. It is a simple class when you create habits of doing work every day since the start. Stay on top of your work if not you'll find yourself panicking through the material and getting nothing out of it. It's simple, don't over think it. 

Comment # 107

My advice for future students is to stay on top of the workload. I set deadlines set within each week for myself. This helped me stay in task and keep up with the work. I would not have been able to do this course If I procrastinated. I would also encourage people to pay attention to the videos because they help clarify the readings. One things I wish I would have done is to have been in contact with the professor to clarify things or ask questions. I wish I chatted with him during his office hours. Good luck to everyone taking the class. Don't procrastinate!!!!!!!

Comment # 108

Thank you, Professor, for an amazing few weeks! It's been a pleasure to be a part of this class :-)

My advice to future students is, besides the standard DON'T PROCRASTINATE AND STAY ON TOP OF YOUR WORK (!!!) is to try to look at this course from a point of view different to what you're used to. You might have certain preconceived notions about U.S. History (which I definitely had) or just history in general, but I ask you to put those thoughts aside. Try to develop an appreciation for the history of this country that you live in so that this course will become infinitely easier to get through, as well as interesting as well. History is interesting, it's not just about times and places (though those are certainly important to remember as well, don't get me wrong). Otherwise, I advise future students to study well, pace themselves, don't force themselves to do everything all at once and, most of all, don't procrastinate. I wish all future students good luck in this course. :-)

Comment # 109

Thank you Professor Varga for your time and dedication to teaching American history. It has truly been such a great experience for me!

Dear Future Students,

You must be prepared and ready to put all your effort into this class. Just because this is an online course does not mean that it will be easier than going into class; in fact it can be just as tough or more difficult. Make sure you have the ability to be organized, manage your time well, and the self-discipline to stay on top of the readings. Do not rush through the videos, discussion boards, or the chapters as it will make succeeding in this class that much more difficult. Everything that Professor Varga assigns is important and worthwhile for achieving success. In addition, completing the assignments to the best of your ability will help add to your understanding of the topics that this class addresses. Taking this class gives an in depth look at how the United States of America was founded and what issues they faced along the way. I believe it is important for everyone to take the time and learn about the history of their country as it provides appreciation and reflection for where we are today. Good luck and I hope this class is just as interesting to you as it was to me.

Comment # 110

Thank you Professor Varga!

My advice for future students is don't pile up work to the last minute, stay ahead of the game. Read ahead, there is no time for procrastination. Good luck and have fun!

Comment # 111

To future students, this being my first history class sure it was difficult at first. Once you get a feel of the due dates of assignments and such you learn to pace yourself. I recommend that to prevent yourself from pushing things to the last minute you should read little by little everyday even though if it means taking up your weekend time. I strongly recommend summer online classes mainly because for me the due dates were incentives to get things done, sorta like an extra push. 

Comment # 112

Thank you Professor Varga!

My Advice:

Since there is a lot of information to be learned in such a short amount of time, it is very important to not procrastinate and to stay on top of your work.  It is also important to pace yourself and to have a plan.  Before the class begins, I suggest making a schedule of what you want to accomplish each day.  Make sure that when answering to a discussion board you have a substantial amount of evidence that covers all the possible information regarding the topic you are defending.  When it comes to taking the quizzes, make sure that you have thoroughly read the chapter and watched all of the videos in their entirety. You will not have enough time to look up any information while in the middle of taking a quiz, so you have to make sure you really know the material.  Another thing to remember is to have an open mind because this class is very beneficial in many ways regarding what can be learned about U.S. history, and time management skills.  Keeping a positive mindset is just as important as staying on top of your work because it will help you to appreciate the topics you are learning about and it will make the work fun.  Remember, don't procrastinate, make a plan, and stay confident because even though the work load can seem daunting, you can make it through! Good Luck!

From the Fall 2017 Semester-History 111 and 112

Comment # 113

Hello future students,

My advice to you all would be to challenge yourselves. Reading the chapters thoroughly is essential to grasping the concepts of the discussion questions and the quizzes as well. The more info. you obtain while reading, you'll have more evidence to back up your opinion. On the day I respond to my classmates' original discussion post, I try to read about 5 others (to grasp different perspectives of the chapter) and before taking the quizzes, it sort of refreshes my knowledge and the quiz questions resonate better. Most importantly, don't give up! This class was so rewarding, I learned so much and Professor Varga helped challenge my writing and comprehension skills. Looking back on the first couple of weeks, I would have never thought I would have finished as well as I did. So read thoroughly, jot down names, events, dates, and challenge yourself!

Good Luck :)

Comment # 114

My advice to future students is to finish the quizzes as soon as they are available because, after the discussion board, the information will be fresher in your mind. Also, I recommend using your book while taking the quizzes because that helped me a lot to find the answers faster and get me high scores. I recommend taking the discussion board's and every little thing seriously because in the end it could help or hurt you ultimately. This class was not that bad, I thought it was pretty good and while this semester wasn't completely an easy A, I believe with the right amount of hard work and effort, everyone is capable of getting an A in this class. 

Comment # 115

This course covers a fascinating time period and directly relates to our lives today, as Americans.  My advice to students at the beginning of this course is to be prepared to analyze this historical period on a deeper level than simply what happened in history on certain dates.  What I mean is, there can be multiple sides to every story.  So be prepared to understand different sides of the historical events that you will study in this course.  In other words, the cause and effect of historical events in this course are more important than thinking what happened in history chronologically.   Be prepared to take a stance on each side of certain historical events throughout the entire course.  

Comment # 116

To future students,

I found Professor Varga's class to be very fair.  You should be successful as long as you follow the rules and guidelines of the class which are clearly explained in the first week.  Complete the required reading assignments and watch the required videos and you will have all the information you need to complete the discussion boards.  The discussion board questions require you to take a position on a covered topic and defend your position with facts.  You also have to reply to a classmate's post by either expanding on your original post or by making an opposing argument, again defending it with facts. This really makes you analyze the topic. 

I felt Professor Varga graded the posts fairly and the quizzes were also fair.  I am not a full time student, I am a full time worker but I did not feel the class was overly demanding.  I spent approximately four to five hours a week on this class and did fairly well.

I also found the textbook's website helpful.  I used the practice quizzes and some of the other tools offered there to reinforce the covered material.  The website address can be found in the textbook.

And I can truly say I now have a different opinion on the period of American history that was covered.  

Comment # 117

Professor Varga,
It has been a pleasure to be a part of your class and thank you for taking the time to offer your insight and advice throughout the course.

To future students, this class is a subject based on the succession of events so establishing a connection between events and facts is pivotal. Critical thinking is also a key component to achieving success in this class. Rely on the resources and helpfulness of your Professor and don't be afraid to reach out to your Instructor or fellow students for assistance.

Comment # 118

My advice to future students,

Doing the discussions as soon as they become available helps a lot, it helps with keeping stress levels down. Also, reading the chapters more than once helps with understanding the information better.

Lastly, Professor Varga, thank you for a great semester and making my first online course go smoothly! 

Comment # 119

Dear Future Students, 

In order to be successful in this course, you will have to put in the work. A weekly overview of this class is: reading one text book chapter per week, analyzing the topic question that is given, writing a 200+ word discussion post/150+ word response to a classmate, and taking 1-2 quizzes, depending how well you feel with your completion on quiz A. It sounds very simple and it is but you have to be very careful to not fall behind because every assignment has a great impact on your overall grade. Points are easily deducted from a discussion post if it is not thoroughly written, so make sure to be very specific when it comes to mentioning important events or any important fact. It is in your best interest to read the syllabus carefully in regards of the discussion threads, that way you know exactly what Professor Varga wants and expects. Quizzes are based off of the textbook so make sure to read the chapters closely so you won't miss any important piece of information. Overall, this class is very informative and interesting. Do not be afraid to reach out to the professor over a concern or question you may have, he is great at responding to students in a timely manner. Enjoy this class and best of luck!

Comment # 120

My advice to future students is to read each chapter thoroughly and highlight anything important or write it down in a journal if you do not want to or can not mark your book. This saves a lot of time during tests and lets you focus on specific sections while writing for discussion boards. One suggestion would be to use several colors of highlighter. That way you can separate different sides to your discussion arguments and important sections for quizzes. Providing a thorough argument seems to go a long way in this class. Do not be afraid to use the Tutoring Center. Perhaps the most important thing is to prepare and schedule your time using the syllabus. Good luck.

Comment # 121

Personally, I truly and full heartedly recommend creating a routine, for example I always did the thread for the discussion boards on Monday’s, then I did my best to submit the reply by Tuesday, and then always took the quizzes on Friday mornings before I started anything else... this way I was never nervous due to a time crunch! Make sure you read each and every page of the book, and I tried to underline the things I thought would be helpful to look over before the quizzes! Good luck!

Comment # 122

My advice to future students is to not just think of this class as a General Ed class. This class is so much more. I have learned so much about the history of our nation and why things happen the way they happen now. I also encourage them to ask questions. If they are confused or just not understanding something, to not be afraid to email you, Professor Varga, and ask. Clarification will always help! This class was so rewarding, challenging, and insightful. Thank you, Professor Varga, for everything!

Comment # 123

It was a pleasure taking this class and I appreciated all the feedback that Professor Varga provided in the discussion boards. They were very useful, and it made me better at writing my discussion posts each week. My advice is to not procrastinate and create a set schedule to give yourself enough time to complete the assignments. Keeping yourself motivated is the key. Future students will gain more knowledge than they expect.  

Comment # 124

Primarily, I’d like to thank the professor for all the help and feedback that we received during the semester. Very professional; offers the correct information about the material and does not take long to respond, always willing to help. Secondly, I would have to admit that the class does require a ‘handful’ of work, however, it is also very organized for one to know what needs to be done, when assignments or quizzes are due, and with enough time to complete them. There are no exams, simply the exact, weekly routine of assignments and quizzes, but reading is strongly required to do well in both of categories. Even for strong readers, I recommend not to wait for the last night to read the chapter and to complete the discussions; also, try writing more than the minimum 200 words to receive full credit. Pay attention to important names and events, vocabulary in the reading, and include the correct citations when quoting the book/videos, for these can be the difference between full points on the assignment or a few points removed. Lastly, make sure you do not procrastinate for the research paper; reading the chapters is necessary to make this project even easier. Honestly speaking, I didn’t like History much before I took this class, but I have a different perspective now. I do recommend it for someone that’s willing to do the reading; it’s actually easy once you get with the routine.

Comment # 125

My advice to to future students would be to enjoy yourself. This may be a class that you are taking exclusively to fulfill mandated requirements, but you may soon find that you are enjoying yourself, if you are open to it.

Create the habit of getting the reading done early and the discussions and quizzes will be a piece of cake. If you create the habit of completing the reading early, it takes the pressure off of the reading which will allow you to actually enjoy and become fascinated in what you are reading.

