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 Strategic Plan 

2023-26 Strategic Plan

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The District has a long tradition of strategic vision and planning, beginning with the formation in 1989 of its Comprehensive Planning Task Force, later renamed the College Planning Team. Planning is driven by the College’s statements of mission, values, and philosophy.

Administrators, faculty and staff engage in a systematic process that contains annual and three-year cycles. They reflect on research and external information, such as outcomes information, self-studies, research reports, program review data, enrollment patterns, and workforce trends. They take into consideration the implications of state policies and funding opportunities.

They assess changes in the community that impact the College’s programs and services. They identify opportunities for partnerships and for potential resource development. Departments play a central role and drive college wide-planning, budget development, program development, and other services. At the same time, departmental plans are influenced by College-wide plans, reflecting institutional priorities. Every academic department and administrative program completes a full program review every three years with annual updates. 


Educational and Facilities Master Plan

Educational Master Plan

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Technology Master

2017-2022 Technology Master Plan


Student Equity & Achievement 

Student Equity and Achievement Plan


Guided Pathways 

CCCO Scale of Adoption Assessment


Local Goal Setting

Local Goal Setting 2018-19


Business Continuity

Business Continuity


Public Information

Public Information Document


Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance

Decision Making Guide

2021 Decision Making Update


Equal Employment Opportunity 

AP 3420 EEO Plan


Professional Development Plan

2020-2021 Prof Development Plan


Enrollment Management

Enrollment Management


Strong Workforce

Strong Workforce





Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan