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"Lives in Limbo" Reading Group

Coming Soon

Meeting dates and times: TBD

Reading Group will be lead by professor Hernan Ramirez

"Lives in Limbo" is a book written by Harvard University Sociology professor, Roberto G. Gonzales. This book mines the results of a 12 year study that followed 150 undocumented young adults in Los Angeles, Robert G. Gonzales sheds light on the disastrous effects immigration policies have had on more than two millions children coming of age in the United States. He shows that highly educated undocumented youth shared similar work and life outsocmes with their less educated peers despite the fact that education is touted as the path to integration and success for immigrants in America. With powerful prose, Lives in Limbo questions the functions of a system that integrates children into K-12 schools but ultimately denies them the reward of their labor.