Academic Advisors


Meet our Academic Advisors

Our Advisors are here to help you succeed at College of the Canyons.

Debbie Morlett  Debbie works at our Valencia Campus. She has worked with students at College of the Canyons for over 30 years. Her calm, soothing, and motivating personality make her an asset at our team and to our students.

Anthony Morris  Anthony works at our Valencia campus. He started as a MC and you can tell from his outgoing, enthusiastic approach to helping students. He has his master's degree in Educational Counseling and is motivated by his students. He loves creating new and innovative ways to help our students reach their goals.

Sarah Ramos  Sarah is our Canyon Country Academic Advisor.  She has a master's degree in Social Work and you can tell she cares deeply for our students. Sarah is dedicated to our students and wants to ensure they have everything they need at our Canyon Country campus.

Brandon Thompson  Brandon works at our Valencia campus, has his master's degree in Educational Counseling, and has been advising students for over 5 years. He is cool, calm, collected, and is dedicated to the success of our students.