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Infrastructure and Information Security

Infrastructure and Information Security is responsible for operating and maintaining the District's system infrastructure and website services. In addition to a month-long, annaul Cyber Security Awareness Month, this team helps the district navigate the ever-evolving digital world of infromation security, and assist with the innerworkings of our website. See also Web Committee and My Canyons infromation.

Avast! Be Wary of QR Code Phishing

The QR codes in these emails are meant to make you scan them with your mobile device, where you may have less security protection than your email and workstation. This way, the attacker can bypass the detection mechanisms and lure you into their trap. Fortunately, the employees who received these emails were smart enough to spot the danger and report them to the Helpdesk

Example of QR code in a Phishing attempt.

We want to remind you to be vigilant and careful when you receive any email that asks you to scan a QR code or click on a link.  If something seems suspicious or too good to be true, it probably is. Phishing can take many different forms, but the goal is to get access to your personal information, passwords, or credit card information.

  1. Mouse over external links before clicking them. This will allow you to see where the link may be going, and if a bad actor might bypass our protectors.
  2. NEVER respond to requests for Gift Cards, Credit Card information, or your personal information via email; especially if the requestor is an external email or you do not recognize the request. If possible, call the department to confirm it is a real request, or .
  3. ALWAYS report emails you suspect to be Phishing. Successful reports often allow us to preemptively target and remove cyber security risks. If you are unsure, please make the ISS team aware by forwarding your concern to the Help Desk.

Read more in the 2023 Technology Newsletter: Here

Other Upcoming IIS Events 

Last Updated October 1st, 2023

All Month Long Open to ALL Students, Faculty, and Staff -- Throughout the month, the IIS team will be actively sending Phishing emails to District employees and students! The treat for you is, each accurately reported Phishing email will earn you points towards prizes.Tournament is running NOW and goes until October 31st , no registration required. Winners will be announced November 4th.

October 5th& 16th@ 10am: The State of Cybersecurity, Faculty and Staff Only – Who is getting hacked? How much of my data is out there? Should I really care?

Oct 11th& 25th@ 1pm: Security Best Practices, Faculty and Staff Only What’s so chic about passphrases? Why does my boss keep texting me to get them iTunes gift cards? Do I need a password manager? 

Oct 26thand 30th@ 11am: Faculty vs. Enrollment Fraud , Faculty and Staff Only  There’s nothing scarier than losing FTE, but how do you spot fraudsters who are keeping REAL students from enrolling?

If you’re interested in joining us, please sign up on the Vision Resource Center website. 

Cyber Security Month Readings and Resources

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