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Current Students

Inspire Scholars Services

The following services are available to all eligible Inspire Scholars students:

  • Priority registration
  • Educational, Career and Personal Counseling (as related to academics)
  • Textbook vouchers
  • Transportation subsidy cards
  • Meal subsidy cards
  • School supplies
  • Transfer fee waivers
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Inspire Scholars institutional scholarship (must apply in spring semester)
  • In-house mental health counseling with licensed therapist
  • Academic advocacy
  • Progress report
  • Referrals to additional support services at College of the Canyons
  • Community resource referrals:
    • Free eye exam and glasses
  • Inspire Scholars Snack Stop
  • Access to campus shower facilities
  • Personal hygiene packages
  • Workshops and special events

*Services listed above based on available funding

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How do I remain in good standing with Inspire Scholars?

To remain in good standing with Inspire Scholars please complete the items listed below:

  • Attend the Pre-semester Inspire Scholars counseling meeting once each semester (Fall and Spring)
  • Complete your monthly Inspire Scholars counseling contacts each semester (September, October, November, February, March , April and May)
  • Submit the Inspire Scholars Progress Report each semester by the required deadline
  • Fulfill the Inspire Scholars Mutual Responsibility Contract
  • Complete Inspire Scholars Orientation

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Request a Letter of Recommendation

As an Inspire Scholars student, you may need to request a recommendation letter for a variety of reasons. Please click on the link below to submit a request and answer each question in its entirety. The more you write, the more information the counselor can provide in the recommendation letter. Please keep in mind, we can only provide recommendation letters regarding academics and educational goals. If the letter requires verification of specific qualifications that we have not observed, we can only discuss the information that we have witnessed. Please allow 3-7 business days for the counselor to complete the letter of recommendation for you.​

Letter of Recommendation