Counseling 100 - Strategies for the Reentry Adult


This class was created specifically with the adult reentry student in mind.  We have seen an increase in reentry students in the last several years and developed a class that will assist students acclimate themselves to college.  This course integrates personal growth and values, academic study strategies and critical and creative thinking proficiency for adult reentry students, emphasizing the attainment of lifelong success in academic, professional, and personal development. Topics that will be explored in this class will be, motivation, goal setting, college expectations, campus resources, time management, growth mindset and building relationships on campus.  This 3 unit course meets the CSU GE Area E requirement for those that transfer to a CSU university.  This class is designed for the Adult Reentry Student, but many continuing and new students may take the course.  The strategies taught in the class applies to any student, and I have experiended the class to be diverse.

For adult reentry students, it will reintroduce you to the college learning process. You will learn effective strategies to become a successful student. These include how to be a self-regulated learner, how to take effective notes, learn effective exam preparation strategies, increase your time management skills, learn to think critically and so much more! Be prepared to actively participate in class. It will be lots of fun as you take part in weekly discussion boards, quizzes and fun assignments that relate to you!

COUNS 100 is offered as a 100% online class. This course is taught by Connie Perez, Counseling Faculty and Graciela Martinez, Counseling Faculty.

Connie Perez has been part of counseling team since 2007. She enjoys working with reentry students and dedicates her efforts in making sure this students have all the necessary tools to succeed in college.  She assists students understand the educational process, helps develop student educational plans and teaches students to be self-reliant and active in their educational journey. Her teaching philosophy is that every student has the potential to learn and succeed.  For more information about this instructor, please visit her personal website. 

Graciela Martinez has been part of the counseling discipline since 2011.  Her area of expertise is to assist adult reentry students and families.  She is very invested in helping students navigate the educational process.  She is dedicated to empowering and supporting students in creating their educational goals and developing their overall confidence in learning.

This is a wonderful class to begin your college experience and to help guide you in the right direction towards educational success. 


Please check the schedule as we offer this class every term.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact the instructors.

Counseling offers a multitude of course offerings that you may also be interested in taking. Please take a look at the website for more information and course description.  I highly recommend them.


Counseling 100 Testimonial:

I have found this class to be amazing. It has pulled out of me so much that I didn’t even know was in me. I have learned so much, such as planning, organizing, study strategies that have helped me tremendously this semester. I have gone from a C on most tests to A’s. My concentration level is way up; my stress level is way down. The anxiety I had at the beginning is gone. I love the students, the interaction with them and the differences and similarities with them are so important in an online class. The information we received in this class (if they were all paying attention) is so valuable to carry us through our lifetime. I love learning new things especially when it is a class not specific to a subject but to a life.    Counseling 100 Student

More testimonials can be found on visit her personal website


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