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Faculty Counselors

Counselor, Jonathan Ng -
Jonathan Ng

Ujima Scholars Counselor

Adjunct Counselor, Anthony Morris -
Anthony Morris

 Ujima Scholars Adjunct Counselor

Adjunct Counselor, Evita Antwi
Evita Antwi 

Ujima Scholars Adjunct Counselor

Teaching Faculty

Heaven Warner -
Heaven Warner

Business Instructor (BSA Co-lead)

camera icon - photo neededAthena Simpson

Communications Instructor

camera icon - photo neededGretchen Stanton

Chemistry Instructor

camera icon - photo neededAngeli Francois

English Instructor




Joy Shoemate

Online Education Director (BSA Co-lead)

Brandon Ashford - Brandon Ashford

DEI Liason in IE2/Institutional Effectiveness & Inclusive