Math Faculty

For email addresses please visit our Math Faculty List.

We have approximately 20 full-time faculty and 60 part-time faculty. 


Placement, Courses, and Degrees

This three-minute placement video introduces our new placement policy once AB705 (Assembly Bill 705) was implemented. 

Please see the links to the right for more information about placement, courses, and degrees. 

The Sequence of Classes for the AS and AST degrees is a just a sample schedule for two years at COC as a mathematics major.  


Math Support Classes - Noncredit

Within the online schedule of classes select "Noncredit - Mathematics."  These courses are numbered from NC.MATH-001 to NC.MATH-008.  

The School of Personal and Professional Learning offers three Certificates of Competency related to mathematics skills.  

  1. Essential Arithmetic Skills:  Whole Numbers, Fractions and Mixed Numbers, Decimal Numbers
  2. Essential Pre-Algebra Skills:  Percentages, Rates and Proportions, Signed Numbers
  3. Essential Algebra Skills:  Algebraic Expressions, Graphs and Lines



New and Support Courses - Credit

Beginning Fall 2019, our department began offering placement into transfer-level courses.

  • Liberal Arts Mathematics (Math 100)  
  • Statistics with support (Math 140 with Math 090)
  • Trigonometry with support (Math 102 with Math 092; soon to be combined and offered as one course:  Math 102X)
  • College Algebra with support (Math 103 with Math 093) 


 For more information about the Mathematics Department, please contact the Math Department Chair