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Purchasing Guidelines and Requirements

For Commodities and Services (non-Public Works)
(Excludes Public Works Projects) The Santa Clarita Community College District, a public agency, is committed to the concept of competitive bidding to obtain commodities and services for college operations. The objective is to obtain the greatest value for the dollars expended. The following are the primary ways for obtaining non-public works goods and services:

  1. Informal Proposals or Quotations Under the Bid Limit Amount*: Purchases are made based on (1) current price listings/catalogs, (2) telephonic proposals/quotations and/or (3) written proposals/quotations.
  2. Formal Bids Over the Bid Limit Amount*: A Notice Inviting Bids will be advertised in the newspaper for the (1) purchase, (2) lease or (3) contracting for services and/or equipment. All advertised bids shall be opened in public at the published place, date and time. Under no conditions shall bids be accepted after the advertised bid opening date and time.
  3. California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) Contracts: The Department of General Services negotiates State of California contracts and price schedules with various vendors. Purchases based on these state contracts may be made without quotes or bids.
  4. Piggyback Contracts: Many contracts are awarded by various state agencies or educational institutions which have a Piggyback clause allowing other state agencies and educational institutions to purchase awarded services, supplies, materials and/or equipment on their contract without going out to formal bid.

Vendors interested in participating in the bid process must meet bid criteria in all material respects (most responsive) and demonstrate capability, in all respects, to fully perform the requirements (most responsible).

* $109,300 is the Non-Public Works Bid Limit effective January 1, 2023; this amount is adjusted each January.


Santa Clarita Community College District must comply with state law, the California Public Contract Code (PCC), relative to bidding, accepting and awarding bids. A list of highlights from the PCC follows:

  • Procurement of commodities or services with an estimated cost greater than the annual bid limit must be publicly bid. The bid limit amount is adjusted each January.
  • All bid openings are open to the public.
  • Any bid received after the designated bid date and time is automatically rejected.
  • Bids and/or bid documents requiring original signatures must be originals and cannot be accepted via facsimile.
  • Proposals must include responses or documentation for all criteria listed or the bid/proposal will be rejected as non-responsive.
  • Some bids require, at a minimum, a bid security, based on the value of the commodity or service being bid. This bid security must be enclosed with the bid proposal submission in the form of a cashiers check, a certified check or a bid bond. Personal checks or cash are not acceptable.
  • In the few instances where the District is not mandated to go to public bid, e.g., special services such as accountant, architects, etc., the District may elect to do so.

The District may reject all bids and re-bid, in its sole discretion, for any reason it deems necessary.

Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (as amended) (29 USC 794d) requires that electronic and information technology (EIT) be accessible to people with disabilities. EIT includes:

  • Software
  • Web and mobile sites and applications
  • Hardware (computers, networks, printers, etc.)

Any Vendor, providing any of above types of goods for the District, must be compliant with Section 508 law.

The following are the minimum insurance requirements currently being specified by the District on all publicly-bid District projects. The Santa Clarita Community College District, College of the Canyons Foundation, Districts Board of Trustees, its officers, agents and employees shall be named Additional Insured. These amounts may be adjusted on a case-by-case basis.

  • Commercial General Liability insurance, per occurrence including bodily injury, broad form property damage and blanket contractual liability, written on an "occurrence" form - Not Less Than $1,000,000 per occurrence, $2,000,000 aggregate
  • Professional Liability Insurance - Not Less Than $1,000,000
  • Employer's Liability Insurance - Not Less Than $1,000,000
  • Worker's Compensation as required by statutory insurance requirements of the State of California
  • Automobile Liability covering all owned, non-owned and hired vehicles with combined single limit for bodily injury and/or property damage  - Not Less Than $1,000,000
  • Cyber Liability, per occurrence including remediation costs - Not Less Than $3,000,000

The Santa Clarita Community College District hopes that the above criteria will assist potential bidders in their determination to bid our projects. If you have any questions regarding any information contained in this article, you may e-mail the Contracts, Procurement & Risk Management Services Department.