As far as the class work goes, the discussions can be very interesting and even enjoyable if you let them be. Try not to think of them as homework, but more of an opportunity to express your understanding and opinion of the history that you are reading about, in addition to hearing others. Think of it as a discussion and not a message board. That's what it is. You're literally just conversing with other people.

When you really think about it, history is basically story-telling. This class allows you to read stories and then discuss the ideas within them. It's basically a book club. That's awesome. Let yourself be captivated by the stories you are reading, and the course-work will seriously be so easy.

To summarize, create good habits and be open to the idea of enjoying what you are doing, and you will. Grab a drink, sit back, relax, and read a chapter of a great book.

Comment # 126

The course provides a great opportunity to see beneath the surface of early American history. You will not be required to memorize dates, names, and events. Instead, the assignments require you to use critical thinking skills as you think (and write) about historical events from different perspectives. 

The assignments are clear and Professor Varga holds his students to a high standard, but his grading system leaves room for a learning curve and an occasional “oops” moment.  Enjoy:) The thinking skills developed in this class can be useful in all areas of life.

Thank you, Professor Varga! 

Comment # 127

My advice to future students is to try to complete the assignments days before the actual due date. I found that getting all of the assignments done lets your stress level go down. Having a schedule for the assignments was also very helpful for me. I would do the original thread discussion boards on Mondays and take the quizzes and do my discussion replies either on Thursday or early morning Fridays.

Comment # 128

My advice to future students is to create and keep a schedule, and to make sure to turn in your work as soon as possible. Also, I recommend giving yourself plenty of time to work on every assignment, as well as setting a reminder to turn your work in, with a reasonable window of time for technical difficulties or slow internet. I also recommend paying close attention to the chapter videos, as well as the discussion board, because they will help you improve your understanding of the chapter's content.

 Comment # 129

Advice to future students:

      Online courses require self-motivation and good time management. Professor Varga is kind enough to keep the same deadlines each week, enabling students that work or have a busy schedule to prepare for each week ahead of time. Procrastination will not end well for this course, with each chapter totaling over 20 pages. Be sure to read each chapter thoroughly, as there are weekly quizzes based on the material. Make sure to watch the videos as well, as they can help explain the information discussed in each chapter. Read the syllabus in its entirety because it includes very specific information. Good luck!  

Comment # 130

Dear Future Students,

Most people think that since they are taking an online class the teacher is not very involved. Professor Varga makes sure that you get the help and answers that you need. I would advise you to read the syllabus and make sure you pay attention to the dates. For me, I set reminders on my phone on the days that the assignments opened. This helped me find time in my busy schedule to do the work. Make sure to do your reading. It may seem like a task but you learn so much and you don't even realize it. Seeing other students point of views throughout the semester was a fun experience as well. 

Comment # 131

My advice would be, make sure you stay on top of all your reading, watch the videos, and designate a time which you will dedicate to this course.  Since, this is not in a classroom setting; it is easy to leave things to the last minute and fall behind. If you read the chapter thoroughly you will get a 15/15 on your quizzes. Any questions you might have Prof. Varga is great about responding to your emails within 24 hours. Overall, it was a great class. I would definitely recommend it!


Comment # 132

My advice to future students would be to stay ahead. Don't let yourself fall behind because that's when online classes start becoming stressful. I also suggest thoroughly reading the chapters and highlighting everything important before even doing the discussion boards. Since they're due on Tuesday's, reading the whole chapter before allows you to not only be prepared for the discussion board, but your reversed response, and the quizzes. 


From Winter Intersession 2018

Comment # 133

I really enjoyed this class. The number one tip I would give future students is to make time to read the chapters before answering the discussion boards. And make sure you take light notes while you’re reading. What really helped me is choosing which discussion question to answer and reading that chapter first focusing on answering the discussion question. In overall this is a great class and I hope you enjoy yourself.

From Spring 2018

 Comment # 134

Advice to pass this class is to work on your time management skills. Create a schedule for this class and be prepared ahead of time for the discussion boards and quizzes. Try to avoid doing everything last minute in this class, and if you have questions about the discussion board topic you can message the teacher, he responds very quickly to students. 

Comment # 135

My advice for this class would be to not slack and do not try to take the easy way out of the assignments and quizzes! The discussion boards and quizzes require you to read the chapter to fully understand the subject, which is what I wish I did more! But overall, just stay on top of actually knowing the material. 

Comment # 136

Hello, to future students, my advice for you is, pay close attention to the syllabus, this is the key, for in this syllabus lies everything you need to understand for your Weekly discussions, and weekly replies, as well as the Primary Source Analysis. Print the syllabus out and keep it handy.

Pay close attention to your spelling, your grammar and word count, yes, it’s easy to do 200 words for the discussion and 150 words for the reply, push yourself to do more than the minimum.

I urge you for your own academics, to push yourself to do more, also pay close attention to the remarks made by Mr. Varga, and do your best to change your habits.

Mr. Varga‘s instructions will make you a better student, and help you later in your academic studies, ask questions. He has good advice, take it.

Take good notes while you’re watching the weekly videos, and reading the weekly chapters, challenge yourself to become a better student.

Finally, time management do not put off your work until the last hour of the week, set aside good time for you to study, this is not a typical online course, you need to dedicate yourself, and you will become a better student.

I know, I feel that I have become a better student after going through this course, this course teaches you better grammar, better English structure, and time management.

Comment # 137

It has been well over 40 years since I have taken a history class and although this class had it challenges with the amount of reading I found each chapter and video interesting. My advice for incoming students is to read the assigned material and follow all directions in the syllabus. Make sure you take the chapter tests and participate in both the initial discussion board post and the reply. The discussion boards are informative and many times you realized you were on the same page as other students and their perspective on the relevant chapter and videos. If you have any questions, problems, or issues during your course communicate with the professor.  Professor Varga will work with you in a respectful and professional manner to answer your questions or help resolve your particular issue and situation.

Thank you professor for your time, advice, kind words, and emotional support this semester.  Have a wonderful summer.

Comment # 138


My advice for this class is to plan ahead and make yourself a schedule which you should follow, do not wait until last minute or you will find yourself overwhelmed.

The course is  not hard but it is definitely a lot of reading. Also, don't think that having the book to take the quiz is an easy A. The questions are mostly comprehensive questions based on the chapter reading pay close attention and take notes. 

Comment # 139

Hello new students, my advice to you is to manage the time well to meet the deadlines and quizzes, do not leave for the last moment the discussions, take advantage of all the resources that the teacher gives. Read carefully the syllabus because in it the teacher explains all the necessary requirements for all activities. Professor Varga is an excellent instructor, he provides a lot of information and good advice to improve every time.

Comment # 140

Make sure that you carefully read the syllabus upon starting the class. There are specific requirements that are necessary to correctly format discussion boards. Professor Varga is a fair grader and makes it explicitly clear what he expects from you as students. It is also beneficial to take both of the weekly quizzes, even if you score high on your first attempt. As long as you follow the requirements, stay focused, and develop a schedule, you will do fine.

Comment # 141

Advice to future students:

Be sure to read through the entire syllabus. It contains vital information for completing the discussion boards and responses. Try not to procrastinate; the chapters are long. The due dates are the same each week, making it easier to come up with a weekly schedule. I liked to complete the discussion board responses before taking the weekly quizzes to help reinforce the information in the chapter. Do not wait until the last minute to do the essay. While the essay itself is not that long, the research may take you awhile. If you have questions, Professor Varga is quick to respond and offers good feedback. Good luck!

Comment # 142

For future students of this class, I would recommend taking the discussions seriously, as they are not only important for their own sake, but will also help you to understand the chapter better for the quizzes. I also recommend doing the discussions early, if possible with your schedule. Also, if you have questions, be sure to message Professor Varga. Lastly, I recommend having a designated and organized study and work space.

From Summer Session 2018

Comment # 143

My advice is to communicate with your teacher as much as possible. Having a strictly online class can have its disadvantages in the aspect that you are unable to raise your hand or stay after class to ask questions. The second you feel that you are struggling or are not fully understanding something send an email. Also, FULLY read the requirements of assignments, omitting pieces of a discussion or reply will deduct points and in a class such as this every point counts. 

Comment # 144

My advice for this class is to stay on task. The course is completely doable if you manage your time correctly. Don't push assignments to the last minute. Also, it is important to include all information in your discussion boards. As long as you provide a well written, insightful response with lots of evidence, you will get a good grade. Make sure to read the assigned chapters for the quizzes and really pay attention when reading. I suggest taking notes, as all of the quiz questions come from the book. Lastly, don't be afraid to email Professor Varga. He is very helpful and gets back to you very quickly. Good luck!

Comment # 145

This was a course that requires students to be on top of their game throughout. Time management is critical!! Over the five weeks (summer session), it was necessary to read fifteen chapters, view multiple videos, take 30 quizzes, engage in 10 discussion board threads (as well as 10 student replies), submit a primary source assignment (paper), and utilize a critical thinking mindset regarding the topics, people, and events that shaped United States history. This class was outstanding, but you have to keep up. Don’t fall behind! I found the writing exercises very valuable. There really isn’t a “right answer” to the posed question. You just have to choose a position then support it using evidence from the readings and videos. Professor Varga is encouraging yet demands excellence. He had a very quick turnaround regarding input on all discussion boards. He is also quite fair as he gives students a chance to take two quizzes per chapter and count the higher score while also allowing us to drop our three lowest quizzes during the course.  

Comment # 146

My advice is to read the syllabus very carefully. Always go back to the syllabus if you have any questions because there is always plenty of information there regarding what you are supposed to do for each assignment. This will guarantee you do every assignment properly.

Comment # 147

My advice to future students is to manage your time wisely and stay on task. If you do both of those things, this course will be smooth sailing for the short time that it takes. Follow directions and do all of the readings!

Comment # 148 

My advice is to stay on top of the homework because if not it will come back and get you. Read the syllabus to assure yourself of anything that might be due in the near future.

Comment # 149

My advice is to not be afraid to contact the teacher. Because the class is strictly online, you may feel disconnected with the instructor, but he is very understanding and kind. Put in the effort, do the readings, and try on the assignments. Make sure the read the textbook thoroughly and do not hold back on the discussion questions. More information is better than less.

Comment # 150

My advice for future students is to distribute the work out throughout the entire week. That way, you will not crack under pressure and miss easy questions on the quizzes. Also, make sure you read each chapter carefully, digesting all the information that is provided. Knowing everything that went on during each time period drastically helps when taking the quizzes as well as completing each discussion board. Good luck to all future students!

Comment # 151

My advice is to stay on top of your schedule. If you can keep your due dates in check, this class will be much easier than if you don't. When writing discussion boards, make an outline of topics you want to touch on in order to make sure you say everything you want to and don't leave out any important sections in the chapter. If you follow this advice, you will have a great class experience with Professor Varga!


Fall 2018 Semester: History 111 and History 112

Comment # 152

Following the format is key to avoid losing valuable points. Reading on the weekends is recommended when moving on to the next Chapter, since the discussion is due by the following Tuesday. This will help save a lot of time for quizzes and responses.

