Counselor for Student Athletes:  Albert Loaiza

Athletic Counseling Office: West PE Building: WPEK 107
Fax: (661) 362-5902
Phone: (661) 362-3156
Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 8:30AM-12:00PM and 1:00-2:30PM

The counselor provides educational, career, and personal counseling to student athletes. He assists students to establish goals, evaluate options, develop an educational plan, and learn to study effectively so they may reach their educational and career goals. He holds group workshops, teaches Counseling classes, and meets student athletes in one-on-one private appointments. He has knowledge of the many degrees, majors, and certificates available at COC and other colleges and he has special training and knowledge regarding the admission and transfer requirements for colleges and universities and the eligibility and transfer rules for student athletes.


Cougar athletes must schedule a counseling appointment to meet with the Counselor for student athletes every semester to develop and/or update their Student Educational Plan (SEP). The SEP lists educational and transfer goals as well as the courses needed each term to achieve such goals. Athletes may schedule athletic counseling appointments in person of by calling the Counseling Office for Student Athletes at the phone number listed above.  Please note that athletes can't compete a second season if there is no SEP on file in the Counseling Office.

New student athletes attend a Student-Athlete Advisement Workshop that welcomes new students to the college. The workshop teaches what factors to consider when planning schedules to meet academic and athletic goals.

Counseling Course for Student Athletes

Student athletes are encouraged to enroll in a 2 unit course - COUNS 112- Transition Strategies for Intercollegiate Student Athletes - taught by the Counselor for Student Athletes. This counseling course focuses on the various components necessary for college planning and academic success. Readiness for college will be explored with special attention given to students' responsibilities, study skills assessment, personal values, motivation, goal setting, time management, decision making, choosing a major, and educational planning.