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Ital-101 - Elementary Italian 1 - Andrea L. Davis

Course:Elementary Italian 1
Professor:Andrea L. Davis
  • Hybrid
Course Length:
  • 16 Week


Photo of Professoressa Davis

Benvenuti alla classe di Italiano 101! Elementary Italian 1 - Section # 61616  

 I am Professoressa Andrea Davis, your "tour guide" on our journey through Italy this Spring! 


This is a hybrid class: half of the instruction will be online through Canvas and the learning platform MindTap - you will complete this on your own time, and the other half will be live on Zoom on Wednesdays from 2:25pm-4:50pm. 

1) The online portion of this hybrid class: 

You will need to set aside 2 1/2 hours, preferably in the beginning of the week to do the Online portion of the course. In this hybrid course, the Online portion is in lieu of the normal 2 1/2 hour live class which, added to our Wednesday sessions, makes up a 5 unit class (5 hours per week). The online portion of the class (tutorials and assessments in Canvas and MindTap) should be completed before our online class on Wednesdays. That way, we can move ahead on Wednesdays as well as solidifying and practicing what you've learned in the online portion.  

 3) Wednesday's OnlineLive class: 

You'll be an active part of each OnlineLIVE (Zoom) class. This is not a lecture class. Your attendance is mandatory at every Zoom class and will be noted. Everyone contributes to learning the language together. I will call on you frequently because this class is about learning to speak the language, not just reading and writing. You will be requested to keep your video on during class (though it is not mandatory except during exams) and stay present. We'll take breaks, so invest in that espresso machine now so we can all enjoy un caffè insieme! (a coffee together)  

 4) Compito (Homework): 

You will need to schedule several hours of study/homework time into your week. Che bello! Homework is essential to learning the language and passing the weekly quizzes, the midterm, and the final exam. Your homework grade is a large percentage of your final grade. Do all the homework and you are sure to do well in this class. If you don't do homework ,you will not pass. Your commitment to jumping fully into learning Italian this semester is your passport to an A. You will be so proud of yourself if you work hard, and your efforts will be rewarded when you find yourself having a conversation with an Italian and on your travels to Italy in the near future!  

Course Description

Course Description and Objectives 
In this class, you will develop language skills in listening, reading, speaking and writing in Italian within a cultural context with a strong emphasis on communication. The course emphasizes acquisition of vocabulary, structures, and grammatical patterns necessary for comprehension and production of spoken and written Italian at the beginning level. We will accomplish all this through online instruction - both synchronous (via Zoom at our scheduled meeting times) and asynchronous (doing online exercises in the digital workbook MindTap, projects, and written assignments). The class will utilize both Canvas and MindTap to accompany your PIAZZA 2nd Edition eBook, as well as audio and videos to help with pronunciation, comprehension and cultural resources.  

This course is taught in Italian. This course corresponds to the first and second years of high school Italian. Not appropriate for native or heritage speakers. You will develop linguistic and cultural proficiency at the novice mid-level according to the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) guidelines.  

What to Expect in this Course

Homework will be assigned in Canvas and MindTap. Cnavas assignments will include writing assignments, practice quizzes, discussions, and video projects.   

Projects: You will do one online Italian cultural presentation in English and several dialogues and short presentations in Italian.  

Technology required: a computer with microphone and webcam (webcam required only for exams), Zoom application/account.  

Zoom classes, Assignments, Syllabus, Course Calendar, and Messaging with your class and the Professoressa will take place through Canvas - you will be required to check Canvas regularly for new messages and assignments.    

Types of Assessments

Proctored exams, online quizzes, discussion forums, written assignments, oral presentations, and oral interviews.

Textbook Information / Link to ZTC Textbook

Textbook and online subscription: ONLY purchase the course materials through the link in our Canvas course (beginning Monday Feb 7 when the course is published.) To purchase the course materials, follow the directions in the first Module in Canvas when our course goes live on Monday. 

Do NOT purchase the Cengage subscription directly from Cengage or from the bookstore. Just click the link inside our Canvas course when the course opens on Monday. 

Your subscription to MindTap must be connected to your registration in this course.  

How to access the MindTap/Piazza course materials: Log into Canvas on Monday Feb 7, open our course and go to the "Getting Started" module. You will find instructions and a link to Cengage through which to either buy the course materials or get the 14 day free trial if you're not ready to purchase yet.   

Other Relevant Course Information

On the first day of the Spring semester (Feb. 7), do the following: 

1) Go to and click on the Canvas icon at the top of the page. Then log into Canvas.   

2) Click on your course, Elementary Italian I - 2022SP:61616 

3) Read the first Canvas modules and get the course materials. Go to the Home Page to begin reading the introductory modules of this course. There you will find all the information you need to get started.  

DO NOT purchase the course materials until you log into our course in Canvas on Monday - you MUST go through the link in our Canvas course to purchase the course materials. 

Keep in mind that you will also have the option of accessing a free trial of the course materials before deciding to purchase - so everyone should log in on Monday and sign up for the course materials so that we will all have them for Wednesday's class. 

4) Attend the first day of Zoom class: On February 9 at 2:25pmlog into our course in Canvas, and in the navigation panel on the left side of the screen, click on Zoom and you will find the Zoom link to our first class.   

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