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Bid Opportunities

Current Bid Opportunities (Non-Public Works)

Thank you for your interest in doing business with the Santa Clarita Community College District. We are committed to providing an equal opportunity for all business enterprises to participate in our purchasing and contracting activities.  To begin the process, please register as a vendor by clicking here: 

PlanetBids Vendor Portal

Once registered, you will be able to:

  • View and/or participate in District solicitations
  • Maintain your own vendor profile
  • Search for all bids and proposals and download documents
  • Bid electronically 

Vendors are responsible for registering and maintaining up-to-date and accurate business profile information in the PlanetBids Vendor Portal. Vendors may edit their profile information at any time. 

Both formal and informal solicitations may be processed through our online system. All responses are due at or before the time shown on each solicitation. Late responses cannot be accepted. It is the bidder's/proposer's responsibility to ensure that the most complete and current version of the solicitation, including addenda, has been downloaded.

If you have any technical issues with our PlanetBids Portal, please contact Tech Support for online assistance.  Any District-related questions, please contact Contract, Procurement, and Risk Management Services at


Past Bid Opportunities (Non-Public Works)

  • Specialty Coffee and Food Services RFP# SCCCD 2021-233
    • RFP was rescinded - April 29, 2021
  • Milling and Tooling Equipment RFP# SCCCD 2021-229 through 2021-232
    • Award Information and Bid Tabulation: Click Here
  • Request for Letter of Interest for Mail Presort Services LOI# SCCCD 2021-228
    • Award Pending
  • Notice of the Intention to Sell Wine Grapes (August 2020)
    • No Bids Received
  • Performing Arts Center Moving Light Package RFP#SCCCD 1819-223
  • Charter Bus Services RFP#SCCCD 1819-222
  • Independent Audit Services RFP#SCCCD 1819-221
  • Charter Bus Transportation Services RFP#SCCCD 1819-218
  • Distance Education Captioning & Transcription RFP#SCCCD 1718-217
  • Performing Art Center Lighting & Media Equipment RFP#SCCCD 1718-215
  • Distance Education Captioning & Transcription Services RFP#SCCCD 1718-216
  • Technical Theatre Lighting Package RFP#SCCCD 1718-214
  • Temporary Staffing RFP#SCCCD 1718-213
  • Financial Aid Disbursements RFP#SCCCD 1718-212
  • Rideshare Transportation Services RFP#SCCCD 1718-211
  • Materials Testing Equipment:
  • American Sign Language Interpretation Services RFB#SCCCD 1617-205
  • Parking Permit Management System RFB#SCCCD 1617-206
  • Enterprise Document Management Solution RFP#SCCCD 1617-204

All bid opportunities listed on this page are Non-Public Works projects. If you are interested in Public Works Bid Opportunities, please refer to our Facilities Department.