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Faculty Resources

Visit our District Accessibility Resources page for in depth resources focusing on accessible content creation and resources.


The Distance Education Captioning and Transcription Grant (DECT)

The DECT grant is a state chancellors office funded grant that pays for the captioning of your online or hybrid content. The DECT grant is accessible to all California community college instructors. For more information, visit The DECT Grant.


3C Media Solutions

3C Media Solutions is another chancellors office funded grant and works similarly to the DECT grant and is another FREE captioning solution for online/hybrid California community college instructors. Content is uploaded to 3C Media and your content is captioned (usually) within a few days.


YouTube Auto Caption

YouTube auto caption is a FREE tool and is an automatic process. When uploading a video to YouTube, it will automatically add captions to your multimedia. Access and edit these captions by accessing the creators studio, selecting the Captions and CC button, and selecting the AUTOMATIC caption file. This tool is best used for shorter videos. You must review the video for errors and use the built in editor for corrections.

This is an easy, step-by-step training video on how to utilize YouTube's Auto Captioning tools: Captioning with YouTube