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Q. What is Construction Management Technology?

A. Construction Managers plan, organize, schedule, and oversee construction projects from concept to completion. They work with a wide range of construction related professionals including clients, architects, engineers, other contractors, and public officials such as building inspectors. A construction manager may own a construction management or contracting firm or may work as an employee of the owner, developer, contractor, or management firm overseeing the construction project.

Here is a short video from Morley Builders that shows what the various positions do as part of a large scale construction project.



 Q. What is Building Inspection Technology

A. Building Inspectors observe, evaluate, judge, and enforce laws and regulations pertaining to building construction. They typically work for government agencies, private companies, contractors, and lending institutions.

Q. What kind of certification do I get when I finish the program and how long does it take?

A. The program offers an Associate of Science Degree in Construction Management (60 units), a Certificate of Achievement in Construction Management (33 units) and a Certificate of Achievement in Building Inspection (18 units). The Associate of Science Degree program is a 2-year program since it requires a total of 60 units (33 program units and 27 general education units). How long it takes for you to complete the program depends on you, the student. Are you a full time student? Are you a part-time student? Are you working and going to school? How many units can you reasonably and successfully complete in any given semester?

Students may also choose to transfer to a University and complete a Bachelor Degree program.
Q. How do I get my Certificate or Degree?

A. Degrees and Certificates are not automatically awarded. You will need to petition for your degree or certificate.

The Petition deadlines can be found on the Admissions & Records website and are also provided on the student calendar.

The Petition for Associate Degree and the Petition for Certificate forms can be found here.

Q. What are the requirements to enroll in the program? How do I enroll?

A. There are no program requirements to get started. Your first step would be to enroll at the college and then register for classes. COC New Student Enrollment Information.

Q. What classes do I have to take?

A. The required courses for both the degree and the certificate can be found here. Additionally you can find recommended pathways showing the semester by semester sequence of courses for both the AS Degree and the Certificate here.

Q. How much does the program cost?

A. COC is a California Community College and our tuition and fees are established by the State of California. The current tuition and fees can be found on the Student Business Office fee page.

Q. How do I make an appointment with a Career Counselor?

A. COC students can make an appointment to see a career counselor online. Students have the option to meet with a Career Counselor, a Career Advisor, or a Job Developer and the appointment page clarifies each service.

Click here for additional Employment Center services and information. All of these services are FREE to COC students.

Q. How do I make an appointment to see a college counselor? Are there online appointments?

A. COC is one of a few community colleges in California that offer comprehensive academic counseling online. Students can schedule an appointment online and meet with a COC counselor through the WebEx application. All that is needed is: A computer or mobile device, with a microphone, webcam, and internet connection. To make an appointment visit Appointments are also available for face to face meetings.

Here are some comments students have made about their online experience:

"It was easier to schedule an appointment." - Anonymous student

"Convenient and saved time and money from having to travel to COC." - Anonymous student

"I was able to use the WebEx app through my iPhone to complete the counseling session, which made it super easy and really helped me out." - Anonymous student

"Definitely going to do online counseling again." - Anonymous student


Construction workers on steel beams.

Q. Will I be able to get a job? Does the program provide job placement services?

The program does not provide formal job placement services however the Employment Center office on campus can assist students (free of charge) with finding employment including resume writing/review, job searches, workshops, interview practice, etc.

Additionally we work closely with local industry to develop and offer internships. When we receive job announcements from industry, this information is passed along directly to all the students in the program.

For specific labor market information, check out the State of California labor market supply and demand data or the Bureau of Labor Statistics website:

Don't see an answer to your question? Contact Regina Blasberg, Chair Construction Management and Technology Department, or (661) 362-5096 for further information.