Comment # 153

Definitely read the chapters, the quizzes are based on them. Follow all the requirements on the discussion boards to get the full points. Time management is important. Don 't fall behind in the reading.  

Comment # 154

In regard to taking this class online, I suggest to future students to manage their time wisely. Space out the days in which you turn in everything. Read the syllabus in detail because its good to stay ahead and not mount up all the work for the last day. I noticed when I spaced out the days in which I did quizzes and days I did my discussions I would do better because I only focused on one thing. Biggest thing is don't give up, keep trying and eventually it'll work out.

Comment # 155

I learned more from this history class than any other I have taken.  Make sure you read and re-read the syllabus.  Everything you need to know about the course is on it.  Professor Varga responds to emails quickly and will give you challenges and hints to help you become successful in his class. He treats you as adults and not like a  child.  I thoroughly enjoyed participating in all the Discussions.  Be ready to learn

Comment # 156

I learned so much in this class! At first I was a little intimidated because it was my first online class and I've never really liked history, but I have to say this class changed that.The way the discussion boards are set up makes you really engage yourself not only in the readings but having to negate or defend something really helped me learn . As long as you don't procrastinate and follow the syllabus you will not only succeed in this class but you will gain a lot of knowledge . 

Comment # 157

This class was great. This was my first online class and he made it a wonderful experience. It was a great way to learn about history and I really enjoyed the topics in the discussion boards. It helped you to really think about what you are reading. Professor Varga is great at responding to e-mails and answering any questions you have. Make sure you read and follow your syllabus. Professor Varga sets out a pretty simple way to keep up with the class i.e. original post by a certain day and quiz and response is due by another day. This helps to keep you on track. He also helps give you tips and recommendations defiantly utilize them. He truly wants to see you succeed as long as you are putting in the work. Just make sure to get things done and turned in on time. I would recommend his class to anyone who is looking to take history or even history online. He makes the online experience very simple. Thanks for a great semester Professor.  

Comment #158

Not an easy class but if you follow the instructions you should do well. Need to do the readings, in detail,  or you won't do well on the quizzes. Lots of writing but you have plenty of time if you follow the timeline in the syllabus. Clear instructions, very fair grading, great communication from Prof Varga. I do recommend this class. 

Comment # 159

Thank you very much, professor. I have honestly learned so much this semester. For future students, do not wait until the last minute for any of the assignments. You need to stay on top of your reading and the videos. If you truly put your best into it, you'll get the results you are seeking. Professor Varga grades fairly. READ YOUR SYLLABUS! I cannot emphasize that enough! All of the information you really need is in there. How your discussion boards should be written, how your replies to another classmate should be written, deadlines, etc. When responding to a post, try and reply to a classmate that had a different perspective than you. I found seeing someone else's side of the argument would sway me, occasionally, and it actually helped me to understand the topic a little better. If you are thorough and validate your arguments, you'll get a good grade. If you just throw your post together last minute with no thought, you'll get a lower grade. Be prepared to work hard. You'll learn a lot. Good luck! 

Comment # 160

Thank you for your critiquing. I will say that you are one of the hardest teachers I have had this semester but I learned a lot. I know now that I need to follow the syllabus in class because it is easy to miss something. I also learned a lot about history that I did not know  and it made think  lot. I enjoyed the debating discussions boards that you had and how organized you are when pertaining to the work that needed to be done. I hate taking online classes because a lot of professors do not have it as organized as you do. So I really appreciated that. Thank you hope you have a great Christmas.

Comment # 161

Quite honestly, be ready to read! And, I don't just mean skimming though the chapters. However, the book the Professor Varga has chosen for his class has got to be the most real history book that I have ever read. This wasn't my first history class, but I can truly say I have learned more about these events in this semester than ever before. The book doesn't sugar coat events, and reveals them in their true light, and really isn't so terrible to read. So, if you're like me and hate reading text books, break it down and read 5-7 pages a day comprehensively, and you'll do just fine. (Some days, you'll even want to read more so you can find out what happened!)

Secondly, don't be afraid to express what you really think in the discussion boards. (And most definitely participate in them fully! They help your grade so much for contributing well.) Some of the topics can seem like they have a right or wrong answer, but by providing what you think, the most interesting discussions happen. 

Finally, Professor Varga was very communicative, so don't be afraid to ask questions! The semester taught me so much about events that you most likely have some kind of idea about, and if you apply yourself and participate, you will certainly learn a lot and enjoy it as well!

Bonus tip, read the discussion topic while doing the reading! Doing so will help you keep an eye out for points that argue either side of the discussion question. When said and done, you'll have notes (and page numbers!) to cite for either argument, as well as have a counter argument for your reply post!

Comment # 162

My advice to students taking this class is to first read the syllabus, you'll end up going through it all semester long, it has everything you need to know. Second, create a schedule that will allow you to organize your time for reading, posts, and quizzes. There is no going around the reading, so be prepared to read and learn about the importance of each chapter. I've learned that the little details you expect to not be mentioned are the most important so take notes. Pay close attention to the discussion board topics and what is wanted out of it. Make sure to reread your writing before posting it. If points are deducted in your thread because a certain person or act was not mentioned, place that information in your reply. Don't focus on the minimum word count, just keep writing as much information as you can to prove your point! Also, remember that it's an online class and you'll have the temptation to procrastinate, don't. The faster you finish the work, the faster you can move on to something else. 

Comment # 163

This is one of the harder online classes I've taken, but it feels good to know you truly earned your grade based on the effort you put into the assignments. In order to succeed in the class, pay close attention to the readings. Sometime the smaller details you overlook are key to the quizzes and discussions. If you miss any key points in the original discussion posts, Professor Varga will let you know and you can use his feedback for the response to get a better score. I would also recommend reading the weekly wrap-up/introductions as I found it helpful in my discussions. Always attempt both quizzes for each chapter. On several occasion I did much better on one over the other and processor Varga keeps the highest score for each chapter. Everything you need to succeed is in the syllabus. Just read it, understand it and follow it.

Winter 2019

Comment # 164

Dear History 111 Student,

I took History 111 during winter intercession. There is so much rich content to contemplate I regret not having had the opportunity to take a full sixteen-week semester. Personally, I work and take care of my family, so I had to be very intentionally about how to divvy up my time to meet my personal and academic responsibilities. I am not a fast reader and the writing style of the required textbook was sometimes difficult for me to comprehend. The quizzes are based primarily from the textbook reading. The writing component requires both textbook and video analysis.

My suggestions to create room for success in this class are:

  • Practice critical and analytical reading skills
    • Summarize each paragraph, if necessary
  • Work at analytical writing skills
    • Learn to “flip” an argument
  • Adopt effective time management skills
    • Print out the Canvas calendar with due dates
    • Map out specific and reasonable tasks to complete the assignments before deadlines
    • Learn to be both flexible and rigid (continue adjusting the schedule until it works)
  • Develop an eye for detail
    • Follow the instructions to the letter
  • Become a detective
    • Read Professor Varga’s opening remarks for each unit
    • Create an outline of what to look for
  • Communicate with Professor Varga, he is very responsive and a great resource
  • Stand up to the challenge
  • Embrace the life lessons

History 111 with Professor Varga has been the most challenging and rewarding course I have taken in my college career, thus far.

I wish you an amazing semester.

Comment # 165

My one and only piece of advice is to actually read every single word of the textbook and take detailed notes as you read to help you during the quizzes! I don’t think it is possible to be successful in this course if you do not spend at least 5 hours reading (for three chapters) and taking notes for the week’s assignments. Also, don’t leave stuff for the last minute because every discussion board and assignment took me at least an hour, especially with all of the citations the assignment required for both the entry and responses.

Comment # 166

Dear History 111 Student,

My advice to you is to really take your time in reading each chapters, just because it's an online class that works at your pace I strongly encourage you to keep up with reading assignments, quizzes and the discussions board. Take notes if you have too, try to understand each chapter carefully it's a lot of reading. On each discussion boards, make sure to include statements that support your theory, just remember  there is no right or wrong for your opinion. I strongly encourage you to not leave anything last minute it will just make this class much harder on you. Just keep up with reading and all your assignments and you will be good and pass the class.  

Comment # 167

Dear History 111 Student,

Make sure that you give enough time for yourself to do all the assigned readings, discussions, and quizzes. Do not wait until the last day to do the discussions because they take some time to do. It took me about an hour each to finish it because it took me awhile to find evidence that supported my opinion. If it helps, the day the discussion prompt is up, take a look at it so that you know what you need to look for and take notes about it. Since this is an online class, it is easy to forget about an assignment and push it for the last day. If you do that, then the class will become harder than what it is. Always put effort into all of the writing assignments!


Comment # 168


Dear Future History student

This class will keep you hopping and some days you might feel a bit challenged in keeping up.  Your patience and perseverance will be rewarded.  There's so many people ahead of me that have already made great points (read the book, follow the syllabus, put in your best effort, give yourself time, etc).  My additions to that:

1.  I found it helped to review the assignment before reading the chapter (or -- reviewing the text again if I read ahead) and also found watching the videos before reading  the chapter to be helpful. This helped me take notes on what I was going to use on discussions/responses - and helped me understand the content much better.

2. Really understand Prof Varga's comments on your discussion/response submissions - what could have been included, etc.  It helped guide me to better submissions (and better scores) on future discussions.

Comment # 169

To future History 111 students,

Taking this course over the winter was definitely a bit challenging. I'm sure spring or fall semesters are no exception. In order to succeed in this course, you have to read the material. There are a lot of pages to read and various other assignments you have to complete simultaneously so be prepared! Stay on top of your assignments and try to get ahead as much as possible. Do not procrastinate! That would be the best piece of advice I have regarding the class. If you procrastinate, you will not be able to finish your assignments by the due date- do not even try or think you are an exception. Put some effort into your discussion boards because if you do the bare minimum, you will not get the grade you may want. Support all your claims and claims made about the topic in the book in order to get a decent grade. Best of luck and be ready to learn!


Spring 2019-History 111 and 112

Comment # 170

My advice to future students would be to follow the expectations and requirements of the class and you will do great! The syllabus provides you with all of the information you will need for DB post, replies, quizzes and unit discussion points and requirements. It is crucial to read and watch the provided videos for the weekly posts and I highly recommend taking notes as you go because that will greatly help you for the quizzes! Professor Varga is very good at responding to emails shall you have any questions and gives great feedback on your work. I was never really interested in history but the way the book is written and the thoughts the discussion posts provoke made this class very interesting and intriguing. Stay on task and you guys will do amazing and learn some stuff along the way!

