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Health & Wellness Resources

The resources you need to meet life’s challenges


EmployeeConnect offers professional, confidential services to help you and your loved ones improve your quality of life.

In-person guidance

Some matters are best resolved by meeting with a professional in person. With EmployeeConnect, you and your family get:

  • In-person help for short-term issues (up to five sessions with a counselor per person, per issue, per year)
  • In-person consultations with network lawyers, including one free 30-minute in-person consultation per legal issue, and 25% off subsequent meetings

Unlimited 24/7 assistance

You and your family can access the following services anytime – online, on the mobile app or with a toll-free call:

  • Information and referrals on family matters, such as child and elder care, pet care, vacation planning, moving, car buying, college planning and more
  • Legal information and referrals for family law, estate planning, consumer and civil law
  • Financial guidance on household budgeting and short- and long-term planning

Online resources

EmployeeConnect offers a wide range of information and resources you can research and access on your own. Expert advice and support tools are just a click away when you visit our website or download the GuidanceNow mobile app. You’ll find:

  • Articles and tutorials
  • Videos
  • Interactive tools, including financial calculators, budgeting worksheets and more

Employee assistance program services

Confidential help 24 hours a day, seven days a week for employees and their family members. Get help with:

  • Family
  • Parenting
  • Addictions
  • Emotional
  • Legal
  • Financial
  • Relationships
  • Stress

EmployeeConnect counselors are experienced and credentialed. When you call the toll-free line, you’ll talk to an experienced professional who will provide counseling, work-life advice and referrals. All counselors hold master’s degrees, with broad-based clinical skills and at least three years of experience in counseling on a variety of issues. For face-to-face sessions, you’ll meet with a credentialed, state-licensed counselor. You’ll receive customized information for each work-life service you use.