To be Equity- Minded in Education is to…

Acknowledge, and empathize with disparate life-experiences contributing to inequalities/gaps in educational outcomes. Attribute those inequalities/gaps to unfair structural/political/environmental/ social/cultural/historical practices and policies that have created barriers (deliberately or unintentionally) for individuals to improve their life opportunities through educational achievement. Respond to these barriers with deliberate efforts to eliminate them, and co-create more fair and just higher education institutional policies and practices that account for disparate life-experiences and foster healthy inclusion through inquiry, shared dialogue and reflection.

Equity Minded Practitioners (EMP) works in partnership with:

EMP's charge is:

  • to strategize efforts to address disproportionate impact
  • to review institution-wide policies/practices in light of reducing equity gaps


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If you are interested in joining this workgroup, please contact Dr. Preeta Saxena.