Summer Intersession 2019-History 111

Comment # 171

My advice to future students is to be organized and prepared for the summer course. Being that a 15/16 week course is crammed into 5 weeks, things go very quickly! What I found most helpful was to look at how my week was on the Sunday before the week and map out what I would do each day depending on my time frame.  Another thing is there is a lot of reading in this course. Being that it is an online class it is your responsibility to keep up and actually understand what you are reading. My advice for this aspect of the class is to highlight when reading and take notes as well! I would read the entire chapter and highlight and then come back and take notes on my computer for each chapter. This helped so much when taking writing the discussion posts and taking the quiz!! With notes being on the laptop, you don't need to scroll through everything - you can just "command F" and search for a keyword! Lastly, make sure you refer back to the syllabus often to make sure you hit all the needed points for the discussion board posts or what is needed in the UDA. Overall, I actually really enjoyed this class and felt that I learned way more than being in an in-person class setting. If you put the effort into the short 5 weeks, it'll be over so quickly! Thank you, Professor Varga, for a wonderful class! 

Comment # 172

This class is not an easy, laid back course. Do not expect an A, thinking you automatically deserve it just for being enrolled. It is definitely a course where you earn your grade. I took the summer 5 week session of this course and had many late nights reading the text, watching videos and writing discussion boards. But all my hard work paid off. Reading the text definitely showed in my quiz scores. It also allowed me to spend less time flipping through the pages of the textbook during the quiz, I knew the answers already. Reading also prepared me to respond to all the discussion board prompts as I was familiar with all the prompts. The videos are a must watch. Not only do you have to watch the material to cite it in the discussion board but the videos give different insights and stories that the text does not have. I actually enjoyed watching the videos. The one piece of advice I have for this class is to set aside time to solely work on this class. Because it does require a lot of time and undivided attention. Knowing that you must set aside one to two hours a day for this course, you will have no problems. I realize everything I wrote sounds a little daunting but I had a 8-5 job 5 days a week and still turned in every assignment on time and passed the class. It is definitely achievable, but something you must work for.

Comment # 173

Advice for Future Students: 

One of the biggest pieces of advice I can give you to succeed in this class is to have time management and creating a schedule plan. As each new week brings 2-3 Chapters, it’s important to have a schedule of getting things done on time and done with your best effort. This is the schedule I used for this class: 

Monday- Read first chapter and finish 1st Discussion Board 

Tuesday- Read second/third chapters

Wednesday- Finish all quizzes 

Thursday- Break

Friday- Finish last discussion board 


Comment # 174

This  class is very fast paced and you have to have a schedule of when to do your homework. The work is not hard, but there is a lot of it and you must manage your time wisely. As I read the chapters, I created a Google Doc and wrote down important key words/page numbers which really helped me on the quizzes. For discussion boards, I would skim the chapter but thoroughly read the sections I needed for the prompt. Totally doable, good luck!

Comment #175

My advice for students who take this class is definitely not procrastinate and read the book thoroughly. By not leaving it till the day it’s due and actually starting the work ahead of time, this class is much more stress free and doable. By actually putting in effort and being invested in the work, success in this class is achievable. 


Comment # 176

My advice for future students is to clear your schedule. This course requires a lot of hard work and dedication.  You need to manage your time wisely when taking this course and be aware of all of the due dates. If you have any questions, never be afraid to ask them. The professor wants you to succeed and is very willing to help you understand the concepts better. The only way to succeed in this course is by purchasing the textbook and actually using it. The amount of work may seem overwhelming, at times, especially if you take another class simultaneously. However, you can do it as long as you manage your time and remain dedicated. A helpful tip: get a calendar or planner and write down the days you plan to do the assignment and in parenthesis write down the due date. This helped me stay on track for both of my classes and was extremely helpful so that my assignments that were due on the same day would not get cluttered up. Lastly, it is possible to receive an A in this class, if that is your goal, as long as you work hard. An important thing to remember is that the important thing you will take away is the content and a grade is just a grade.  I wish you luck on this course and on all of your future academic endeavors. 

Fall 2019

Comment # 177

Read the textbook and watch all of the videos given to you. Make sure to do all of your work and check the announcements every day. Doing all four of these things will guarantee you to pass. 

Comment # 178

Don't pick just one element of the subject as evidence in your discussion board stances. Tying in multiple factors/examples for your argument (which can all be found in the textbook and videos) can be the difference between 22/25 and 25/25. 

Comment # 179

1. Review the syllabus! It details what is expected in the discussion post, weekly quizzes, and other writing assignments.

2. Watch the chapter videos and read over chapter material.

3. Follow directions-be aware of due dates.

4. Read feedback from JV.

5. Take advantage of the two quiz opportunity

Comment # 180

For students who will take the online history class 111 with Professor John Varga, I recommend that you read the syllabus very well, follow and understand everything he says there to obtain as many points as possible. Another element that is very important and that must be done with time are the discussion boards since for these you have to read and analyze a chapter of the book and hence agree or deny the statement that the professor indicated. The project and the analysis of the units must also be analyzed with a lot of time since they have a lot of value in the final grade. For the exams in each chapter I recommend that you read and understand the subject well so that you can answer the questions well. Hopefully my advice will help you to get the grade you want.

Comment # 181

Make sure you get your required materials on time, watch the videos, read the discussions and make sure to get everything turned in on time. Make sure to take the two quizzes it could really help with your grade. Doing these few things could help you stay on track. 

Comment # 182

Hi Future Student, 

I hope you come to this class ready to learn, it has been an incredible learning journey. When you do your discussions make sure to meet the word count requirements  and reference a video and the book reference as well. Make sure to cover all the important parts in order to get full credit.

Comment # 183

Hello all!

Undoubtedly, the history class is better with Professor John Varga, since if we meet the necessary requirements and we follow the rules he gives us, it is almost certain to get most of the points in each assignment. You'll see yourself improving with each of the discussions. The discipline and order that this class requires helps us in the sense of studies and personal as well,  since I took history with him, I became more organized with my tasks without leaving everything at the end.  If you take this class you will not regret it, good luck!

Comment# 184

Dear future students,

Taking this class with Professor Varga was definitely a good choice. Even thought it was an online class, I still felt like I learned a lot. If you do the work and and put some effort into each discussion post, you will receive a passing grade. It is a lot of reading and writing, but that is where you learn all the material. Definitely a fun and interesting class!

Comment # 185

Future Students,

Keeping a schedule and sticking to it is what got me through this semester fairly painlessly. Online classes can be tough, and it is so easy to miss deadlines, so having a set time during the week to work on online assignments really keeps you on track. And, though this is fairly obvious, actually taking the time to read the chapters and watch through all the videos provides you with more than sufficient context to complete the assignments. I found it very easy to meet (or in most cases greatly surpass) the minimum word requirement for these assignments.

tldr; set aside enough time in your schedule to complete the course work and stick to it. That will make this class a breeze.  Also, cite everything :)

Comment # 186

Hello Future Student,

take this advice and you'll get an A in this class. The first thing you should know is, John Varga is a great Professor, he provides feedback on all of your assignments and his discussions cover (in my opinion) the most important events in US history. The next thing you should know is that you will learn a lot about U.S. history. With that being said, this class is not hard, just get the book, do the reading (which is not much), and write a discussion post on the topic he assigns. Learn to break the reading into different days and take notes so you don't have to do all the reading in one day, this is probably the best advice you can get for this class. Just make sure to type the discussions in his format with one quote from the chapter, and one quote from the assigned videos. I genuinely feel grateful for taking this class because I learned so much about US history and I enjoyed it in the process. Thank you, Professor Varga, for what you do.

Winter 2020

Comment # 187

At first I wasn't sure what I got myself into. I've been out of college for 8 yrs. and this class was my first class I jumped back into not to mention it's during a winter session. This class started to grow on me. Best advice I can give is read the advice from others it's very helpful. Read the syllabus it's all spelled out for you. Pay attention to details. This class is very organized. Make sure to read read read and don't procrastinate. It's a lot of work, but possible. If you feel like giving up don't keep pushing you can do it. Best of luck! 

Comment # 188

The best advice I can give to any new students is to manage your time. During the winter intersession, I was taking two online classes which gave a tremendous amount of work. I had to plan each day on what I had to do, Monday to Wednesday for one class and Thursday to Saturday was for the other class. Having a schedule helps a lot and I would recommend it to anyone, it keeps you organized helps you not procrastinate. Good Luck!

Comment # 189

I’ve never been good at history so I was a cared to take this class at first. However, the assignments are really easy as long as you read the book and watch the videos. Reading is a must! Or else you won’t understand the discussions and have a hard time doing quizzes. You get two chances at each chapter quiz so don’t panic if you don’t do good on the first one, just try harder on the second one. Make sure you mange your time, these discussion boards aren’t meant to be done last minute if you want a good grade and as long as you do all the requirements you’ll be okay. If you leave out one requirement for the discussions it will effect you so don’t try to take the easy way out! Time management is important especially if you take this class over winter or summer like I did. It’ll seem like a lot at first but you’ll get the hang of it. Make sure you give yourself enough time for this class as well as your other classes. The only big things are the unit discussions and primary source but examples are provided and they really help a lot so don’t hesitate to check those out! Good luck!

Comment # 190

I am not the best history student, it has never been a subject I was good at but this class really helps and is very interesting from the questions you answer from the discussion boards and the videos provided are very interesting. The best advice I can give to the future class is to READ the syllabus, the discussion boards may seem difficult but they are pretty straight forward. The Quizzes are from the textbook as long as you read it you will be fine. Also be attentive to the due dates because not everything is due at one time. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE! 

Comment # 191

At first glance, this class seemed like it was going to be too much for my current schedule. After the first two weeks, I was stress-free. I set a specific time everyday to work on this class and it went by in a breeze. Just don't procrastinate, put forth effort and this class will be very easy.  The word requirements are intimidating but easily doable if your mind is set on the assignment. Overall, don't let this class intimidate you, its very doable if you want it.

Comment # 192

I was nervous going into this winter session course since it did continue into my semester at my university. That being said, READ THE SYLLABUS! It clearly states all the information you need to know assignments, grading, and expectations. This class was very enjoyable and as long as you know how to follow directions you should not have to worry. 

Comment # 193

Best advice I can give to students is as along as you do the work and follow the requirement you’ll be fine. But also time management. This winter I had 6 classes. It was very stressful but I manage to divide my attention for each class in different time periods of the week. And while having a baby is even more pressure but if you don’t think about it it’s really not that hard. 

Comment # 194

My advice to future students is to first READ THE SYLLABUS, then read it again, in fact print it out so you can reference it over and over. Don't procrastinate on the reading, manage your free time and you'll be golden. I work full-time, and I'm a mom, so spare time is limited. I found that by managing my time off by cutting out simple things like TV, and endless scrolling on my phone, I freed up plenty of time to devote to this class. The discussion boards are really helpful to the learning process and by flipping your point on replies, it helps to understand that History can be debated from several points of view. 

 Thank you professor Varga for another voyage into the past. Even though I missed not having your captivating lectures, the videos provided were very helpful to clarify the "bigger picture" and complimented the book really well.

Comment # 195


Just wanted to thank you for this Winter term class. It was the perfect blend between challenging and attainable. You did a lovely job pushing the class to learn and yet I wasn't stressed about it. This has been one of my favorite history classes I've taken. Thank you so much for letting us not do discussion 10, and thank you so much for giving us your time and knowledge over the course of this class. 

