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PlayPosit is an interactive web-based video platform that allows educators to provide formative assessments both inside and outside the classroom.


  • Break up a session of narration by adding pauses to PlayPosit videos, or "bulbs," at regular intervals and check student understanding.
  • Embed quiz-type questions into videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Khan Academy, and other popular video platforms. 
  • Data can be analyzed on the individual or group level, providing powerful insight into educational trends in the classroom.

How to Get It: (free in Canvas)

PlayPosit is an external tool integrated with the College of the Canyons instance of Canvas. You can access it by creating a new assignment and selecting 'external tool' as the submission type, then selecting PlayPosit.

How to Use It:

Explore this PlayPosit Resource Guide to get started and for answers to frequently asked questions.

Check out PlayPosit's guides to learn how to create interactive video quizzes, or watch the short video below to see how to create a PlayPosit assignment in Canvas.

Explore how to use PlayPosit’s interactive video tools to satisfy multiple levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy with your learners: 

  1. Free response interactions let you collect writing samples from students for reflection or evaluation.
  2. Our new PDF interaction allows students to make individual annotations and reflective comments on a text document included within your bulb.
  3. Use discussion forums to foster rich, collaborative analysis. 
  4. Assign learner-made bulbs for your students to self-evaluate or evaluate existing third-party content. 

These are just a few of the ways you can use PlayPosit to develop your learners’ higher-order thinking skills — in an accessible and engaging medium!