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What Is GoReact?

GoReact is an interactive cloud-based platform for feedback, grading, and critiquing of student video assignments. Instructors create the video assignments. Students upload or record their video submissions. Instructors and/or peers then leave time-coded text, video, or audio feedback. Assignments are graded using easily-customized rubrics or points. Reports allow you to track and measure student progress. 

GoReact @ College of the Canyons

College of the Canyons has purchased GoReact Licensing for the 2021-2022 academic year, giving faculty and students access to this online performance assessment tool.  GoReact is currently used in a variety of departments including Communications, World Languages, Performing Arts (Theater, Music, Dance), Nursing/Medical Assisting, Business, Sales/Marketing, Teacher Education/Child Development, Psychology/Counseling, etc.  

Instructors come to GoReact to help improve student learning outcomes and increase student/instructor touch points.  Consider using an asynchronous video tool like GoReact to observe and leave feedback on group discussions and assignments. With GoReact, students can record and upload their conversations so instructors can review and give feedback anytime and anywhere.

Getting Started With GoReact

If you are interested in using GoReact in your course, these training resources will help you to get started:

Support for Students

  1. Video Recording Checklist
  2. Tips for Recording
  3. GoReact Support(for students, if they have GoReact issues)
  4. *How to use a Group Join link *( users only)*

Learn More/ Go React Support

  • Visit the GoReact helpdesk for help wiht GoReact
  • Attend Live Webinar Training Sessions - Weekly live webinars for different functionality and training of GoReact (plus archives of older webinars/training)
  • Contact GoReact Customer Success Manager Molly Sachs (801)-717-3499 to request a live Zoom training session or department training:
  • Visit Instructor Help Section (tutorials and how-to-videos)