Comment # 196

Thank you Professor Varga for the knowledge gained in this class and for the feedback In each discussion it was very helpful. My advice to future students is to read, read, read and take notes. There are no shortcuts. Make sure to read over the syllabus. If you follow the syllabus to the T you should be fine in this class. Best of luck to you all. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

Comment # 197

I have never been good at history, but this class was something that grew on me positively. I enjoyed it a lot and the resources given to me were a really big help for me to do better. My advice for future students is to pay attention to the syllabus and pay attention to detail on your work. Always keep up with the modules as it can be tricky trying to be ahead. Also, try not to do the minimum, always aim for the opportunities to get a higher grade that Professor Vargas lets you do. Thank you for the opportunity to be in this class!

Summer Intersession 2020

Comment # 198

Thank you so much! This class was a challenging but enjoyable experience. I'd advise future students to finish as many assignments as they can at the beginning of the week, especially if you're taking multiple classes at once. You don't want to have to do all of the quizzes plus the second discussion board thread and reply on Friday: it just creates stress, especially if you're slow with putting your thoughts into writing.

Comment # 199

In this class I recommend not putting in any half effort. Reading the textbook and meeting the requirements for the assignments is crucial. And throughout the weeks, the syllabus is extremely helpful in answering all questions about assignments and the class itself. In discussion boards, do not be vague and use direct evidence to what point you are making. The more evidence the better. I also recommend not waiting till the last day that the assignments are due, if you do them the day they are released and keep on schedule with completing them you will not be overwhelmed. This class will fly by-good luck!

Comment # 200

For future students, many assignments may seem challenging or impossible but you just need to get through it because it will be worth it in the end! I learned so much from this class. Thank you Mr. Varga!!

Comment # 201

Thank you, professor! This class was very challenging but I can say confidently that after this class I'm no longer as intimidated by writing. History contexts are very difficult for me to understand. That being said my advice to future students is one: READ THE SYLLABUS AND READ THE FORMER CLASS ADVICES. read the syllabus 3 times and go back to it every week. plan out your weeks and schedule time to do the project as soon as possible the weeks really fly by.  second: get the book asap and get started on reading asap. take the quizzes as you read the chapters. Third: look at the discussion topics provided and what chapters they pertain to, so as you are reading the chapters you can take notes for your discussion and reply the more notes and "evidence" the me. Fourth: look up the definition of words you do not know, it helps really grasp the reading. Also, look up videos and other online credible resources to help understand the material it is very important to understand it. This class takes a lot of time and definitely manageable but only with good time management. This class needs youre120% of focus and effort. This is from somebody who really did not like history/writing and has not taken a history course in over 6 years. This class was challenging but also rewarding, you will feel possibly unbeatable after this class! I know I did. 

Comment # 202

Professor Varga,

Thank you for an educational and insightful five weeks. This class taught me a lot.

Future Students,

1. Read the syllabus a few times and make yourself familiar with the due dates.

2. Read through as much of the advice section as possible (I know it is a lot of reading, but it will really help you). 

3. Start reading the books as soon as you get them. 

4. Pay attention to all the details in the book (take notes if it helps your alertness).

5. Strive to exceed the requirements for the discussion boards (write more than the minimum amount of words, include more than one citation from the text and video).

6. Address any faulty reasoning that the person you are responding to wrote.

7. Watch the videos carefully and look for any quotes that would help you discussion board argument.

8. Take the quiz after the discussion board and the videos.

9. Review the book before you take the quiz.

10. Ask for help if you need it.

11. Pace yourself and work ahead if possible.

12. Start the Primary Source Analysis far in advance. 

13. Flip your argument.

14. Talk to peers and friends that are in the same class. 

15. Reference the book when writing your discussion board and include all the information you believe is relevant. 

Comment # 203

Professor Varga,

Thank you for this eyeopening and learning experience. The feedback you gave for each discussion board, for the Unit discussion, and the PSA assignment made me realize how important it is to take better notes. I appreciate this course as it made me realize how much the history of this country is still impacting the issues America is dealing with today and how much the actions taken from the exploration period in the late 1400's forward had impacted us and the way we are still divided today. 

This course was challenging, demanding, and with its accelerated pace made it harder, but it was manageable. My advice for future students especially those taking the summer or winter course:

1. Time management is key. Keep a calendar and keep deadlines at the forefront. When the assignments are due, there is no leeway. 

2. Read the syllabus each week so you know what is due and any information you should be noting. 

3. Read the textbook as it is essential to each assignment and to each quiz.

4. Watch each video assigned, it helps pull the reading assignments together.

5. Take notes when you read the textbook as well as when you watch assigned videos. 

6. Keep a timeline as it helps when you are writing your discussion boards and with the unit discussion/s and PSA assignment. 

7. Read the assignments for the week or before you complete the reading and watch the videos because it helps to focus on information you will need for the assignments. 

Good luck to you all! 

Thank you again! and current students, it was nice learning with you. Stay safe!


Fall 2020

History 240

Comment #204

Hello Everyone,

My experience taking History 240 with Professor Varga has been a true pleasure. I have learned so much about Latin American history that I now feel relatively versed in the subject. As someone who truly enjoys history of all cultures and all time periods I felt that Professor Varga not only knew what he was teaching but had the same passion as I do. As long as you actually read the chapters and cover the material to show an overall understanding of the material you will do great in his class. He keeps the workload very respectable as to not overload the students but also to make sure that they are learning. My suggestions for his course is to go above the minimum word count as it is hard to show your understanding in only 200 words. As well as do not think that you can just get away with trying to get one over on him he truly knows his stuff and what is at the minimum expected from his students. As I stated before the class was a pleasure and I feel Professor Varga was a great teacher. Thank you for a great semester.

Comments # 205

Hello Everyone,


This has truly been a great class and a pleasure to take. The learning experience has been wonderful and has motivated me on a personal level. This history class on Latin America, gave me so much depth and broad understanding on the subject. Professor Varga has been a true professor, teacher, mentor throughout the course. The selected text for the class is highly informative with a great breakdown of details on the subject and standpoints, plus the lecture videos. From my perspective, the discussion posts and analysis have become the most effective way of learning, reasoning, and use of logic on the topics. With each discussion post and reading other classmates' discussion posts, created an environment of understanding of the classmates, even in these tough virtual times, where we lose a little of the human interaction. Professor Varga takes his time to read through each of the discussions and gives you concrete and objective feedback, in which he always pushes and inspires you to further improvement. This class exceeded my expectations and became indeed my favorite history class and would absolutely take again. There is no right or wrong, there is understanding, facts, and perspective on the matter, as long as you read the book and support your statements with factual evidence. Learning is a beautiful thing, and I guarantee you that Professor Varga will assure you of that and give you all the tools needed to accomplish everything in the course and for future endeavors. If you are ready to learn, this is the class for you.

Thank you for a wonderful semester!!


Comment # 206

Hello Everyone, 

Taking Professor Varga's Latin American Civilization class has been an absolute pleasure. The textbook chosen is thorough and easy to follow and the lecture videos are supplemental, adding to the understanding of some complex topics mentioned in the textbook. The previous week wrap up/ upcoming week introduction announcements sent out by Professor Varga are also a great source of information! Not only has Professor Varga taken the time to set a clear, easy to follow and easy to manage schedule for the class, but he also has taken the time to respond to each post students submit and offer constructive feedback on how we could improve or why we succeeded. Even during times of virtual learning when there is a lack of relationship building, I felt that professor Varga took interest in his students' wellbeing and success in his class and their future.

My suggestion for future students who follow the discussion board online class structure is to get a head start on the next week's material. Using the free time of the weekend to my advantage, I would read/watch the material for the upcoming week and then when the discussion boards opened on Mondays I was prepared to compose my post and later in the week my response. The word count minimum is very easy to meet, but I urge future students to go above this minimum. The more evidence you provide for your argument the more believable it will be and the more you will actually comprehend the content enabling you to compose your response to another student with ease. Professor Varga's suggestion to 'flip" your argument during these discussion boards was also a fun challenge to see if you comprehended the material enough to argue both sides, I highly suggest taking up this challenge.

Wishing you well in your upcoming semesters,


Comment # 207

Hello Everyone!

Taking History 240 with Professor Varga has been one of the highlights of my academic career. The world has been in a spiral of chaos all throughout the year 2020, and it is very difficult to be a student during this time. I often fell short in school work and motivation to continue, but this class has been one of the few classes that I have enjoyed and looked forward to every week. Professor Varga is an understanding and involved professor who offers excellent insight and advice, for he responds and engages with each of his students and their postings while also posting updates every week. During this era of time, Professor Varga is one of the few teachers that did not sit by idly, but rather took the time to care for and tend to his students and their education. I am truly thankful for this professor and his class, and his method of teaching and managing work has inspired me and my own plans as a history teacher/professor in the future.

My main advice for future students that helped me manage the work in this class is to do the readings first and then watch the assigned videos. Professor Varga divides this class into weekly discussion boards and unit analyses. Doing the reading first, in my own experience, helps me grasp the subject matter, and then watching the videos after affirms my knowledge and understanding of the topic. It may also help to read the discussion board prompts first before engaging in the material, so one may know what to look for and understand in each chapter. It is a manageable class, and if you have any questions Professor Varga responds promptly.

FALL 2020 History 111 and 112

Comment # 208

The best advice I can give to any students taking an online course is to manage your time and check your student emails often. Managing your time is very important because if you are not careful about due dates you can be swamped with homework. So , by that being said if your swamped you will miss a lot of important information. This class is not an easy class like I thought it would be. Just because it is online doesn't mean you can skate through. Professor Vargas makes the class as easy as possible. Follow his syllabus  and everything he ask for. Follow instructions very carefully!  Take time to study and you will do just fine! Professor Vargas is always open to questions and willing to help his students! So, do not hesitate emailing him. He is very good at explaining anything very clearly.  This class is a lot of work, so just make a schedule , stick to it and ask questions!

Comment # 209

Thank you, Professor Varga for a wonderful semester! 

The best advice I can give regarding this class is to read the syllabus! Professor Varga outlines everything he expects regarding the weekly posts, the replies, and the quizzes so make sure you follow all of the requirements. The work for this class can seem intimidating, but Professor Varga is there to answer emails so don’t hesitate to ask him questions. He does a wonderful job in making sure he answers any questions his students may have and, in my experience, he is one of the only professors who respond in a timely manner. He also leaves helpful feedback on your work so make sure you read it. It’s super important to really read the required chapters and take notes to understand the information presented in the quizzes. This class isn’t easy, but you can do it. Good luck!

Comment # 210

I advise you to really annotate the textbook chapter each week. Not only will it help you write a complete Discussion Board post, but it will also help in the quizzes. Read the syllabus to know everything, and check it before you email the professor or get worried about something.

