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Noncredit Curriculum Committee Contacts

Garrett Rieck - Noncredit Curriculum Committee Faculty Co-Chair
Dianne Avery - Noncredit Curriculum Committee Administrative Co-Chair

School Representatives:
Brittany Applen - School of Kinesiology, Physical Education and Athletics Representative
Chris Boltz - School of Visual and Performing Arts Representative
Fiorella Chauca - School of Humanities Representative
Christina Chung - School of Business Representative
Jennifer Paris - School of Social and Behavioral Sciences Representative
Jeremy Patrich - School of Mathematics, Sciences and Engineering Representative
Erika Torgeson - Enrollment Services Representative

At-Large Members:
Jessica Crowley - Member at-large
Dora Lozano - Member at-large
Graciela Martinez - Member at-large

Adjunct Members:
Jessica Edmond - Adjunct Faculty Representative
Yasser Issa - Adjunct Faculty Representative
Susan Prier - Adjunct Faculty Representative

Non-Voting Members:
Patrick Backes - Articulation Officer & Curriculum Analyst
Lisa Pavik - Admissions & Records and Online Services