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Math 211 - Calculus I - Sab Matsumoto

Course:Calculus I
Professor:Sab Matsumoto
  • Hybrid
Course Length:
  • 16 Week


Prof. Matsumoto

Welcome to Math 211: Calculus I. This is the first course in the standard three-semester calculus sequence required in many science, mathematics, and engineering degree programs.

For more information on me, visit my ePortfolio page on PebblePad

Welcome to a whole new world, to new horizons to pursue.

Course Description

This course introduces limits, derivatives, and integrals, as well as applications including rate of change, maxima-minima, curve sketching, and area problems.

What to Expect in this Course

THIS IS A HYBRID SECTION. It means you will be learning a significant portion of the material online in addition to attending our weekly class meetings.

This is also a “flipped classroom,” meaning that you watch lectures at home (online videos) and do your “homework” in class.

You must be present in the first on-campus meeting during Week 1 of the semester. Any student absent at this first class meeting may be dropped unless I am notified in advance with a valid reason.

You will be expected to keep up with the course by watching lecture videos (while taking notes), completing some worksheets, doing regular assignments/exercises, and submitting, in Canvas, all required exercises and other work as assigned.

I will provide updates and in-person help in our weekly class meetings. Our class time will be spent on summary lectures highlighting important concepts, Q&A, group work on in-class worksheets (for which points will be given), and/or taking exams. 

All exams will be administered in person during regular class time on designated dates.

Every student is expected to make serious time commitment for this course every week, including a few hours for watching lecture videos and many, many additional hours for learning the material and doing homework exercises. More time may be needed for exam preparation. A homework set is generally due at the end of each chapter.

A typical weekly schedule: in addition to attending a weekly class meeting, you are to watch (in your own time outside the classroom) a series of lecture videos covering one or two sections while taking notes, organize and review the lecture notes as necessary, and do assigned exercises from the sections covered. A significant amount of time will be given in class to do practice problems under my supervision. Before each exam, you watch review videos, try a practice test, and review your homework. Then come in and take the proctored exam, on paper, in person. Those with special accommodations approved by the AAC (Academic Accommodations Center) may be allowed to take exams in TLC (The Learning Center).


Types of Assessments

Regular assignments (exercises I have chosen), in-class worksheets/quizzes, chapter exams, and a comprehensive final. Exams are paper tests given in person.

Textbook Information

Calculus Volume 1 (a free OER textbook), available through the website: It can be downloaded free of charge. The book will be linked to your Math 211 Canvas shell as well.

Other Relevant Course Information

Contact me at if you have any questions/concerns. If you are waitlisted at the beginning of the semester, I will contact you when/if you can be added to my roster. You will then have to register promptly in order to be enrolled.  

Additional Resources


This course can be accessed on the first day of class via Canvas at Log into Canvas using your CanyonsID single sign-on:

  • CanyonsID Username is your COC student email address (Ex:
  • CanyonsID Password is your COC student email password

Please visit the Get to Know Your Online Classroom page for help logging into Canvas and for tips on using Canvas and Zoom. Canvas Chat Support is also available 24/7 for any Canvas related issues.

Online Education

Check out the Online Education website for more information on a variety of topics that can help you be a successful online student such as: exam proctoring, learning styles, computer skills, and tips for student success. If this is your first online course, feel free to take our online learning readiness assessment to assess your skills.

The Learning Center (TLC)

The TLC provides FREE online tutoring resources to COC students!

Academic Accommodation Center (AAC)

College of the Canyons AAC provides educational services and access for eligible students with documented disabilities who intend to pursue coursework at COC. A variety of programs and services are available which afford eligible students with disabilities the opportunity to participate fully in all aspects of the college programs and activities through appropriate and reasonable accommodations. For more information on their services visit the Academic Accomodation Center website.

Online Counseling

The Counseling Department offers appointments online. You can schedule an appointment by visiting the Online Counseling website. Counselors can help you map out a plan to reach your educational goals as well as advise you on course selection and registration.

Management of Stress and Mental Health

Often the pressure on our students is very strong, involving academic commitments, relationships, outside jobs and family pressure to name a few. The staff and faculty of College of the Canyons are here to see you succeed academically and care about your emotional and physical health. You can learn more about the broad range of confidential student services, including counseling and mental health services available on campus by visiting the Student Health & Wellness Center in the Student Services Building (across from the bookstore). The phone number is 661-362-3259 that you can call 24/7. You can also e mail for an appointment at At the Canyon Country Campus the Health Center will be in the new Student Services Building.

Also, the National Suicide & Crisis Lifeline number is now 988. All students at COC are encouraged to enter that phone number in their cells. You can call it when you, or someone you know, is having thoughts of suicide or is in severe distress.

You can also now use the Crisis Text Line: Just text "Courage" to 741741. Someone will get back to you immediately. Its free, 24/7, and confidential.

Veterans Resource Center

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