I'd also recommend doing your best on the Discussion Board posts and quizzes despite the generous drop of your 3 lowest scores on both. It is a nice luxury that Profesor Varga gives you, but don't waste it by not doing the work for one week because you are tired. I only had one very low score on the Discussion Board post one week, and that was because I submitted both the post and reply the same day. It is very clear in the syllabus not to do that, so remember not to. Due to only "using up" one of these dropped scores, I could relax a bit more during the end of the semester and could focus more time on my other classes. Professor Varga is really good at answering emails in a prompt and informative way, so ask questions if you need to.

Finally, I recommend looking at the notes Professor Varga leaves you after he has graded each Discussion Post. Find where the topics that he wanted you to add are in the chapter, and add more from that part of the next chapter in your next Discussion Board post.

Comment # 211

My advice to succeed in this class. Read the syllabus then go back and read it again. Professor Varga is very detailed and expects quality work. The textbook is very thorough and provides a majority of the information for this class. Time management and good analysis skills go a long way in this class. Be sure to ask for help early to get a grasp of what is needed for maximum success. 

Comment # 212

Professor Varga,

Thank you for the direction and communication through this semester. I chose to take History 112 with you after taking your 111 class because your expectations and requirements are clear and pretty easy to follow. History has never been my favorite class, but I have been able to get a good grade in this class. As long as the student reads the syllabus, follows the instructions and reads the book, they should be just fine in this class. 

Happy Holidays!

Comment # 213

Hi Professor Varga, 

As you already know, history is not my strongest subject.  I just wanted to let you know that I was able to balance this class with my clinical rotation in the MLT program thanks to your very detailed syllabus.  I took History 111 with you as well and I just really like how you designed these online classes.  You really set us up for success with the detailed objectives and rubrics.  As many students have said previously, constantly refer back to the syllabus, read announcements and emails, and most importantly, don't procrastinate and you should do great!  Thanks for a great semester!

Comment # 214


Professor Varga,

I truly thank you for an amazing class. I truly struggle with history and it definitely isn’t my favorite subject but you really helped me understand it more clearly and allowed me to build myself up stronger in discussions. Taking this class made me understand how important time management is and how crucial it is to really read and understand the context of your text and assignments. Taking this class was a pleasure and I have high hopes for other students who may attend this class. Thank you Professor Varga for a great class!


Comment # 215

Professor Varga,

Thank you for simple communication and syllabus that explains how everything work.  It was nice to learn something new about history and look at it from different from view ( I am international student ), feedbacks helped a lot to improve my writing and I appreciate every comment on our discussion board. For future students I will say, that they get to know syllabus,  understand and read books, and finally to not be afraid to ask questions ! 

 Thank you Professor Varga!!!


Comment # 216

Professor Varga,

Thank you for a great semester! It’s easy for me to lose focus in history simply because there is so much information and specific details to memorize. I feel like the assignments in your class have really helped me retain that essential information. It definitely helped the semester move much more smoothly! I really appreciate everything you’ve done for us. Whenever I had a question, you’d get back incredibly fast — which was honestly a huge relief! 

Thank you again, Professor. Happy Holidays!

Comment # 217

My advice for future students would be that time management is key. The discussion boards can be a lot of work, but that means you’re putting in the right amount of effort. It’s easy to slack off on any assignment especially when it seems like a lot of information to go through. You NEED to read the chapters, it may seem overwhelming at first but it saves so much stress and time when it comes to the discussion posts. I’d also recommend looking at it as a great study tool for quizzes. Normally I’m not a great quiz-taker but reading and writing about the chapters really helped me retain the information. Good luck, you’ve got this!

Winter Intersession 2021-History 111

Comment # 218

Advice for History 111 Students,

1, Read through the syllabus twice, all of the information you need to be successful is there.

2, I recommend taking this class in the Spring or Fall semester.  If you decide to take this class in Winter or Summer, please keep in mind that you will have to read 3 to 4 chapters Each Week !  You will also have 2 discussions and 3 quizzes each week. 

3, You Must read the chapters of the textbook, you cannot skim through them.  The questions on the quizzes are specifically related to the textbook, google will not help you pass a quiz.


Comment # 219

Advice for Future History Students 111:

1.  Keep up on the readings.

2. Read the syllabus, everything is detailed in the syllabus.

3. Take all points in consideration, they do add up.

4. Read the directions before posting in the discussion boards, take my experience I did not read thoroughly and it was stated not to talk about certain topics, if discussed it would result in a zero.  This happened to me, so read directions.

5. Be patient in your responses and provide details.


Comment # 220


Have an intention to investigate before reading (Think about the discussion questions)

Keep in mind key terms and objectives prior to reading the chapters.

Take notes and pull citations as you read.

Save your drafts, in case of technical difficulties.

Throughly read the chapter, skimming isn't enough.

Read the syllabus and assignments multiple times before you start the work.

DON'T BE AFARID TO ASK FOR ADVICE, GUIDANCE OR FEEDBACK if you feel you don't understand something.

This class if taken during Winter semester can be quite challenging because it is a lot of information and work in a small period of time. If possible, I would only take this class by itself to be able to focus on it. It's at least a few hours a day of work (for me). Time management is very important. 

Critical thinking is essential, you will be memorizing information for quizzes, but investigating and discerning is most important in order to succeed with the discussion boards.

Collect information for both sides of an argument. It will help for reply threads. 

Comment # 221

Advice for future History 111 students:

-Keep up with all of the readings. It takes a bit of time to read through each chapter, so ensure that you have an allotted time each day to read the chapters. 

When doing discussion boards, pain attention to each detail and make sure to include as many details as possible regarding the topic you are debating. You can easily lose points if you don't include the necessary details in the discussion. 

-Pay super close attention to the syllabus and guidelines given for the discussion boards - trust me, you'll need it. 

-Make sure that you have enough time to do the unit discussion boards because they often take several hours to complete

-Stay on top of citations and make sure that every fact you are stating has an in-text citation, or else it will count as plagiarism. 

-Taking this class during a winter or summer session may be overwhelming as you are required to complete 2 discussion boards and 2-3 quizzes each week, along with 2 unit discussions throughout the semester. It is so important to stay on top of your work because it is easy to fall behind. 

-There is a lot of information in each chapter, so make sure to take notes that you can use for the discussion boards

I also recommend writing your discussion board posts on something like google docs and then transferring it over. A few times, I have screwed up and deleted something and had to rewrite it completely. 


Comment # 222

1) Complete all reading assignments and watch all videos-- it takes a while, so give yourself a lot of time. You will literally be reading the entire text book within 5 weeks, plan accordingly. 

2) Pay attention to the details listed in the syllabus for the discussion assignments, especially citations.

3) Just because the minimum requirement for a discussion is 200 words doesn't mean you should stop there. Share as much information about what you have read as you can in your responses. A lot of things that don't apply directly to your point still deserve mention. 

4) Create outlines for your two Unit Discussions, it makes it easier to organize your responses. 

5) Organize your week to prioritize the class. Know what is due on which days, it helps so you're not blind sided because these assignments take time. 

5) Take some deep breaths, its only 5 weeks. 



Spring 2021: History 111 and 112

Comment # 223

My future advice to students taking this class would be to read the syllabus. Check it for assignment due dates, test dates, and assignment requirements. The syllabus is what will give the most instruction for all of the assignments. Make sure you know it well and you will succeed in this class.

Comment # 224
My advice to future students of this class is to keep track of your assignments via the syllabus and/or your canvas to do list. Also, when you feel like its impossible to continue or you feel comfortable missing "just one" assignment, remember what you're working for and keep focus.


Comment # 225
First and foremost, a huge thank you to Professor John Varga for being a cool dude and great teacher. It makes me a little sad that I couldn't meet the man in person but I know through his responses and his attention to detail, that he cares very much for us students.

My advice from my perspective and experience to future students whom may take an online history course with our professor would be to simply complete the reading and materials as required because it's truly not that difficult. When making a discussion post about a topic that is provided, give several examples that are different from one another and make sure you explain each example a bit. He does not require an insane amount of words per post nor his required discussion replies. 

The professor is also very detailed and very sharp so no cheating, stealing quotes or Wikipedia, because he knows all the tricks to the trade. Spelling and punctuation should be proper and if he makes mention of a particular error and you fail to make an effort to correct it, he eventually will deduct a half a point off the assignment, which is more to get your attention to correct the error rather than tank your grade. All in all he is very fair and I would easily retake this class with his instruction if I had to.


Comment # 226

If there was any future advice I can give students who are taking this course and will take this course, first thing would be to plan homework, reading, and time to watch the videos accordingly. Try to keep replies, homework, post, etc. to required word length required by professor Varga and take the time to read his comments. Overall if you do these things and stay on track and not fall behind it should be a great learning experience.  


Comment # 227

My advice to students taking the class would be to just do the work. Although it might take some time it will pay off and show how much you have learned. Also read and understand the comments made by professor Varga on your grading on what to improve. If something happens or you have questions reach out to professor Varga because he is very helpful in replying. The readings and videos just help you better your discussion posts so do them. This class is important to plan things out and be timely. It is a great class to learn from and see what you can improve on.


Comment # 228

My advice for future students is read the syllabus it is very informative. Secondly would be to set enough time to read chapters; as the chapters are long. Third, set enough time to watch videos and take notes. Last advice is to write as much information when answering any discussions, replies etc. 


My advice for future students is to read everything! That means reading the syllabus, which helps with planning and knowing how to do the assignments correctly. Also make sure to read the book, reading the book basically guarantees your success in work. All this class takes is time and effort, and you should be able to succeed! 

Thank you professor for a great semester.

Comment # 229

If there were any advice that I would give to those who may take this class in the future, read the textbook because you will learn more than just doing the bare minimum. The last piece of advice is that you can pass this class with an A with a great work ethic and doing all of your assignments on time. 

Comment # 230

Thank you all and especially you professor for allowing us to be part of this experience. I've learned so much about our countries rich and complex history. I would give advice to the future students to make sure to be on time and to be excited to learn. Challenge your pre conceived notions on American History and be patient with yourself. Make sure you read all the fine print and go above and beyond of what is expected for you to complete.


Summer 2021


Comment # 231

Thank you for taking time out of your summer to teach us! A piece of advice that I recommend for this class is to pace yourself and don't be lazy with your work. 

Comment # 232

A piece of advice to future students is to not wait until the last minute to do assignments. 

Comment # 233

Also, one piece of advice I would give is this class is hard but if you put time and effort into it won't be ask questions if you are stuck.

Comment # 234

Future Student: Start reading the book immediately. It is packed with so much information. Take notes while you read each section-make sure you label the sections. It will come in handy when you start your Unit Discussion. The videos provided are just as important, take notes while watching them, but separate them you will need to be able to use them correctly in your discussion threads. Don’t stop at the minimum required words, keep going! Be realistic about time. Read the syllabus. When in doubt ask for clarification-Good Luck!

Comment # 235

A piece of advice would be to put in the time and do your best in the assignments. 

