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SOCI-101 - Introduction to Sociology - Esther Villegas-Sandoval

Course:Introduction to Sociology
Professor:Esther Villegas-Sandoval
  • Online
Course Length:
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Welcome to Sociology 101, Introduction to Sociology!  Our course is completely online and will not meet for any Zoom lectures.  However, I will host office hours on Thursday evenings via Zoom.  Please email me if you plan on attending.  The link to join is on Canvas.  I purposely upload my syllabus before the course starts so you can review it and decide whether or not you want to continue with this course. 

Course Description

Course Summary

Sociology is a powerful discipline that allows us to explore and understand our social world through the use of research methods and various sociological theories and concepts.  Within the discipline, sociologists take an interest in and explore a variety of topics.  This introductory course will review and discuss topics relating to socialization, culture, the presentation of self, deviance, inequality and stratification, sex and gender, race and prejudice, and much more.  This course seeks to broaden the way in which we come to know our social world and make all students (you!) active participants in the learning process.  Please be prepared to think critically and creatively.

An Important Note About My Courses

I call my classes “bubbles of love” – you will probably hear me use this reference from time to time.  As an educator and a researcher, I know learning happens best in spaces where students feel cared for.  Maintaining this bubble of love entails work on all ends – yours and mine.  From years of teaching, I know creating this loving space is possible.  So, how do we accomplish this “bubble of love”?  We accomplish it by being compassionate and respectful; by enlightening others instead of using shame; by acknowledging and valuing each other’s humanity; by continuously being willing to learn, listen, validate experiences, accept our own mistakes, ask questions, consider information that contradicts preexisting belief systems; and finally, by taking full accountability for our behaviors and ideas.  Being in a bubble of love doesn’t mean everything will be easy or comfortable.  In fact, maintaining the bubble of love can be quite challenging because it often means we have to confront our own biases.  Beyond that, I will push you to explain, discuss, and explore topics some people find very uncomfortable. And guess what?  It will be okay – the bubble of love creates space for tolerance, forgiveness, and growth.  Welcome to our bubble of love.     

What to Expect in this Course

re You Ready? A Student Checklist:  

Do you have constant and reliable access to the internet and a computer? (If not, COC may be able to help)

Do you have access to a word processor like Microsoft Word?  If not, we offer complimentary Microsoft 365 for our students!

Do you feel comfortable using computers and the internet? 

Do you know how to access your student email account and use it to email others?

Are you ready to engage with the material and be an active learner?  I expect all of my students to engage in meaningful discussions and know the material presented. 

Are you self-motivated?  Online, hybrid, and remote courses give you a lot of flexibility but you must be able and willing to push yourself to complete tasks before posted deadlines.  You must be able to set goals for yourself and not need constant supervision. 

Do you have time management skills?  Can you prioritize what needs to get done?  This is important as I do not accept late work. 

Will you actually read the PowerPoint lectures and other course material independently? 

Do you have patience with computers and websites? 

Can you ask for help if needed?

Types of Assessments

This class demands asynchronous (independent, self-paced) participation. All discussion units, peer responses, quizzes, and other assignments can be completed on your own time as long as you submit your work before the deadline. Work is typically due Sundays before 11:59pm. I do not accept late work.

Textbook Information / Link to ZTC Textbook

I do not require a textbook for this course. I assign readings you must complete and videos you must watch. Additionally, I ask that you read all PowerPoint lectures posted on Canvas.

Other Relevant Course Information

Adding and Dropping:  I must drop all students who stop participating in class, if you plan on taking this course, participate and submit assignments.  I will add students only if seats become available.  If I do offer you a space, you must contact me within 24 hours then add and pay for the course immediately.  Not doing so will jeopardize your enrollment.  After you pay for the course, it may take up to 48 hours for you to appear on Canvas.  Please note that your continuous participation is required.  Again, I must drop students who stop participating. 

Canvas: Canvas will be used as a resource, requirement, and tool.  I will post important materials and make various announcements.  Please have reliable access to the internet.  You will be responsible for checking Canvas and your email throughout the week and retrieving any needed material indicated.  You will need your seven digit student ID number to log onto Canvas.  Please check the website for more information. 


Student Tech Support:
Hours: Monday - Thursday 8:15 - 7:45pm, Friday 9:15am - 1:45pm, Saturday 9:15am - 12:45pm. 
Phone: 661-362-3344

About Me:  I am highly organized and very clear, making my courses smooth.  However, your success ultimately depends on your effort, determination, and quality of work.  I truly enjoy teaching and care about my students.  I hope that my drive is manifested (and apparent) in our class.  I devote myself to my work and try my best to have you all understand the world of Sociology.  However, I also have high expectations of my students, in and outside of the classroom.  I am dedicated and prepared for each class, I expect all my students to be dedicated and prepared as well.  Do not expect me to give credit to work that is below average or to assign As -Bs to average work.  Be aware that mediocre assignments will receive mediocre grades.  I will push you to think critically and do your best in my class.  I do not accept late work without proper documentation and I do not allow students to talk in class, be on their phones or computers, or do any other thing that disengages them from the course.  This is not only disrespectful, but also detrimental to the overall learning environment - your peers are also here to learn!  I set these standards because I honestly believe that they will prepare you to be better students, and perhaps, better employees/employers.  Our habits are an important reflection of our own self.  

Finally, A Conclusion: If, after reading this orientation letter and syllabus, you decide that you want to drop this course, please do so immediately.  Doing so will allow other students to add this course. 

With all of this said, I’m excited to meet each and every one of you!  We’re going to have a great semester.  Sociology is a great discipline that is VERY applicable to everyday life.  And of course, I’ll do my best to teach and entertain you!


Esther Villegas-Sandoval

Sociology Instructor

Pronouns: she/her/hers

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