Accessing Course Information. Articulation Officers, students, and other guests can access course outline information through the College of the Canyons eLumen Website at: canyons.elumenapp.com/public

College of the Canyons Faculty. To create, modify, or archive curriculum you will need an eLumen faculty account. If you are a faculty member and need to establish an eLumen user account, please contact Patrick Backes in the Curriculum Office at extension 5479. The eLumen login page can be accessed at: canyons.elumenapp.com

Course Information. The official course information for all of the active courses offered by College of the Canyons is available for viewing and printing from the College of the Canyons eLumen site. (Click on the Schedule of Classes to see which courses are being offered for a specific semester.) The Curriculum Office staff implement approved changes to the curriculum database monthly as the Curriculum Committee approves changes.