Comment # 236

I took this online class in the summer between my sophomore and junior year. It's one of the hardest classes I've ever taken because you do so much in a short time. Professor Varga has set it up to make you successful if you really read the syllabus. He sets due dates and keeps to them so you can plan ahead. The quizzes are detailed but the fact you can take each one twice lets you try to practice and learn the material. You have to read the chapters in this class! The videos are helpful also, but they won't substitute for the chapters. There's no getting around that. Be as detailed as you can on the Discussion boards and use citations. He has high standards for your writing, citations, and amount of evidence. It took me a while to get used to defending and negating the statements, but there were no surprises in the questions. I've never written this much in such a short time. I recommend starting the Unit Discussion Analyses as soon as they're posted. They were the hardest because there were so many ways you could analyze the questions. There were two of Analysis assignments, and they took me a long time because of all the citations. I learned by the end to use as many of the events mentioned in the quizzes and the chapter when doing my analysis. The more to support your analysis the better. 

Comment # 237

Hello future students!

I have thoroughly enjoyed this class and I hope you will too. Be aware, this class is very fast paced and can become overwhelming at times, but it is not hopeless. Because of this, I have a few words of advice for how to do well in his class. This summerI learned that time management is very important to getting work done without becoming overwhelmed. In order to do this, I recommend making a schedule in order to properly arrange your workload. Putting the assignments on paper in an organized list will make the work seem smaller and less overwhelming. This worked for me, and it will likely work for you as well. At the same time, make sure you take the time to give yourself a break. Make sure not to overwork yourself, and don't let the classwork take over your entire summer. Another word of advice: try not to procrastinate. I am aware that succeeding at this is easier said than done. Sometimes I've fallen victim to procrastination myself because I often underestimate my workload. It takes a bit of self-control to stop, but it is possible. Throughout the session, you must work hard to do well, but at the same time, don’t overwork yourself. Again, schedule time for breaks from work before the work breaks you! History 111 is not an easy class, but it’s not impossible either. Work hard, but take breaks in moderation, and don’t underestimate the work. I hope you will enjoy learning about the United States as much as I did. Good luck on this year’s summer intersession!

Comment # 238

Thank you! I learned so much from being in your class these past few weeks! Have a great summer!

To future students, I would recommend making a plan and following it carefully. There is plenty of work to complete and it is helpful to give yourself enough time to thoroughly and confidently finish it. I would also recommend keeping the syllabus handy when completing assignments. The syllabus spells out exactly what is expected of you for each assignment. Reading the textbook is also a major factor in the grade you receive, the book makes future assignments faster and easier. This class is not something students can half-heartedly complete, as long as you put thoughtful effort into each assignment you complete, the better the outcome. The effort put into this class determines the grade you receive.


Fall Semester 2021: History 111, 112, and 240

History `111

Comment # 239

Writing and reviewing the questions you get wrong on quizzes will help immensely and assure you won’t get it wrong again. 

Comment # 240

It would really help you out if you actually read the chapters completely because your discussion posts are a big part of your grade, and the more thorough they are, the better your score. It would also be helpful to have a good routine and schedule because you don't want to wait till the last minute to finish up discussion posts or quizzes. 

Comment # 241

While this advice can apply to anyone, I really encourage anyone taking this class while also a high school student to keep these things in mind: 

Really become familiar with the syllabus before officially starting the class. I made the mistake of skimming, and it made for a rocky start of the year. You can avoid that.

Make sure you keep up with the assignments and quizzes. I recommend using a planner or keeping note of all your assignments on a device, because it can be easy to forget when all of your high school class work is kept separately.

Don't hesitate to ask for clarification! Especially on feedback, even if you feel like it's a bad question, asking for clarity can really help you find what you need to do for your future responses. 

When the first part of your discussion responses are graded, you'll be given a list of things that could be improved- treat this like a list of things to include in your response. That is the best way to apply that feedback, and will not only help your grade, but also enhance your understanding of the unit. 

If you have a difficult time focusing, or struggle to sit and watch a video or read the text book, listen to them in the background. I also recommend listening to them on 1.5x speed, and subtitles or following along in the textbook can make your material far more engaging. 

Comment # 242:

Dear History Students,

Please be aware that despite there being a word minimum for discussion posts, that will rarely be enough to demonstrate that you have understood what the chapters have taught you. Please take the time to find all relevant information to support your stance and type until you have included as much supporting information as you can find. The minimum word count will give you a minimal grade. Do yourself and Professor Varga a favor and show what you have learned. This is not just a history class, it's a class on some of the most decisive moments in the founding of this magnificent country.


Comment # 243:

Advice: I encourage all upcoming students to persevere. Expect to get points deducted on your discussion boards, this is natural. View the grade you get, and the comments received as direction as to where you can expand your knowledge on the chapter and your writing. Try to enjoy the content you read, and view it as exploring the past to make agreements.

Comment # 244:

Stay ahead of the discussion boards, try to read the chapter sometime during the week prior to that Monday. Take both quizzes even if you did well on the first one. Do not attack another student's post, defend or negate the statement that is being discussed for that week. Watch the videos as you will need a proper quote for your original post and reply. Ask for help or clarification. This is the second class I have taken with Professor Vargas and really enjoy the manner in which this class is provided over a digital platform. 

Comment # 245:

This is a great class that challenges you to expand your skillset by learning how to effectively and efficiently research to accurately defend or negate a statement, a skill that is very important in college and life after college. Because the class is asynchronous, be prepared to learn how to make the most out of your time. In other words, don't procrastinate. It's obvious to tell who read the chapters and those who didn't. Professor Vargas is very reasonable with the work load they assign and I would gladly recommend this class to anyone who prefers a class that is very flexible while also helping students learn very important skills. 

Comment # 246:

Well, first I'd like to say thank you for a wonderful semester, Professor Varga! Learning about the history and progress that took place in Latin America has been incredible to learn about and it's even more meaningful for me coming from a Hispanic/Latin family background learning in-depth about the situations that took place in Mexico as well as other places was really insightful. I hope to take this information and put it to good use as my major is history and I hope to become a history teacher! Thank you, hope you have a wonderful break!

My advice for future students is to 1. DON'T PROCRASTINATE! I know the fact that it's all writing it may seem scary and you'd like to put it off for as long as possible but trust me as someone who very frequently did that I found myself writing at 11:55 just reaching the required word count but wanting to write more because of all the information available to write about, the whole book is really fascinating to read and write about. 2. Read the chapters in full don't skim it, it felt like every sentence had valuable information to write about, and skimming it you'd miss out on something important. And finally 3. enjoy the class, this class is really unique learning about the history of Latin America in such depth is not something often taught to everyone, learning about so many areas and the rich cultural diversity present in the region makes it a really enjoyable class to take.

Thank you!

Comment # 247:

Thank you for an amazing semester Professor Varga, it was an honor to be able to learn from you and take this class.

My advice for future students would just be to read the book and make the important connections from what the prompts asks to what's in the book. It is important to cover everything and the only real way to do that is to read the text. 

Once again, my thanks for a great semester!

Comment # 248:

First of all, I would like to thank you for such a great semester. Initially, I was not so sure about taking this class. I was not as thrilled to learn about all of Latin America’s history, but I had previously taken your Mexico’s course and enjoyed it, so I decided to give it a try. To be honest, I ended up liking this class more than the Mexico course. On many occasions, Latin American history is overlooked and replaced with Mexico’s, thus permitting the emergence of a generalized perspective. It is almost like saying that the history of the whole Western Hemisphere is summarized through the history of the United States, and that is not the case. So, in my case, I just wanted to go beyond this perspective and learn more about all those things that make and define Latin America, a portion of our history that is commonly ignored by many. Reading the book was an emotional rollercoaster, and it really excited me to read how despite all the issues that ravaged society in all of these different countries, people just kept on moving and fighting for a better future. Moreover, I would like to thank you for the comments you made to each of the posts. The feedback was very helpful and I think it was what truly helped me improve. Overall, it was an amazing semester, and it was a great pleasure to have you as a professor. Hope you have a nice break and enjoy the holidays!

Now, my advice for future students is based on the three things that helped me the most. One, I would advise students to think of the prompts as concepts/categories. At first, you may feel a little bit overwhelmed by all of the dates, names, and more. So, I recommend students to view each date and each name as a small piece of a puzzle. Give each character a category and ultimately find its place within the whole realm of the concept. Think of this as a T-chart. You have two sides, and you need to find out which place it belongs to. Second, pay attention to details. As the proverb goes, “the devil is in the details.” You need to pay close attention to every date, every name, every association, even if these do not seem to be important at first glance. All these details, added up together, help explain a bigger idea, so always double-check them. Lastly, interact with the book. Do not only take notes. Make notations on the things you find the most interesting and, if you feel confused, put a question mark next to the text. If you truly do not understand an event or a concept, do not be afraid to search it. In addition, when finishing up a section, try to summarize what you have learned in a sentence or a few words so that when you go back to review it, you better understand what you read. 


Comment # 249:

Thank you so much for a great semester! I hope that you have a wonderful (and relaxing) winter break. 

I would advise future students to take this class seriously. Work on your time management and set a schedule early on in the semester. Spreading out my work across a few different days made assignments much more manageable, and I found that I was way less overwhelmed if I started the work before the day that it was due. In addition, I found that breaking the reading into smaller chunks made it so much easier for me to focus on the details in the text. Setting small goals helps with this also! Setting page goals or word minimums that I could reasonably reach within an hour personally helped me to overcome procrastination. 

Remember that you can never have too much detail in your writing when building your arguments. Takes notes and annotate while reading the text. Likewise, it's much easier to make sure that you're not missing any relevant information if you write down the page numbers along with your notes. I also found that post-it page tabs helped me immensely for referring back to past reading (particularly for the UDAs). 

Proofread all of your assignments twice - the extra five minutes that it takes is absolutely worth it. This class was a lot of writing, and if you're not confident with your writing skills, taking an hour or so to run it by a tutor is something that you may want to consider if you haven't had experience with college level writing before. Finally, I would advise you to be comfortable with messaging the professor! There were a few moments during this course where I wasn't 100% clear on the prompt, and reaching out for clarification helped me to avoid some big mistakes. Professor Varga was super helpful, and if you show the desire to learn and put effort into your work, he'll help you to become a stronger writer and debater. 

Comment # 250:

Thank you Professor, not only for teaching this class but also making it Online Learning friendly. The ease of the class interface and the simplicity of the structure made this class easier than other online classes I have taken.


My advice for the incoming classes is if you are going to take this class and work as I have for this semester, do not hesitate to download either Microsoft word or Google docs on your phone in order to write your discussions on your break or on downtime if you have any. It helps a lot if you can write a rough draft even if you did not cite your source in your draft and add it in later. Also time management is a huge must. Do not be afraid to download time management apps and use the Do Not Disturb on your phone. Also, taking notes on the videos even if it just interesting tidbits can help get you through the online lecture videos which will help with your video citations. My biggest piece of advice is to not be afraid to take a mental health day. If you are feeling super overwhelmed with something, don't be afraid to take a few hours or a day for you to gather yourself and your thoughts.


