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Families of Courses

New regulations governing the repetition of credit courses in the California Community College system effective Fall 2013 have eliminated repeatability in the Art, Dance, Graphic & Multimedia Design, Kinesiology (activity courses), Media Entertainment Arts, Music, Photography, and Theatre departments. While students will not, in most cases, be allowed to repeat active participatory courses in these departments,students will still be allowed to enroll in a series of active participatory courses that are related in content (commonly referred to as a family of courses) a maximum of four times. A family of courses may include more than four courses, but students are limited to a maximum of four courses in any family. Further, all grades, including Ws, will count toward the four course enrollment limitation and for computing the grade point average (GPA). Students can repeat Art, Dance, Drama, Music, and PE courses that are included in Families of Courses in which a NP, D, F grade was earned or W was assigned; however, all enrollments count toward the 4 enrollment maximum for each family of courses.

Art Families of Courses

Dance Families of Courses

Graphic & Multimedia Design Families of Courses

Kinesiology Physical Education Activity Families of Courses

Media Entertainment Arts Families of Courses

Music Families of Courses

Photography Families of Courses

Theatre Families of Courses