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Retail Management Certificate of Achievement

Retail Management is an expanding career path supported by many industry sectors. Strong retail managers are essential to business success in electronics, clothing, food, entertainment, home furnishings, children's supplies, publishing, cosmetics, educational materials, gift, athletic equipment, pet supplies, and just about every other imaginable consumer product and service. The retail industry is at the heart of many local economies. Effective management is the key to long-term economic security throughout the state. This program, designed in collaboration with industry leaders, is intended to provide the student with many of the competencies required for success at the management level within the vast retail industry. This program encompasses the business essentials such as accounting and marketing, and also emphasizes management and communication skills required for career success.

Certificate Student Learning Outcome:
Students will be able to demonstrate the skills necessary to successfully manage a retail business enterprise, including human resources, marketing, and bookkeeping.

Program Requirements:
Units Required: 24

Business Required Courses:

Principles of Management | 3 units
Human Relations in the Workplace | 3 units
Human Resource Management | 3 units
Retail Management | 3 units
Principles of Marketing | 3 units
Entrepreneurial Finance | 3 units

Plus a minimum of  6 units from the following:
Business Communications | 3 units
Survey of Microsoft Office Programs | 3 units

Buisness students in class working on projects, listening to instructor.

Buisness Retail graphic.