Comment # 251:

Thank you Professor for a great semester! It was honestly incredible how little I understood about Latin American history especially regarding United States involvement. All of it was actually fascinating and at times a bit upsetting. I appreciate your insight on all the discussions and encouraging to look at the text through multiple lenses. My advice for students would be to of course do not procrastinate and consider annotating! Getting my thoughts down before they left my brain improved my writings from first on in the semester. It feels like a lot of information so annotating really helped keep track of everything. Consider the whys. Things don't just occur, as humans we enforce our will upon the world and all choices have repercussions.  


Spring 2022: History 111 and 112

Comment # 252

my advice to future students would be read the syllabus VERY carefully, i screwed up my first discussion because i didnt read correctly and it bummed me out a lot and discouraged me but once u get the hang of the setup its easy.  but just give yourself enough time to complete assignments and really read and understanding your prompt and response. this class was one of the classes in all of coc where i walked away truly understanding and remembering history info. i went into it not being super excited because american history was something i found to be a little boring, but the way the discussion boards are set up and how you’re analyzing something different every time got me to really read the book to know what im responding to and learn a lot about our us history and i genuinely enjoyed it.

Comment # 253

Much appreciated, professor. Thank you and I appreciate the encouragement. As an older adult, returning student I had many doubts and worries that I could go back to college but here I am, and I have to say I very much enjoyed and learned a lot from this class as there is so much that I truly did not know about my own country and history. So, thank you. 

I would strongly encourage future students to read the syllabus thoroughly- each individual paragraph and sentence and then read it again. The answers are in the syllabus and as long as directions are followed, simple points will not be lost. I would also suggest being elaborate and detailed in your responses. Short sentences and paragraphs will not suffice. There is simply too much information and facts that are in the chapters and videos for responses to be brief. So, give it your all.  With that being said, do not wait until the day of or before to start your week's assignment. The chapters are not short and require thought and understanding, so in order to interpret a well analyzed assignment, reading the chapter as soon as possible and watching the required videos is best. It is equally important to read the professors comments and feedback as well as staying up to date on the announcements he posts. Doing all of this well ensure a good grade. 

Thanks again, professor and have a wonderful summer!


Comment # 254

Hi everyone, 

For the upcoming students, I highly recommend the whole chapter to understand the questions if you agree or disagree. Reading the expectation will assist the students in order not feel pressure. The assignments are easy and just be honest of what you read on the textbook. 


Comment # 255

Thank you for a great semester Professor :)

My advice for students would be, to read the syllabus very carefully. This way you can know exactly the requirements for each assignment. This will help you tremendously, I also encourage communicating with your peers. Don’t be shy to ask for clarification if you don’t understand something from the syllabus. 


Comment # 256

I would like to advise students to go beyond the minimum word count as the statements are better described when all aspects of the subject are completely defended and/or negated. A better grade only comes with effort so I advise that you fully read the chapters and understand what the statement is about and how you can add as much detail as you can to support your side of the matter whichever side you have chosen. Good luck with the class students and enjoy your time with the section. 

Comment # 257


To Future Students of History 111 ONLINE by Professor Varga, 

This class is a well structured class that by the middle of the semester, you should have a routine to make your studies for this class in rhythm with the rest of your weekly schedule. The first thing, like almost every course you take, is to read the syllabus and understand what is expected of you. Always check the announcements. All class updates are placed here. Perhaps most important, there is an "introduction" for the next chapter that you should read before starting the next chapter (there is almost no point to read it after). This will greatly help your Topic Discussion thread (reply). Highlight the things related to the Topic Discussion in the textbook. Also, when you are watching the video(s), write notes on the things related to the Topic discussion. You do not need to write a full essay about the topic. It is a discussion on a topic within the chapter for which you will defend or negate, so mention everything related to the topic. The point of the Discussion is that you throw everything out there related to your defending or negating the topic. The most fun in the class will come with the Bringing History to the Present assignments. This will bring out your opinion, albeit probably a little guarded, on a current topic that likely has roots in history. Remember, this is a history class and everything you are expected to know and write about are all in the textbook or in the videos assigned by the professor. You do not need to look at any outside sources. The class is set up for you to do well if you put in the time to study the textbook and watch the videos relevant to the topics assigned. Once you have put in the time for the textbook and videos, the assignment will seem like the easiest part of the week. The class is online so you get to choose when to read the textbook, watch the videos and write out the assignments. I learned a lot in this class and I hope you future students will do the same. 


Comment # 258

Never miss your deadlines!


Comment # 259


Thank you professor Varga,

I honestly enjoyed this class allot, and although I wasn't able to put enough work to do justice to the content of this class I know you are a professor who honestly cares about history. I appreciate every single graded response you've sent my way and I honestly wish I was able to respond more often. I wish you the best!

The first thing I'd tell future students, is to annotate the book, and use the end of chapter reviews to round out your knowledge of key concepts. In my personal opinion, reading through densely packed history requires you to make a timeline. It's hard to create a thorough frame of reference without a good way to remember key people, movements, and concepts. The timelines in the book helped me allot, and if I organized information into a timeline myself, it probably would have made these concepts easier to remember and recall.


Comment # 260



My advice for future students is to take notes while you read and watch the videos. Include everything from the chapter pertaining to the weekly topic in your discussion post. You have to go beyond the minimum requirements to get a good grade in this class. Set a schedule that works for you to manage your time wisely. If you stay on top of the weekly reading you will do just fine. Keep your notes from each chapter because they will be really helpful for the Unit discussions. The syllabus is very thorough, utilize it. Don't be afraid to ask questions, the professor is happy to answer them. It is better to ask and not lose points. I really enjoyed the textbook, it made reading about history feel like a story. You will learn a lot if you put in the effort!



Comment # 261

Thank you for a good semester professor! 

Some advice to future students: 

Make sure that you're meeting all requirements for your discussion posts! At the beginning of the class, I had accidentally forgotten to include citations from the provided videos, and it almost jeopardized my grade. Luckily once I realized my mistake I was able to adjust it for the future and was able to achieve a passing grade. Also, pay attention to your time! Be sure to give yourself enough time to have a discussion post up by Tuesday! But once you get into a good workflow the class is enjoyable and gave me a much more detailed view of U.S. History. Thank you! 


Comment # 262

Thank you for everything Professor, It was a good semester !

My advice for future students who are considering taking this history class is PLEASE read the syllabus very well. You will find all the answers in the syllabus if you read carefully. I know not everyone loves reading but I promise everything you need is in that syllabus ! Taking this course the first few weeks I had to go back and read the syllabus a few times to make sure I was doing my work correctly and if I was meeting the word limit for each discussion. Always be on top of your assignments, do not let them pile up and don't leave them at the last minute. Also, if you guys want a good grade on your discussion boards, take your time and put in some effort. No, they are not hard but the more effort and informative they are, the better the grade is. One thing I do have to say is just because it is an online history class does not mean you can go at your own pace or treat it as a whatever class. Online classes are just as hard as in person classes. Taking this history class was overall good to me, I enjoyed taking this class and learning new things about history!  I encourage future students to take this history class with no regrets. 

 Once again thank you so much Professor Varga !


Comment # 263

Appreciate the assistance throughout the semester Professor Varga and accommodating my other obligations to the California Army National Guard so I can be successful in your class. However, my advice to your future students would be "pay attention to the deadlines" (I messed up on a few occasions) because it clearly states in the syllabus that late work will not be accepted. Contribute maximum effort so you will maintain a passing grade and understand the chapters you examine on a weekly basis. I realized my grades started reflecting a better a score when I included a variety of in-text citations to back up my claims even though the minimum is one for replying to another discussant in the class. 

Comment # 264

Thank you Professor for the great semester and a challenging yet fulfilling work load that taught me countless interesting things about U.S. history and opportunities to relate what we are learning to modern day events and our view of them. There's not much advice I can give that hasn't already been stated but my advice nonetheless, is to really apply yourself to the work. There's going to be a lot of reading, watching, and writing and it's important that you fully comprehend and understand the content and give detailed responses to the prompts in the discussion boards. My last piece of advice is an obvious one but it is highly imperative that you read all of the syllabus. The syllabus will inform you of deadlines and requirements and it can be easy to fall behind so you need to be aware of what the syllabus says. 

Comment # 265

Thank you again professor. 


For future students I highly encourage to read the syllabus CAREFULLY. There’s a reason why there’s an assignment the first week answering questions about the syllabus. The assignments need to be completed in a particular way so it’s extremely important to read the syllabus and understand how to complete the assignments. As for the the weekly discussion threads, while there is a 200 word minimum and a 150 word minimum for replies, I highly encourage writing more. Detailed responses typically score higher. There’s plenty of information in the textbook and the assigned videos and jamming in all of that info In a 200 word post just won’t be possible. Write as much as you can to support your stance on a topic. 


Comment # 266

My experience with this class was pretty good overall. 

A little background on me personally, I currently work 2 jobs Monday-Friday, I took over 5 classes the semester I took this class, and I struggle with dyslexia. 


There is a heavy amount of reading in this class. I suggest that when you are reading that you make sure to go back over and reread things till you fully understand everything. 


There are required videos to watch before discussion posts, if anyone is in my position for work or you are in your car a lot. Listen to them when you are driving. This personally helped me GREATLY with getting things in on time. 


Response time from the professor was outstanding! 

He is also very understanding of situations. I was sick during a part of the semester and trying to accomplish everything I had to for school, and had a “uhoh. Dang it” moment. He reassured me and reminded me about the dropped discussions at the end of the semester. 


I hope you all have a wonderful semester in this class! 

Don’t overthink, don’t stress, you got this!


Comment # 267

READ THE SYLLABUS!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously don't not read it and wake up Wednesday morning for the first two weeks seeing you got a 0/15 on the discussion. If you watch the chapter videos and read the chapter then you are sure to get a 25/25 every week, it is very simple. Good luck. 


Make sure you follow the exact criteria for each discussion board and assignment. They are specific for each and you need to look at the syllabus as much as you can.


 my advice to future students to this class is to get into the habit of checking canvas for any weekly discussion boards because it is very easily to forget and read the syllabus carefully as it provides specific clarification of the class, and  is expected from students. 


Make sure to be through in your discussion boards, if you only try to reach the word requirement and not cover all the important points to the topic, you won't be able to get a good grade on any of them. 

Comment # 268

My advice for any future student of Professor Varga's course is to read the syllabus and write important details about projects and assignments. Having it known and written down will help you better understand what is expected in the course. Also, my advice is to take notes on the reading material and video material. Write down quotes that you think will be useful. I recommend paraphrasing the quote for space and writing down the page number. And writing the timecodes on the video for the quote with the beginning of the quote.

For your responses, I recommend the inclusion as many evidence as possible for your stance. It makes it appear as if you have as much detail about the topic.

For the response to your peer comments, I recommend including all information as much as possible to counter info as well as directly to their response. 



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